Weekend Update (Sept 29) It's a Big One!

The winner of the COTW vote for Sept 16-22 is Bastian. We knew that already because both nominated concepts were from him.
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Predators - 4
Senators - 3


The winner of the Return of the Soviet Union Competition is Dylan A!

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The new COTW nominees have been listed for the final COTW vote in September. They are in the black banner on the side of the page. After we get that week's winner, we'll move on to the COTY-September vote. Which is followed by the 3rd Quarter Vote! This year is going by so quickly for me. Voting ends on Friday.


It's time for a new competition to start on HJC. This week's comp will have a prize!

Colgate University and their women's hockey team are in need of a jersey for their Autism Awareness game. The winner of this competition will have their concept made and it will be worn by the team. The winner will also get a jersey themselves with their choice of number! All of the necessary details are on the COLGATE COMP page. Or you can click the banner at the top of the page. Entries are due by the end of Friday.


Why are we doing a competition for Colgate University? Let me explain a little more...

Back in March of this year, Greg Fargo (head coach - Colgate University women’s hockey team) contacted me and was interested in having new jerseys designed for his team. He was interested in having them designed by a HJC concept artist. He didn’t want it to be known at the time that the team was looking for new uniforms, so he asked me to keep the process “internal”.

I got the details from Greg as far as colours, guidelines, and how much freedom we would have with the logos, etc. Greg wanted to stick to the classic Colgate colours and logos, but everything else was fair game. He also gave us an idea of some jersey designs he liked using examples of concepts from HJC. He made it clear that the home and road jerseys needed to be a little different from each other.

Eight HJC concept artists were chosen to take a shot at the new Colgate jerseys. Five of them sent something in. The artists were given two weeks to come up with some ideas. You can take a look at some of the concepts that came in here.

When Greg saw the concepts he was impressed. He then asked if we would create the jerseys for the team’s training camp. For the camp jerseys he needed a black team and a white team. Greg really wanted jerseys that used only outlines for the logo. He also gave us other branding criteria.

Nearly a month after the process began, Greg and the rest of the coaches made their decisions for the home and road jerseys.
A few changes were made to the home white jersey concept and unfortunately the road maroon concept was scrapped all together.
Maroon jersey logo was later changed


In the end, I ended up designing Colgate’s Elite Camp jerseys...

...and their new home white jersey!

The first game was today (Sept 29) and I’m looking forward to seeing the jersey in action! It was an amazing process to be a part of and Greg liked the work so much that he has decided to hold a competition on HJC to design their Autism Awareness game jersey!


Caden asked me to give his blog a mention here on the Weekend Update. Caden appears to post a little something everyday, so bookmark HockeyConceptIdea.blogspot.com 

If you have a blog that you would like mentioned on the Weekend Update email it in and look for it here on a Sunday post.


I know a lot of you probably hate pro wrestling, but I've recently gotten back into it...a little bit anyways. One of their performers, CM Punk, is from Chicago and is a big Hawks fan. Well Chicago is where the show was held on Monday. So to play to the crowd he came out in a Blackhawks jersey.
As you can see, this apparent Blackhawks fan showed up on national TV, with millions watching, wearing a Chinese knockoff! I guess this continues to prove that most fans can't tell the difference between a licensed jerseys and a fake.


As I do every year, here are my standings predictions for the 2013-14 NHL season. The Western Conference is made up of the Pacific and Central divisions and the Eastern Conference is made up of the Metropolitan and Atlantic divisions. The top 3 teams in each division make the playoffs and then the remaining teams from the conference battle it out for two wildcard spots (noted with an asterisk *). The lower seeded wild card team plays the division winner with the best record. The best wild card team plays the division winner with the 2nd best record. 2nd and 3rd in each division will play each other.
Did I leave your team out of the playoffs? Did I make any stupid predictions? Let me know how right or wrong you think I will be.


COTW Sept 23-29 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Colgate Autism Awareness entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
Weekend Update (Sept 29) It's a Big One! Reviewed by Ryan on September 29, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Colorado on the bottom of the Central conference???!! Bwahahahaha!!!! It's because they ended the 'Hawks winning streak isn't it? I'm just messin' with ya'. Seriously though, the Panthers move up, but the Avs don't?

Ryan said...

@Anon: I'm not a Hawks fan. Colorado isn't ready to move up in a new and tougher division, IMO. Panthers only move up because the Sabres will be so bad. The Sabres are trying to tank, the Panthers are still just trying.

DBro Alexander said...

1. Thanks everyone for their votes on my USSR jerseys! Means a lot!

2. It's nice to see how the Colgate jerseys ended up. I would have helped Ryan but the time that was going on I had a lot on my plate already. Love that white jersey!

3. That CM Punk guy's been at some Cubs games this year I guess. He sponsored a "Luchador mask" night at Wrigley Field one night which I found myself wanting to attend for a mask. hehehe.

