Wednesday: Huge Day of Concepts!

Happy Wednesday everyone! There's a lot of concepts today! So many that Blogger didn't want to upload them as fast as it usually does, nope, today it decided to take it's sweet sweet time. So hopefully the rest of this post goes smoothly. 

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Russian National Team Concept - (Brady S.)
Brady tweaks the new Russian red jersey and uses the design for the white jersey as well, as opposed to their Nike-fied....thing..... I kid, the white jersey isn't terrible, but compared to this, it might as well be. I'd make sure the Nike swoosh was there for accuracy but it's not really taking away from the design. Also, be sure to put some form of ID on the concept somewhere, I'm noticing a lot of people not doing that lately.

Rating: 8/10

Slovenia National Team Concept - (Brady S.)
We haven't seen Slovenia's jerseys for Sochi yet, but I'd throw my vote in for these. I really like how the curve stripes really go well with the shield logo. I feel like the shoulders could use something. The top half of the jerseys seem blank.

Rating: 8/10

Philadelphia Flyers Alternate Jersey - (Brian B.)
Hmm.. Very 90's I'll say that. The only thing this really has going for it is how the Penguins-esque chest stripe does blend with the logo very well, but the stripes don't look too good on the arms and socks. Way too gradient-y for me as well. I'm sure if this was simplified, it'd look better, but also, how many Philly Faithful would allow their team to wear a jersey that was clearly inspired by a Penguins jersey?

Rating: 6.5/10

Canadian National Team Concept - (Caleb F.)
Caleb's design for the Canadians is a bit more traditional than the potential Canadian jersey that was leaked last week. The striping is on both arms. I do wish Caleb had used the chest stripe with the leaf cut into it like what was on the leak, but this also looks really good. The white jersey is begging for attention and I'll give it to it. I'm ok with the Leaf-ish thing coming off of the cuffs, but the pattern on the front of the jersey looks more like an explosion than a maple leaf. If you can find a way to make it look more like a leaf than I'm all in, but until then, I'd rather see a white version of the red jersey.

Rating: 7.5/10

Houston Aeros (WHA) Concept - (Brent P.)
Brent revisits the Houston Aeros of the past. I like the color scheme, it's different. It's not very "Houston" or "Texas" but I still like it. The more I look at it though, I'm being reminded of toothpaste. The home and away are ok, I'm not getting the striping pattern, in fact, the front of the hem striping is doing that toothpaste thing again to my head. The real standout here is the alternate jersey. I think the set would look better if you based a set off of that jersey. Also, I can't tell if that's an NHL logo or a WHA logo on the collar insert, but hopefully it's the correct logo.

Also, put an ID on your work! What if someone liked it a whole lot and wanted to contact you about it about possible work?! Cash money guys... It's happened!

Rating: 7/10

Phoenix Coyotes - (Brent P.)
Brent's not done for today. He's also got an idea for a new set of Coyotes jerseys. Three things I wanna say right away. 1- I like the new striping. 2 - Dark jersey needs some white. And 3 - Keep the circle logo on the shoulders. The Coyotes have two really neat Coyote logos, why not feature them front and center? 

Rating: 7/10

Dalhousie University Tigers (CIS) Concept - (David K.)
If you Google the Dalhousie hockey team to see their jerseys, it's a bit hard to get a good picture of them, at least it was for me, but I'm ok with that, because I didn't care for what I did see. I like this set that David is proposing. The only thing I'd want to see differently is the striping colors on the Home jersey to be swapped, so that way Yellow is the prominent color of the striping and the shoulder yoke.

Rating: 8.5/10

Rochester Americans (AHL) - (Jon K.)
Jon K. brings us this very star heavy design for the Americans. Pretty good fit I guess. Though, there is such a thing as overdoing it, and this is a good example of it. Throwing a few stars here and there for a team called the Americans isn't a bad idea, but don't do so many to the point where it loses it "neat factor" The stars over the logo, or in the stripes, or in the pant stripe would be fine on their own, but not all together. Or maybe put them on the alternate and nowhere else. The jerseys themselves though look really good, and would look better with less stars.

