Friday: Struck by Lightning!

Welcome one welcome all to another installment of HJC: Fridays! Ricky Mazella here as per usual keeping you informed of incoming concepts. We have no immediate business, but we do have a few votes going on, please remember to check your daily reminders as visible below!


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Minnesota Wild (Darren H.)

Well I'll tell you what, this one escaped terror even with the execution errors. Whilst the name NOB and crest logo are somewhat over-sized, this concept still turned out alright. My only question is why the "C" on both jerseys aren't the same size. But I like the color, particularly the yellow accenture. I'm happy but this isn't quite perfect without laces - because I feel that if Minnesota "is" hockey, laces would directly relate even though they aren't needed. A 7 out of 10.

Canada {Compromise} (HJC Ryan)

I'm split on this one, but I'm not sure this completely fits what I would identify with Canada hockey as it pertains to space utilization. That tips the balance in disfavor of liking it but hardly. I do like what it has to offer, but a double strip along the sleeves might be what this concept needs to balance it or tip the scale the other way. I'm looking at a 7 out of 10 here.

Edmonton Oilers (Steven G.)

As Steven continues his de-Edge series, we see something that seems to be coming more popular of an idea. For the love of hockey, will we ever see an orange Oilers uniform again?! I sure hope so. I love how the striping is a prelude to the lettering in the logo. Outside of the socks, I need changes made to the equipment but there are several ideas that I wouldn't know which would be best. The rigs are back with an 8.5 out of 10!

Japan (Coby S.)

Unfortunately for the Japanese, this would be a half colored in design. With my preferences, I would color the sleeves red as well as add a rising sun as a crest logo with the above characters inside of the rising sun. I do think the numbers are cleverly placed. This concept could use a jersey back in this case so we could have some idea of how the above concept has a better feel to it. A 5 out of 10.

Czech Republic (s2dio)

Oh Jiri Novotny the days that have passed since being a Sabre . . . we lament your presence by these pretty spiffy designs for your homeland!  I most like the diagonal striping on the main set. I feel it adds character to an already rich non-North American uniform history. If only I got to see Dominik Hasek in one of these. I'm not particularly keen of the old Senators name/number font, but in this case it is merely an oversight. An 8 out of 10!

Carolina Hurricanes (Brian B.)

If the audience isn't already aware I can't stand the Black Ice series. But I must say this is exactly what I picture a 'Canes Black Ice uniform to look like I don't know that I like the curvature at the edge of the yoke but it matches the striping elsewhere. Because it is just that and meant predominantly for merchandise sales, there is no need for equipment. Overall, a 9 out of 10.

Finaland (s2dio)

As nice as these are, I would be okay if any of the Scandinavian teams kept some of their previous uniforms. while both jerseys well incorporate the country, I can't see this being used - particularly the blue sweater. But the light striping is crucial to this set making it more appealing as a concept. Here's to a 7.5 out of 10.

New Jersey Devils (Rob C.)

Adding white into the Devils color scheme . . . I think it can work. But not as a primary color - that means we need to alter the arrangement of color in the logo. The white yoke is an entertaining idea and maybe switch the green and white as it comes to the striping. A 6.5 in passing, but a concept with much potential.

Tampa Bay Lightning (Jets96)

Well well, if this isn't a snazzy outfit. It appears as though the alternate Tampa uniform template is applied to a home and road set and the way that it is distributed here is just dandy. It almost immediately grabbed my attention when going through this weeks concepts at first glance. I have no constructive criticism other than removing the bolt outline on the pants of the alternate set. A 9.5 out of 10 and a CotW nom to boot.

Virginia Cavaliers (Dylan W.)

I wouldn't mind seeing the alternate become the primary and then have a colored kit created as a result. The main set isn't distasteful, but the striping isn't preferable. The numbering for the main kit I would like to see changed. If the alternate were turned into a home and road, I feel orange would be better than blue. I can safely say this one is a 7.5 out of 10.

Not to be brief, but I'm looking forward to a long relaxing weekend - I hope you are too!

Friday: Struck by Lightning! Reviewed by Richard Mazella on October 25, 2013 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I'm going to give S2dio's Czech jersey's a COTW nom.

Unknown said...

I'll second S2dio's Czech jersey for COTW.

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