Tuesday: Season Creeping Closer

     You know the hockey season is approaching with all the pre-season talk, and the release of the new EA NHL game. I am a proud player of this franchise since I can remember. It's hard for me to not like the new NHL games, but I do have a disliking for EA. I'm starting to see what EA did with Madden, but for NHL, which is not what I want. EA should take some tips from NBA 2k for their live a life. They added questions, and a like ability meter and they want to pass that off as a whole new game mode? At least add an actual interview cut scene. That would be a great point up for NHL.

     Any who, about jerseys, did anyone else notice the jersey mistakes in this game? I know there is always minor mistakes, but come on!!! You know what though, maybe they will mess up the Sabres 3rd jersey so much that it might look...better.

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Soviet Union entries (due by Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Matt R.

Steve M.

Metallurg Novokuznetsk (KHL) Concept - (Frank C.)
Frank here goes across the sea (or not, wherever you're located) and gives us a KHL concept. 10 extra points for Frank here for using my template! An extra 5 for some nice execution on it too. Of course those points won't be in the jersey rating, but just in my mind, good job! Anyways, we start off today with what I call the right hockey jersey. A jersey that is simple, gives a good simple pattern, and looks nice. It's a nice looking jersey, but for the striping, I think this could look better if the striping almost matched how the 'M' looks. Thicker black stripe outlined by a thin white outline. Then maybe the same with the yoke? Good job here Concept Rating [7.9/10]

Nashville Predators Concept - (Bastian)
I think I'm right here, I think this is my first Bastian concept to rate. Been a fan since I started following this blog in late August of last year I believe. For the concept, I personally think it's hard to mess up a gold and blue color scheme. Add in the Nashville checkerboard design and I really like it. Does anyone know why they use that? Or did they just decide checkerboard one day? It looks nice regardless. Another thing I really enjoy is the cutoff rounded yoke. Overall, a good looking jersey set. Throw away the apron, give Nashville this. Concept Rating [8.5/10]

Anaheim Ducks Concept - (Bastian)
I believe this was Bastian's contest entry. Before scrapping a couple concept designs I had that were almost complete, I didn't put in an entry. None of the four I had pleased me. One included something similar to this. One reason I think this looks a lot nicer is the use of more orange. I think it really brightens the jersey up. I honestly think the away is the better jersey in the set. I think there should be a different triangle color for the logo in the green jersey. It seems the logo is hiding. The recolored 'D' foot logo for the shoulders I think could be switched out for something better to fit the Mighty Duck look. Still, overall a look I would take over their current. Concept Rating [8.2/10]

Toledo Walleye - (Mike S.)
Mike gives us another ECHL alternate I believe. And this striping also looks like a beard! No, I'm joking, I can see this one better. But one thing I want right away when I see this jersey is more baby blue! I think that color is a great color in their scheme. I see it with white in a very thin outline, but make those bigger, or add the whole yoke blue and I could see this being to my liking very quick. As it is, I personally think it looks a little bare, I like the unique stripe, but I think this is just missing something to it. Could be so amazing. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Anaheim Ducks Concept - (Mike S.)
When I saw this added to the competition, I knew this concept had a lot of potential. I actually saw the duck feathers on the yoke first, I thought that was a cool touch. The striping is very conservative for the Ducks and I thought this brought my rating down. Not because they are a traditional look, but I think bronze is a color that should be knocked out of their scheme. I just think it looks so boring for the ducks. Switch that out for plain ole orange and I think this set looks much better. I also think the black numbers for the green jerseys might be hard to see when the team is playing. I would suggest white. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Anaheim Ducks concept - (Justin C.)
ANAHEIM??? We will be seeing a lot of these with the contest coming to an end. Right off the bat in this one I love the look. the striping is simple yet perfect I think for Anaheim. I really like how the jerseys are different with the arm pattern. The green has the striping going up to the yoke, but the white has it going down. I really like that. The have the same complaint with this one, as I did with Mike's. I think the bronze really brings this down. Again, just my opinion, but ugh, I dislike that color for hockey. Concept Rating [8.2/10]

HK Mlada Boleslav (Tier 2 - CzechExtraliga) Concept  - (Jake 88)
Our good European designer Jake gives us a color scheme that I really like. I think when you have a neon color you have to have a modern nontraditional look, and I think Jake is in the right direction. I think it looks nice as it is, and I like the white jersey and the same arm colors. But I think it could looks so much better with a design for the black part. Don't get me wrong this works, but I feel you could really add something more. Seems just like a fill concept, but I guess every concept is like that though). Like I said though, still looks good. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

St. Louis Blues Concept - (Jets 96)
Jets gives St. Louis a straight look again. The home and away, both look very nice. The throwback for the alternate also looks great. Only complaint I have with the alternate is the pants, and I think this goes for the other jerseys too. The pants don't fit the set. It's like it's very traditional, down to a modern team. Really though, I have no real complaints with this design set. Everything looks nice. Going to the home jersey just a quick touch before I wrap this up, the number might be hard to see even with the lighter outline. Just a thought. Concept Rating [8/10]

Arizona Coyotes Concept - (Matt M.)
Matt gives a new look for Phoenix/Arizona as an alternate. I don't like their template at all for their alternate, that really needs to go. What makes this great is that it keeps almost the same look with the arms, but adds in the original Phoenix team I remember when I was a kid. I loved that look. Honestly, I hope we see a white version of this soon. When the team switches to Arizona, I think we should see something like this. It's new/modern/but also traditional which is perfect. Man, I love that logo. Concept Rating [8.7/10]

Hamilton Tigers Concept - (Jordan D.)
Man, can't go wrong with the black, yellow, white color scheme. I really think all jerseys with that look awesome. Even though I can't stand the Bruins. Oh well. They look nice. Back to this concept. I think lately we've been seeing this striping more often. With jerseys being released and just for concepts in general. (You'll all be seeing a concept in the future by me with this striping too). I love how it's carried over to the yoke, but even better, it's almost opposite on the away with the top of the yoke filled out which is good. I think the number typeface could be much better, I would just go with a regular block font. And ehhhh, I think the logo could be better. I think it makes the jerseys look out of place with it. Concept Rating [8/10]

Another day down here at HJC, remember to vote and send in those competition designs! Also, did you agree with me on today's critiques? Did you disagree? Why? Leave all of that in the comments. Remember, you all can get a say and help these artists out!
Tuesday: Season Creeping Closer Reviewed by Unknown on September 17, 2013 Rating: 5


Caz said...

COTW nom to Bastian's Preds concept. I'm not 100% sure why the Preds started using the checkerboard pattern on their old third, but I believe it was probably related to the popular University of Tennessee Volunteers. They use a checkerboard pattern in their end zone, and is used often in their merchandise. I always thought it was a way to reach out to those fans, myself among them.

Unknown said...

Jordan good use of my logo! Looks great, should have used the final version though! Still looks great!

Unknown said...

I 2nd Bastian's Pred concept

Unknown said...

@ Matt, I hope you don't hate me now for dissing your logo a small bit. I think that logo belongs on a modern look...a sharp look. I think the jersey was too traditional for it. That is a good logo, link to the final version?

Tyler Gross said...

Is it just me or were the two USSR entries today very similar? Haha.

Phil B. said...

The Predators used the checkerboard pattern when they unveiled the blue jersey. if you notice, it is subtle, but in the striping pattern.

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