Weekend Update (Sept 1)

Hey everyone!

It's now the month of September and hockey is getting closer! I know the Leafs will report to camp in twelve days and have their first pre-season game two weeks from today (vs. Philadelphia in London,ON).

I hope to create four new podcasts in the future. Each will preview a division and include my predictions. I think that's what the podcasts will focus on this season, actual NHL news. It got a bit tough to come up with enough material to cover just the concept and jersey world.


Wow, I actually get to be the one to review a new jersey! Actually, you can still find my jersey reviews on HometownHockey.ca. Anyways, the Minnesota Wild revealed their new road sweater at the Minnesota state fair today (and leaked it themselves 10 hours earlier). From the teaser photos they have been providing all week leading up to the reveal, it was somewhat easy to piece together what was going to be shown today. 

Here was my guess:
I was off on the yokes, which have been squared off. Other than that, pretty much nailed it!

First impressions are...I love this thing! The choice and placement of the logos is perfect. The square yokes are perfect. And the fact that this jersey fits in with the same style as the other Wild sweaters is perfect! I also think that this jersey is another step towards making the green sweater the full-time home sweater. I would say the only thing holding me back from giving this new sweater a 10 is the red numbers. I would like them to have been solid green, but I also understand that red is their secondary colour and needed to be used. 

My rating 9/10. One of the best new sweaters to be released in a while!


The winner of the COTW vote for August 19-25 is Jake88 with his KHL concept team, the Fleet!
Full Results
Jake88 - 7
Darren H. - 2
Scott D. - 2
Steven G. - 2


The new COTW nominees for the final week in August have been listed on the side of the page. There were six concepts properly nominated and seconded, so we really could use a lot of votes this week. Anyone can vote and you can even vote for yourself. Voting ends on Friday.


The new HJC competition has been announced! It's called the "Anaheim Ducks Unused Colours Competition". Click on the banner near the top of the page or go to the DUCKS COMP tab to read all of the rules and requirements. Entries are due by the end of Friday.


You will also notice at the top of the page, a banner seeking a new writer for HJC. There is a spot open to write on Thursdays. If you're interested, click that banner and read the requirements. Then send in your mock post and hopefully by this time next week I can introduce you to all the HJC readers!

Thanks to everyone that responded last week to the Rate the Writers survey. It gave a lot of good feedback to the writing staff and that was very much appreciated. Hopefully we can make some small adjustments to try and make HJC better.


Brady sent in this Nike Swift template.
It features the faux lace-up collar that will be used (on some or all IIHF sweaters?) beginning with the 2014 Sochi Olympics. This along with many other templates can be found on the TEMPLATES page.

With a new season approaching it seems that we have a good amount of new readers and concept artists on HJC. That's great! If you are new please take a minute to read the ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page. It has everything you need to know about how the blog operates. If you have any questions they are likely answered on that page.


COTW Aug 26-Sept 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Anaheim Ducks entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
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Kevin W. said...

This whole new Nike jersey thing is somewhat upsetting because it really throws a wrench into my Nike NHL redesign project. I have to seriously reconsider redesigning my entire template. I have 96 different images that would need to be changed.

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