Friday: "Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity, Jiggity"

As I am enjoying my five day weekend thanks to my light Friday schedule and cancelled Thursday afternoon class. That also means something else - Happy Thanksgiving to Ryan and our Canadian followers (I wished the same to Commissioner Andrews in class Wednesday night). I also can't forget Happy Columbus day to "my fellow Americans." I'm early yes, but not remiss on holidays! Have a look at your reminders which have been applied below for your convenience.


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Nashville Predators (Dylan W.)

This is the first of two concepts in Dylan's continuing redesign series today. I like that Dylan has done two things here: incorporate the fangs on the jersey and using only a partial yoke outline based on it. However The font is not idea but plausible and I can only see this stripe patter halfway fitting the bill. For another thing, just keep the fangs on the sleeves. Also, I'm not sure that the fang color order is going to work with the yoke unless it is reversed It would really be cool to see a road jersey that is yellow. For that matter, a yellow uniform in general. I like the general idea, but it's not complete. Hunted  for prey and had an aftertaste - a 7 out of 10.

Buffalo Sabres (Phil B.)

Yet another "try to fix the new alternate" concept. I do like that everyone has been keeping the predominantly yellow, but I am not in favor of everyone keeping the blue - this applies here too. This also wouldn't be the template I use because of (again) the blue. I'd also like to see different striping for the whole of the uniform (including socks and pants). In addition, this font for the numbers and NOB are never going to woo me for the Sabres. The sword fight was lost - but remember the words from Sir Andrew, a 6 out of 10.

Call of Duty (Brian B.)

Now I'm not a fan of video games with violence but this can be used for several video games with a similar or the same color scheme. Based on my amount o knowledge of this game, I think I can at least say a a thing or two on it. It's virtually perfect from that point. You could go camo with the pants, but I'm not to sure how that would look so I'm fine with this. I'm not so sure the faded numbers work here, but I get it completely. I find it very clever that the cuffs include a captain's patch. This is a very entertaining concept and I had a lot of fun looking at it. They won a battle but we won the war, an 8 out of 10.

Slovakia (Eric We.)

I enjoy the "out of the box-ness" of this because it is well implemented positioning-wise. I respect that national teams are fairly conservative (except the US and Canada) however it can be possible to fade away from that when done properly as seen above. The balance of color is phenomenal and is essential to this particular design. Enough for a bronze medal at the Games, an 8 out of 10.

Detroit Red Wings (Dylan W.)

Has Mr. Wonka gone bonkers?! Well, not completely. I like one thing in particular - it's the yoke outline. However, I wouldn't transfer it to the sleeves too. I find it intriguing the boxed in look the hem provides. It would work for Detroit and maybe the other three original six teams (who don't have their own specially stylized yoke pattern). Boston and the Rangers both have rather famous yokes - the latter I'm a fan of the former I'm not. Even if it doesn't follow the template, move the number and NOB down a little so there is space between the yoke outline if you can't put two of the stripes in the yoke. Flying up, up, and away with an 8.5 out of 10.

Phoenix Coyotes (Tristan M.)

For as much as I like most of what I see, this doesn't look like a jersey that an NHL team would wear. If anywhere, at least the AHL level. I wonder what would happen if we took the inside of the hem and translated it to the home and away uniforms, provided the road white uniform receives a matching stripe pattern. I continue to appreciate anyone who mixes and matches templates together - even the more radical ones (as some of mine are). But this one is fairly conservative and might better suit another team.

Germany (Eric We.)

Very similar to Slovakia earlier, the striping coincides with what appears to be his preference for nations with a tricolor flag. However I'm not sure that dark grey in place of black is the best idea. What I think is really cool and very innovative is the incorporation of the flag on the numbers. Just of the medal stand, a 7 out of 10.

Slovakia (Stephen T.)

This lovely template . . . The flag for stripes is a good start. I would include the crested flag on the socks too where the crest faces whichever limb it is being applied to (left or right leg). I never really liked the length of this yoke design but it also prevents the white jersey from being bland of color. The red pants also help with that, being used for both uniforms. Fourth place counts in interscholastic track, a 6.5 out of 10

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for going to athletic events to support my high school alma mater this evening and tomorrow. Too bad it's a might early for hockey season for them. Oh well, I guess that's what Thanksgiving break is for. Until next time!

Friday: "Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity, Jiggity" Reviewed by Richard Mazella on October 11, 2013 Rating: 5


Josh said...

Dylan's Preds for COTW.

P.S. To the writer, you do know Nashville has a yellow jersey, right?

Tyler Gross said...

Eric's Slovakia concept for COTW

Richard Mazella said...

@Josh Lewis I do, but I don't like what they have.

Unknown said...

I used that Detroit look because I'm in love with the Winter Classic. I just took the vintage white out and made a white jersey. Didn't want to change much, but I love that classic jersey.

Brian said...

@Ricky: Not sure if you noticed the 8-bit static effect on the lower part of my CoD concept. It's not just a gradient.

Phil B. said...

What I tried to do for my Buffalo concept was to keep it somewhat similar to the current one but both eliminate grey and use a regularly used template. The striping comes from the pattern of the coloring down the arm. Small bit of blue, large chunk of yellow followed by white and blue to finish it. Regarding the amount of blue, I had to use blue because the logo is primarily blue. It would look unbalanced otherwise.

Ryan said...

Execution errors bother me the most. Example, on Stephen T's Slovakia concept he has Miro Satan wearing #8 on the back of the jersey, but has him wearing #81 on the TV numbers.

May not matter to others, but IMO small errors like that really take away from the credibility of a concept.

Unknown said...

Ryan, it is quiet okay for a player with a last name SATAN to wear #8 on the back of the jersey and #81 on the sleeves - it makes sense with a last name like that.

Unknown said...

Dylan's Predators concept has an attempt to show some fangs , but it doesn't work , it is too flat... However, that would be a great idea for SJ Sharks jersey to insert the fins... His Red Wings concept somewhere fine, but needs something in there and it is good to know that Dylan is in love, as he admitted earlier.

Unknown said...

On Stephen Slovakia - home helmet should be blue and away should be white, as far as the finishing touch goes.

Richard Mazella said...

@Brian I did notice, but wasn't sure what it was so I omitted referencing it so I didn't say anything incorrect.

@Ryan brings up a very valid point . . . oops on me.

@Felix Hahaha! What if he wore #66?

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