Tuesday: Buffalo Guesses, But Fails

     Hello again, Dylan W writing on another Tuesday! Today I have all the time in the world to do this post. So today, will be a better day. I hope all of my critiques are helpful, even for the rather...ugly concepts today. And that sounds harsh, but I'll explain when I get to those concepts. Anyway, off to the concepts. BUT FIRST! HJC NEEDS A NEW WRITER. RYAN NEEDS A WRITER FOR SATURDAYS, SO START PUTTING IN MOCK POST.  Just think, you could be running a whole day on HJC......kinda.


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We start off today with a missed concept from Tom V. It was supposed to be posted a couple weeks ago. Sorry for the inconvenience Tom!

New Jersey Devils Alternate Concept - (Tom V.)
Okay, look at this thing. First think I noticed was the tweaked logo. And honestly, this is what their logo should be. It really brings out the 'N' more, which I think is needed. When I was a youngin, I always thought the logo was a 'J' with it's legs being crossed in a sexual pose. I was very confused. To the jersey, I always like to see NJ go to the throwbacks, but I just like the red and black color scheme better. The striping is a good pattern, especially since it carries over to the yoke. I just get a huge christmas, candy cane feel from this though. I always thought a Devils alt, with black and red, but small green elements, like the silver on Buffalo's home and road. So, this is very well executed, obviously from Tom. A nice looking jersey, not a direct throwback being recolored. Concept Rating [7.9/10] Very tough to rate this one IMO. Let us know what you think in the comments.

Winnipeg Jets Concept - (Dylan W.)
So, I have one of my concepts on today's post. Usually I just tell you it's mine and leave it at that, but when I have the chance, why not give some background? For this concept I wanted to add the different ERA's of the Jets' jerseys. I used the old red and blue instead of the current. Then I have a cross between the current striping, and the arm sleeve pattern. I had 2 other ideas going into this one, but could never make it work. This is the first concept of my changed NHL concepts. I will slowly be doing more. But my goal is to make every team have a new jersey identity. I'm trying not to make just small changes. Although I might have to on some teams. Concept Rating [10/10] I'm just that good.

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept - (Stephen T.)
These next two concepts are the concepts I referred to at the beginning of the post. I'm not sure if this was a guess, or a fix concept. Regardless, I have the same opinion. Same goes with the next concept. What can I say? It's the Buffalo Sabremen. I don't like the jersey they came out with, solely for the fact that it has a cape like coloring. I did a fix, that is the front of the jersey directed to the back. I think the regular arm sleeve with the 'sword' white outline looks really cool. So, If this is a fix, theres a long way to go. I just hate the cape look. Not much to say else wise. So sorry if it's harsh, but it's just not a good hockey jersey. Just an execution note. The logo is off centered. Concept Rating [3/10]

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept - (Brian B.)
Brian always has his concepts posted to Icethetics it seems. So I know Brian has great taste in hockey jerseys, and If I remember correctly, this was a guess, and was posted before the jerseys were released. And, again, looks very ugly. I think just in general, there needs to be more white. I really hate the silver/gray/grey color for the Sabres. Why they brought that in? I don't know, but it needs to go. And this is less cape-like, but I think there is less of a transition going to the blue back, which looks very weird. Out of these two posted today, I still might take over the actual one though. So again. Ugly ugly jersey concept. But, I think these were guesses, so It doesn't bother me. Concept Rating [3/10]

Sibir Novosibirsk (KHL) - (Jake88)
Right away I can see a very clean jersey look. Which is always good.  The thing that makes this look classic is that it has the Detroit switched arms, but still isn't almost a copy. I think it's rare to see that with the squared off yoke. Also we get the arm stripes where the TV numbers are also located. I think this is a good fit for the KHL. Looks nice and classic, but at the same time, it's different, and original. Honestly, I have nothing else to say. I wouldn't know how to fix it though going in this direction. Let Jake know in the comments if you have any fixes. Concept [8.2/10]

Team Scotland (IIHF) - (UltraMundane)
Not sure if Ultra Mundane is your name, but if it is, that's an awesome name. I didn't know whether to space it out, so hopefully you can correct me. The jersey, hmmmmm...kind of empty. I'm trying to think, but other than the no hem look San Jose, and Phoenix has, I can't think of a jersey design with almost no arm striping/sleeve design. I got a concept before almost like this, and it just looks unfinished. Kind of off topic, but could you imagine if NIKE unveiled these for a jersey? I might actually love it compared to what they have unveiled recently. But my opinion still stands. It needs some sort of arm or sleeve design, maybe with a matching hem, but it looks very empty. Concept Rating [5.9/10] Leave a comment of what you think about this look. Does it need an arm stripe? 

