Tuesday: Busy Day, Harsh Talk

     This week will be a busy week for us writers, and probably future weeks too. With the NHL season right around the corner more people get into the mood of hockey, and with that comes jerseys. I've noticed a lot more new names, and returning names the past couple of weeks and it's fun to see a whole new variety. Let's get underway,

First, the voting reminders as always!

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Seattle Thunderbirds Concept - (Dylan W. me) (Logo by Matt M.)
Just starting off today with one of my concepts. I saw Matts awesome Thunderbirds concept logo and loved it. I had an idea that sparked the second I saw it, and thanks Matt for letting me use it!

Winnipeg Jets Third Jersey Concept - (Caz W.)
The second I glanced at this jersey, it looked very sharp. The simple striping a long with the yoke looking similar is a great look. Not only that, but in this case with no red on the jersey, then a red number, it really makes that stand out and look really nice. I think one downfall of the jersey is the number patch. I said it yesterday on Facebook with Toms Florida concept, using something like that to me, looks like a TimBits teams jersey. I think it just looks weird, and just out of place when its on a sharp jersey like this. Take those off, and we have a winner. Concept Rating [8.3/10]

Team Finland Concept - (Caleb F.)
This one has a ton of potential. What I see is a cool traditional design, but could use some help. The blue jersey looks great. I like the chest striping, but also love the half arm and hem stripes compared to it. The numbers and name look good too. For the white jersey, you're missing TV numbers which is a big thing, but the shoulder patch I think should be something else. Or have 'Suomi' right below the dragon on the jersey for the white. One last thing is the mesh color under the arms. In my opinion, it takes a good jersey and just makes it look sketchy. Keep those the same color as the rest of the jersey and this design is something I can really like. Concept Rating [7.3/10]

Minnesota Wild Away Concept - (Brian B.)
I saw this on Icethetics I believe the day the Wild unveiled their new sweater. So I take it this was a guess, and not a concept to try and make the jersey look better. For the most part, it is the same, other than the rounded yokes. For the most part, the squared off yokes are growing on me for that jersey. The jersey looks stellar, so by logic, this would look really nice too. Since this was a guess and not just a straight concept, I have to give it a higher score than I would if it was a 'fix' concept. Concept Rating [8.9/10] only because the real jersey looks great.

Boston Bruins Concept - (Bren P.)
At first glance these look just like tweaked Boston Bruins jerseys. In a sense they are, but they are big changes to me. I think the almost cut off yoke would look pretty cool. And on the away, I would LOVE to see them go in a yellow direction. I think the old would look awesome for the main yoke color. Moving onto the striping, Brent did a San Jose move. I can't say I like the striping that San Jose introduced, it seems so unbalanced and just off. It almost looks like a concept that was messed up and you forgot to add color to the white spot. I just can't back up that striping pattern look. Close the striping up and this will look much better. Concept Rating [6.8/10]

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - (William B.)
As I always say, the double blue is a look I love. And I'm going to stop and just say, the roundel logo for the home I think is a cool idea. I think small changes like that from home and away is just a nice little change. Like Minnesota's Away and alternate. In a nutshell they are the same, just swapped colors, but the squared yoke is a change that makes the whole thing work. I think the jerseys look nice. Just one thing. I don't know if you should change the robo-pen color to light blue. I think you should keep that gold, regardless of the the double blue. In my opinion, that would actually make this look better. Concept Rating [7.7/10]

Red Deer Rebels Concept - (Thomas H.)
Honestly. this looks so great. The colors, and how they are used I think are so perfect. One part of me wants to nominate it already, but another part just wants me to think it's just another ordinary design. Let's dive in. The red and white combination I think makes the black in the jersey stand out a lot. But not only that, it just looks so classic. Like an untouchable. With the home jersey being flip flopped for the white, it looks just as good, if not better. I think one side not to change would be the pants. I think you should get some white in their. But after reviewing the play, the ruling on the field stands. Concept Rating [9.3/10] COTW Nomination from me. It just looks like a stellar jersey.

South Park Cows - (Stephen T.)
This one is really funny. I'm going to grade this less harsh compared to the more realistic teams. So this jersey is in another category almost viewers and artists! Don't think that I'm grading it the same as the others. The log by itself could be on a jersey and I would love it. The design adds to it. I would take off the shoulder color because it just looks odd compared to the rest that looks classic. If I had given this concept a go. I would have given it more of a South Park feel. Adding in more of a 'drawn' cartoony look. But this is fine too. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Warrior Cup Challenge Concept - (Jake 88)
I really liked this entry when I saw it. I like the Capitals-esque hem, but I love the matching shoulder design and arms that are based off of it. The white version yokes looks so cool. And the star on the arms are a nice finishing touch. I have no real complaints as I would like to see this be real jerseys, but we will never find out who really got it I guess. Concept Rating [8.1/10]

