Wednesday September 18th

Good afternoon everyone! Not a whole lot to say other than that the NHL preseason has started! But, like, whatever, you know. Other than that, not a whole lot going on at the time I'm writing this post, so let's just get right into it!

We've been having a pretty good turnout for voting these past few weeks, but we could still be doing better! Only one vote going on this week.....
COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Also, if you're going to enter the USSR Competition here's the deadline for that,
Soviet Union entries (due by Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Speaking of, here's today's entires for the competition

Patrick N.

Caden P.


Jeff C.

Matt M.

Matt Mc.


Dylan A.

And now, today's concepts!

Montana State Bobcats (NCAA) Concept - (Jake88)
Our good friend Jake88 gets to work on the NCAA and puts the new Dallas Stars' jersey cut to work for Montana. Very solid home and away set, I really like when jersey striping between a set of jerseys is identical. Only thing I'd like to see different is the white part of the hem on the white jersey was blue. I'm very neutral about the alternate jersey. I don't dislike it, but I think it could be better. I wouldn't mind seeing a different logo on it, plus, I feel like that "M" should be a shoulder patch on the other jerseys.

Rating: 7.5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning Concept - (Matt M.)
Mr. Matt gives the Bolts a jersey that blends different elements from the Lightnings new identity and their previous identity. I'm a big fan of their current identity and have always liked it better than what they had before it. But Marr has found a very happy medium with me. I like the combination of the old color scheme and the current identity's simplicity. Victory stripes were always cool, I wish they'd bring them back. I like the yoke too! Only one little nitpick and it's that the NHL logo is missing from the collar insert. Still though, really great concept, it earns a COTW nod from me!

Rating: 9/10

NHL All Star Jerseys Concept - (Matt R.)
Matt brings us a new set of AllStar jerseys which look like an "update" on the previous ones. They use the pinstripe pattern on the arms as opposed to up the arms onto the top of the back. I'm ok with that, I think the stripes on the AllStar jerseys looked pretty good actually. I'm not sold on is the black and orange color scheme and the Conference logos on the chest. I only say that because the conference logos don't look right in orange, plus they're both orange as opposed to different colors. I feel like the league is also trying to distance itself from the "Black and Orange" era of the game. Overall, not a bad set of AllStar jerseys, I wouldn't want to see them be used anywhere else, but I just can't get on board with the colors or logos. Nothing wrong with the execution though.

Rating: 7/10

Chicago Blackhawks Concept - (Matt R.)
Matt's not done for the day though, as he's rebranded the Blackhawks with the classic Mike Ivall "Black Hawk" logo. I've been saying this for as long as this logo's been out there, if the Blackhawks ever rebrand they should consider this logo...Or at the very least give it to the IceHogs. The jerseys are ok, the white one seems a bit empty. Maybe a different colored yoke. The striping is thin as well, but with a colored yoke perhaps that won't be an issue. I don't care for the use of the alternately colored "C" logo. I'd just stick with the normal one(s), they fit with the main logo better. Also, why is the regular logo on the pants? Is this a full rebrand? I'd either change that logo or ditch the bird and keep the normal logo.

Rating: 6/10

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey Concept - (Ryan - HJC)
Our leader Ryan tries to fix the mess that is the new Buffalo alternate jersey. It's sort of a mix between a arm-length yoke cut with the silver Buffaslug "thingys" going up the torso. It may not be the prettiest jersey in the world but it's still miles better than what they ultimately went with. I'd want to see the captain's C on the shoulders or something, that way it sticks out. And instead of going with the collar the team used, maybe the whole thing could be silver or blue. It definitely fits what the team wanted to do, use a new jersey design outside the box, but it doesn't go too far out the box.

Rating: 7/10

University of South Florida Bulls (NCAA) Concept - (Stephen T.)
This set definitely has a Dallas Stars feel, well...old Dallas. I don't really have any complaints with the white jersey, other than maybe it could use some black trim, But even without it, it's very very sharp. My concern is with the overall darkness of the dark jersey. I feel like the logo could get lost very easily. Maybe a bolder gold or white outline would do, that way you wouldn't have to change the logo color.

Rating: 8/10

St. Louis Blues (De-Edge) Concept - (Steven G.)
We've gotta be nearing the end of this series. Despite the fact that I actually like the Edge jerseys, this has been a great series. This is more or less the Blues Pre-Edge jerseys with some tweaks. Gone are the angled yokes and arm stripes. These jerseys aren't bad looking but there's nothing that really sets them apart from an average jersey for me.

Rating: 7/10

Calgary Flames Concept - (Bastian S.)
Bastian's back and he's got some "Hot" new Calgary Flames jerseys. The striping resembles the sock pattern off of their Pre-Edge jerseys and I really like it on the jerseys. It's a lot better than what they've been using while not having to rely on a "Throwback" feel or resemble their old jerseys. The one thing I'd like to see is the "C" logo on the red jersey in yellow instead of white. That's always bugged me.

Rating: 8/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - (Bastian S.)
Bastian's done it guys. He's made a Sharks concept void of all orange, even in the logos, and I like it. I've been a fan of orange in the team's branding forever, but Bastian's made a set of jerseys that doesn't need the orange. Of course, I still think it could be improved with some, but I like the choices he made. I like the shoulder patches, I like the yoke-less jerseys, and I like how he used a striping pattern similar to what they've used recently.

Rating: 9/10

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Jersey Concept - (Kyle N.)
Kyle also brings us a new Sabres third that, like Ryan's from earlier, is better than what the team went with. It's a little stripe heavy, but a stripe heavy jersey is better than a poop heavy jersey. The logo seems a bit large. The stripes give off a throwback feel and the "BUFFALO" on the shoulders does too. I'd like to see that wordmark on the chest again but shoulders works too. Some white, or even silver" trim on the stripes would be nice. Still a decent jersey though.

Rating: 7/10

So that ends another day here at HJC. I'm expecting a few different COTW nominations today so I expect to see them. Y'all better vote too, we ain't kiddin' around about that. Don't forget to get in your entries for the USSR competition as well! 
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Tederifico said...

COTW for Bastian's Sharks concept

Ryan said...

Bastian's Calgary for COTW

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