Monday: Islanders in Black

Jets win their first two, not too bad of a start, let's break Buffalo's record for most consecutive wins to start a season. Never mind, apparently, Bogosian didn't want that record, did he!

No contests this week, but for those of you who entered the Colgate contest, as Ryan said yesterday, will be receiving news of the results in the coming days/weeks. Thanks to all who entered!!!

Just because there's not contest this week, that doesn't mean there are no votes, and we need votes. Seriously guys, votes are extremely important, as it gets the COTW and COTY moving, and when we have a lot of concepts up to vote, we need to prevent ties. Here's what I'd recommend, if you send any email to HJC, concept or not, just attach your votes in it, it'll be less than 10 words to do so!!!

Here are your voting reminders:

COTY-September vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
COTW Sept 30 - Oct 6 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

On to the concepts


Los Angeles Kings Concept (By: Colin M.)

My current problem with L.A.'s look is how it look everything away from the original edge jerseys, and made the jerseys pretty bland. Colin takes the good parts of the template, but adds everything that made the old look better. I love the crown logo and Burger King logo on the shoulder patches. The hem script is awesome, as is a gray alternate. Execution note, the logos use a different gray than the jersey, simple fix. (8.5/10)

Team Norway Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

The Scandinavian teams in this year's Olympics, or for that matter every team should try to put their flag onto the jersey, whether it be through striping or the logo itself, and Stephen has the right idea with Norway. The chest stripe is a great idea, and the other striping looks good, but I do think the hem stripe cross should carry over to the back. The logo is a little pixelated, and I can't really see the blue number on the white jersey, that could be solved by putting some separation between the stripes and the numbers. (7/10)

New York Islanders Concept (By: Rob C.)

Blue and black are an underused colour combination, at least in this form, and the Islanders should have a black alternate, but with more blue than black. Rob's template reminds me of the old Edge All Star jerseys, and isn't being currently used in the NHL right now. The logo recoloring job isn't very good, and I can see the missed pixel, that needs to be improved. The name and numbers are all pretty pixelated as well. The idea is good, but, it needs some work to be good. (5.5/10)

New York Islanders Concepts (By: William B.)

The Isles without orange, blasphemy...blasphemy....nah, this is one of the points of concepts, is to experiment. Will does a good job of keeping the Islanders classic, while also introducing a new Brooklyn era. I really like the black jersey, and the yoke outline really looks good, the white looks good, but classic, though they don't really match. Still, I like the idea a lot. (8/10)

Binghamton Senators Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

The Baby Sens could be a good testing ground for a new Sens look, and the side profile logo which the Sens have never used. The old Sens classic jerseys are amazing and look good enough for the AHL, and don't just copy the exact Sens look now. The alternate is amazing, I love the striping, and everything screams AHL but in a good way, as in unique, creative and specialty. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me!

Milwaukee Admirals Concepts (By: Andy S.)

The Admirals are a popular concept team because their current jerseys are not particularly good, but I don't think these are much of an improvement. The home look good, though a hem stripe would really, really hem. The white needs a lot of work, making it match the black jersey would help a lot, but I like the new yoke, but the hem looks  bear and boring. The blacks don't match all over the jersey which is another big problem, but still is a decent idea. (5/10)

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Dallas's current jerseys, while awesome, could be improved easily. Gerard does a good job creating a unique home and road set, and a Price Albert Raiders looking alternate. The home and away are nice and bright and green and look awesome, an amazing set that the NHL could use, and any would look good it. The Alternate looks weird to me, more like the old Prince Albert alternate,  but looks a little out of place in my opinion. (8.5/10)

USSR Concept (By: Will S.)

Will makes really, physical concepts, and that is just awesome in itself. The CCCP hasn't been around for 22 years, but this seems very 1998 to me, but I like it. The addition of black is a good idea, especially on the numbers. The new script is a nice addition, and looks more modern than the classic block font we tend to associate with the Soviets. I'd love to see this idea in a darker gold or yellow, but still love this idea. (9/10)

So that's today's post. Did you like the concepts today? How's about seeing a real life concept, would anyone be interested in doing that instead of print concepts? This week, we get to welcome a new writer to the blog, veteran concept artist, Caz W. Glad to see a another Southern writer on board, and the diversity in location in HJC writers is a huge plus for the blog.
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Anonymous said...

Gerard's Dallas concept for COTW.

Jake88 said...

@Andy S.
I would greatly appreciate it if you credited my helmet and glove template, the same way you credited Ryan's jersey template. I don't mind you using them (I love to see anyone use them) but please credit them. Also Steven's Norway for Concept of the week! Other than the numbers (which I agree on Jet's review) and the two Nike logos on the blue jersey, IT'S PERFECT!

Ryan said...

You keep mentioning hem stripes on Stephen T's concept, but there aren't any hem stripes on it. There are chest stripes but no hem stripes.

Also I REALLY like the Dallas alternate by Gerard.

Unknown said...

The different shade of gray was intentional. The black stripes look better on it, and the logos pop more. I also used the same shade of gray for the crown in the re-coloured Burger King logo, to try and add some cohesion.

Unknown said...

I really like the Dallas Stars alternate, something that hails back to the early 90s North Stars white jerseys..

Ivan the Kot said...

The USSR jersey isn't a concept, it's a reproduction of the Soviet Union's 1991 Canada Cup jersey: http://pics.classicauctions.net/classicauctions/auctions/26/218.jpg

Anonymous said...

Considering my Islanders concept was my first time doing this, I'll take a passing grade. I'll re-do it and re-submit.

Rob C.

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