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts - (Jets96)
For the home, I think it's roughly the same design as the alternate was, but with different numbers, stars for the shoulders, and a little name tag I take it for the upper shoulder. I think the only change I don't like is the numbers, but that's small to bug about.  The away looks nice with the striping. For the most part, it is just a nice looking jersey..what can I say? Moving to the alternate. I honestly think it looks a little empty. A little too bland. I like how the stars and name tag carry over, but I think the striping could be added onto. All in all, a pretty good set. I honestly think I would rather see this over their current jerseys. Concept Rating [8/10]

Pittsburgh Penguins De-Edge Concept - (Steven G.)
I'm just going to start this off by calling out Steven and saying that he missed out on a great chance to have an awesome design. Let's start off with the white jersey. Such a unique sleeve design and It looks really nice. The matching straight hem also goes well. Now, the part that Steve could've capatalized on. That home jersey I think needs white. Either just a stroke of white from the gold. Or have matching sleeve designs, and have the white above the gold like the white jersey. I just honestly think more white on the home would make this whole set looks awesome. Concept Rating [8.2/10] 8.8 if there was more white.

Stockton Thunder ECHL Concept - (Mike S.)
Honestly, I don't think I can back this one up. Don't get me wrong, this is totally something we could see from an ECHL team. It perfectly fits the idea of minor hockey. I just think it looks a little too...beardy. I don't know if I said that right. I don't know if it's supposed to be lightning-ish. But for some reason I see the vikings beard in this design. That's all I'm going to say, I don't want to touch up on anything else, as the rest is fine. Concept Rating [6.7/10]

Minnesota Wild Concept - (Jets96)
This is a set that, if the Wild organization didn't already have a great set, this would be a choice that I would like. The home looks awesome with the green jersey and the red yoke. That just looks awesome. For the away, I want to say the same thing, but I would just stick with white for the jersey color. I think it would look much better. For the alternate, looks like a good design to base everything off of that they have now. It's weird that every design they have right now is in one jersey, and still looks awesome. Good job here. All around, a nice set. Concept Rating [8/10]

Team USA Concept - Caden P.
Honestly, I think we all know just by looking. The side panels need to go. I can honestly say I don't remember ever liking a jersey with side panels. Especially when they are just the generic stitching of the Reebok template. If you take those away already you have a better concept. I'm not behind the idea of the crest used. It seems so....again..TimBitsy. I love the new sharp logo USA introduced to us, either that, or just the regular USA log they have would look better. Concept Rating [5.5/10]

Another long day typing. My fingers are starting to hurt as I did two blog posts today, and I did a very long article for my site yesterday. Now I have to go to an English class where I'll have to type a paper. Dear lord, my fingers are going to need some rest the next few days. Oh college. Anyways, did you agree with what I said today? Am I still too harsh? Was I crazy on my thought process on these jerseys today? Let us know in the comments! Have a great Tuesday and rest of the week HJC viewers!
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Jake88 said...

I know I'm going to regret this if any of my concepts get nominated... but Dylan's Thunderbirds gets a COTW Nomination from me!

Unknown said...

Oh yes, BTW I forgot to say, I'm making my ThunderBirds concept ineligible for nomination! Just a heads up! So, thank you Jake, appreciated.

Unknown said...

South Park for COTW

Tederifico said...

I will second that nomination on the Red Deer jersey for concept of the year. Honestly, one of the BEST concepts I have ever seen. The balance and contrast with the colours and striping is just PERFECT.

An early candidate for COTY if you ask me!

CLIB542 said...

I knew I forgot the TV numbers, I sent another email with them included but I guess it was ignored.

Unknown said...

Dylan, would it change your mind to know that the sleeve and hem designs on my Thunder jersey are a lightning bolt pattern?

Unknown said...

@Mike. It would be reassuring. For some reason, I just don't know. Usually I'm great with imagining things and seeing designs, but I just kept getting lost in the beard. Haha. But honestly, that's a jersey that could totally be made for the ECHL. Send it to the team brass!

Unknown said...

@Dylan really like your use of the thunderbirds logo!!! I know your saying it's not included with COTW voting but I'd second Jake.

Caz said...

I figured the TV numbers would be a bit controversial, but the TimBits jersey comparison is lost on me. Maybe is a Canadian/Northern American thing, and a humble Tennesseean just doesn't get the reference. I looked it up, and only found pictures of donuts and jerseys with no TV numbers. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Unknown said...

@Caz It's not really a direct literal comparison. It just looked very child jersey like. Almost like it didn't fit with that, but a kids mock jersey. It was just my way of getting across that I thought it didn't fit haha. Sorry.

Caz said...

Ok, I see. I thought there might be some Tim Horton's related humor that I was missing. (never been to one, but I hear they are amazing)

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