But I can't wrap my mind how people can't tell the difference between the knockoffs and the real deal jerseys. It's not like the differences are subtle, or is it just me?

4. And as for your predictions Ryan, love to see my Hawks doin' so well, but aw man, poor Sabres... I love Ryan Miller so I have a place in my heart for those lowly Sabres...I almost bought a Ryan Miller home jersey over the summer because some shop in my hometown of Rockford had a few just layin' around.

Unknown said...

DBro Alexander- okay, good for you to win a CCCP competition... However, I was looking forward for more unique out of the box done concepts, but... Nice that you've done my ex homeland sweater in NY Rangers style ( I'm a die hard fan since 1979 ). Ryan did a good job on a blog today for predicting my beloved " Strangers " finish at a top of their division, I'm going to cross my fingers. I really enjoy a quality material being posted in here - it is a healthy approach for a lot of us there.

Joey A. said...

Really cool with Colgate, they are actually 15mins down the road from me. Coming out of retirement for the Colgate comp.

winnipegjets96 said...

@Ryan, as much as I agree w/ your predictions, the Jets will be better than the Stars and Oilers for sure and I am in no way biased for saying that. I don't think the Jets are for sure playoff team, but I'm feeling good this year, but the rest of the picks are good.

DBro Alexander said...

@Felix I didn't intend the jerseys to look "Ranger"ish but yeah I can see how I did that. But it's a timeless classic look that is really hard to screw up.

DBro Alexander said...

@Felix Plus it just looks good. I guess I was using the unique font as the main focus of the design. Bold red with a fierce looking font.

Unknown said...

The leafs finishing ahead of ottawa... now thats a joke!

Unknown said...

@ DBro Alexander I like your alternate one from CCCP concept due to a fact that it contains original color scheme. Home and away looks Calgarysh to me( soviets never used yellow color on a national team jersey ). Would make a solid concept for Flames. Nice choice of AKA Vladimir Majakovskij font... However, I'm not sold on that enlarged sickle/hammer crest and a vertical placement of CCCP. Sickle/Hammer logo was a symbol of the two merged classes : peasants and factory workers during 1917 revolution and has very little to do with ice hockey.

DBro Alexander said...

@Felix Thanks for the background on the Sickle/Hammer. I, like most, associate it very closely with the USSR and always wondered why it wasn't used on more stuff like these jerseys, it's a pretty sharp logo.

As for the enlarged version of it with the vertical CCCP, I thought it was an interesting placement for the text next to a logo and figured it'd be unique and no one else in the contest would do it.

DBro Alexander said...

Also, always thought it was weird that the sickle and hammer was on the Soviet Union's flag but not the jerseys. Same with the color yellow. When making national concepts like this, I like to apply components of the flags into the jerseys, like I'm sure most people try to do in one way or another

Unknown said...

@ DBro Alexander on your alternate a collar should be white on the back of the jersey, thought... Back to a subject of using yellow/gold color on CCCP national team jersey; by adding a yellow/gold color into a red/white color scheme - it becomes team China, Taiwan or Tibet besides Flames. That is why soviets never used that color on their jerseys( ice hockey ) nor shirts ( soccer ). I can see your initial desire to transfer a CCCP flag's color directly on a jersey - but it will never work. It work for some nations at times, but doesn't work for others. By the way, original flag of RSFSR didn't have yellow/gold colors at all back in 1924. I really like your alternate jersey minus that awful enlarged sickle/hammer crest. I would make CCCP arched downwards and that would be last piece in a puzzle and would make that a really great classic comeback jersey. Also, an CCCP seal is 100 times looking better logo choice than sickle/hammer and truly represents the entire nation. Perhaps, a silhouette of a map of CCCP would be a good shoulder patch. Try to experiment with that and see how it will play out. I would buy your alternate sweater with a few modifications in a heartbeat! What's really sad - is that from all the concepts tribute to one of the greatest teams in a history of ice hockey - only you was able to think out of the box.P.S. DBro, if you make a mirror image of sickle/hammer and lay it out three times and then add an " P " - that will make an awesome CCCP, too.

GeneralJersey said...

I'm a bug fan of the Colgate Elite dark jerseys. Great job!

General Jersey said...

Also, as for predictions I'm excited about Detroit moving into the Atlantic division. Not sure how it will play out but should make some good match-ups in the Detroit-Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor.

Ryan said...

@GeneralJersey: Those were created by the team or the jersey manufacturer. Not me. I only did the white one.

General Jersey said...

@Ryan I think both the white and dark elite jerseys could have been enhanced if the BAUER logo on shoulders was Colgate grey. Would flow better. Just my opinion.

On the white Elite the double stripe on the neck does a great job of structuring the jersey. It's a nice alternative to the traditional horizontal stripes at the bottom.

Ryan said...

@GenJer: Thanks for your comments. I wasn't involved in the Bauer logo. I don't think they wanted to mess with it at all though because Bauer was a sponsor in some way of the EliteCamp

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