Rating: 7/10

Buenos Aires Suns - (Jon K.)
Jon brings us a fictional team from Buenos Aires, at least I'm assuming their fictional. I'm lost as to why the Aztecs logo is on the shoulders as it doesn't fit the rest of the design identity here at all. The jerseys are good. They're both bright, like you would imagine a team named the suns would be. I like the move to avoid the all yellow jersey, as that would be cliche and expected. 

The one thing I really want to point out as this carries over from your last concept Jon, is the layout for your presentation. You are going to want to rearrange things on the image to more prominently feature the jerseys and fill up as much as the image as you can. Right now your jerseys take up 1/4 of this large image and when I enlarge the image it's still hard to see the jerseys. It's totally cool to feature the player models in the jerseys and the logos used, but you also have 1/4 of the image blank. And the credits at the bottom of the image are almost unreadable. 

Rating: 7/10

Texas Stars (AHL) - (Kyle N.)
Kyle bases a set of jerseys off of the Texas Stars' new white primary jersey, or old third jersey, whatever. I wish Texas would have switched to green and silver like Dallas, but oh well. The white jersey is fine as is, but the green jersey is so dark. Too dark even. The name and logo on the front are very hard to see. The black jersey is nice though. I like that one a lot. Especially with the new Dallas cut on the jersey.

Rating: 7/10

Peterborough Petes Concept (OHL) - (Scott D.)
Scott adds gold and changes the overall look of the Pete's jerseys here. Not a bad move adding gold. It keeps a classy color scheme classy. Really nothing out of place here or anything I don't like. Great job!

Rating: 8.5/10

Nashville Predators Concept - (Jets96)
Oh hey, it's our buddy Jets. Lets see what he's up to. I like that he brings back the checkerboard pattern but I think if that's going to be featured on the jersey, the guitar string numbers need to go. The numbers should stay on the gold alternate though as they fit in well with the striping on that jersey.The other thing I'm noticing, and it's because I'm a stickler for these things, is the sock stripes don't match the rest of the uniform. You fix that and I'm sold.

Rating: 7.5/10

Dallas Stars Concept - (Jets96)
We'll keep things going and end the day with our good friend Jets. I remember during the Dallas redesign they were saying they wanted a classic look and Jets brings that with 3 jerseys based off of jerseys the Stars wore way back in the day. Nothing wrong with any of the looks here, in fact, I've seen a few people do the template used for the home and away so obviously people like it. I like it too, I wish there were more green in both jerseys. The alternate stands out to me solely because of the amount of green.

Rating: 8/10

Well that ends today's concept heavy post. This is a trend that would be nice to see continue, I'm sure you all love when you log on to the site and get a large amount of concept "eye candy" Leave some comments talking about your favorite concept or two!

Wednesday: Huge Day of Concepts! Reviewed by DBro Alexander on September 11, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

The Aztecs logo is there as I created the Suns to be a minor league team to the Aztecs

Tyler Gross said...

Scott's Petes concept for COTW

David Kerr said...

Just a heads up, Dal is a Canadian university playing in the CIS not in the NCAA...

Unknown said...

David K.'s DAL concept for COTW

iihfjerseycollector said...

in regards to the slovenia jerseys, here is a concept released by the federation literally day or 2 after they qualified for the olympics

DBro Alexander said...

@David Kerr - My bad David! The filename I had for the concept said NCAA so I just put it in there.

DBro Alexander said...

@iihfjerseycollector What is with Nike and the bland jerseys this time around? I'm ok with the white jersey there, but there's almost nothing to that blue jersey.

Josh said...

Second the Dal concept for COTW... those are brilliant.

Tom said...

Brian B's Philly for COTW! I know it's a bit out, but I'm a fan... I really think it could be pulled off.

Brian said...

I belive my explanation to my Flyers concept was left out. The thin lines of silver striping is actually a tribute to the Philadelphia Quakers, in a way I came up with.


It's a mix of historic and futuristic.

canesboy07 said...

Jon didn't do bad. I can't stand how many stars there are.

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