Muskegon Lumberjacks (USHL) - (Devin S.)
Out of all the edited nhlunforms.com image looks, I think this is pretty well executed. I think Colorado's look would really fit this team. And, that color scheme, is something I don't like, but I still think that design helps out a lot. For the third jersey, I would match the hem and arm striping. I would personally use the hem striping for the arms. If you need help with starting up your own concepts. Go to the TUTORIAL page. It should help out a lot! Concept Rating [7/10]

New York Islanders Concept - (Justin S.)
Another concept to Justin De-Edge series. He gives the Islanders the Edge change almost. The changes are the hem, and the phantom yoke stripe. I really liked that look for the Islanders, not as much as their current, but it was a nice look in my opinion. One thing I would change here is to make the blue, the original blue the have. And to make the Lighthouse logo a different color than the baby blue it has on it right now. With the look you are going for, these are really nice. The changes to make it better I already said, but if it didn't change, I still might not mind it. Concept Rating [7.9/10]

New York Islanders Vintage Concept - (Matt R.)
Is this a new Vintage series started up? If so, the cream vintage white color is going to make me faint. But that's okay. I understand the focus. For this concept, I see a lot of potential for a good looking jersey. One thing that really pops out..or doesn't really, kind of ironic. But the cream and orange really look close in color, and I think it makes it look really dull. The jersey seems like it was put in the washing machine too many times. And...in retrospect, it's supposed to look like that. The lighthouse logo on the striping didn't tickle my fancy at first, but it's starting to grow on me. Nice jersey design, it just needs to be cleaned. Literally, get the old food stains off! Concept Rating [7.7/10]

New York Rangers Concept - (Matt R.)
Not sure if this is the same vintage concept series, because it looks vintage, but it doesn't say Vintage Concept. Anyways, The thing I like about this cream color is, it's less gold. I just noticed that about the Islanders concept. It's more gold than cream. Anyways, this looks is something I really like. The simple 2 stripe color. And the blue cuff with the stars is a nice touch. I always thought the shield logo would be cool to see on a third jersey, and this would be a great fit. All you would have to do to make me absolutely fall in love and buy one is if the jersey was white. Concept Rating [9/10] COTW nomination from me.

Do you agree with my stance today on the jerseys? Disagree? Let us know in the comments, and help out these artists! Remember, if you want to be a writer for this great site, put in your mock posts so you have a chance! Have a nice day guys!
Tuesday: Buffalo Guesses, But Fails Reviewed by Unknown on September 24, 2013 Rating: 5


Button said...

Dylan, what he'll is this about? How is this garbage you spewed supposed to encourage anyone to continue, let alone improve . Shameful.

Ryan said...

The above comment is not from someone named Button. The above comment was left by Felix Puchinski. He has never had the balls to use his name since I told him I wouldn't post his concepts a couple of years ago. This was due to racist comments made because someone didn't like his concepts.

He is mad at Dylan because Dylan didn't post Felix's concepts on his blog.

Felix unfortunately goes off the deep end when he doesn't get what he wants.

Ryan said...

Comments are moderated because of him. He didn't realize this so he tried to leave the above comment three times.

Scott Markiewicz said...

I remember Felix well!

Matt R's Rangers concept kinda looks like the Chinese knockoff Winter Classic jersey from a couple of years ago...

Caz said...

I've always appreciated the lack of trash and trolls in the comments on this site. There's no place for that kind of ignorance and negativity here.

I really like how clean Tom's concepts are. The only thing I don't like about that Devil's jersey is the line running through the Reebok wordmark on the back. I'll give it a COTW nom!

Jake88 said...

I think that Ultra Mundanes concept was based on soccer style jerseys. And about the no arm stipe comment, what about the Canadiens away jersey, it has cuffs but so does Ultra Mundane's. I like the idea and with some changes it could be great!

Unknown said...


Why would you not origanly post Felix's concepts? You post mine and mine suck!!!

Ryan said...

@Caden: His concepts were posted originally, just like everyone else's. However, after the racist comments he made a couple of years ago I told him I would no longer post his stuff.

winnipegjets96 said...

I'm going to disagree with you on the Scotland concepts, Dylan. I like that U.M. could make a good concept without arm stripes, and it overall matches the simplicity the concept seems to be aiming for. That being said, I love, love love your Jets concept, COTW from me for sure!

Unknown said...


I see...

Unknown said...

Mr. Haslett make sure that you post my comment that has my real First and ( pay attention ) my Last name that you misspelled in your madly outrageously attack on me for no reason what so ever - HAVE BALLS TO POST THIS COMMENT, because this time you really fucked up!!! That first comment that you're talking about here never came from me and you're wrong - it was " Button " - I don't know who he is and it is your business with him. DON'T START WITH ME ON THAT , WASN'T ME. You misspelled my last name, also - that is a second error in your statement on top of a lie. I told Dylan Wonka to not post any of my concepts that I've sent to his mail box, because of his ignorance and arrogance toward me and I'm not mad at him at all - frustrated, Yes - but that is it. However, Dylan replied to me via e-mail and confirmed that he will post all of my concepts regardless - that's his policy on his blog. Nothing I nor you can do anything about it - he is a BOSS on his blog, like you on yours. I said once that Dylan really suck at being a host on this blog and that shows in his arrogant self posted concept on a Jets with a 10/10 rating - SHOW OFF. Mr. Haslett - you are the one who never had any balls - ask your buddies here including Dylan to help you find them. I told you once and I'm sure that it still bugs you " that you have zero creativity and imagination and you never gain these ever". Some people born with a natural talent - you're a good blogger, but horrible jersey designer. You can produce a good quality template - but that is all that you're capable off. I couldn't care a less what will you think about my comment here - will not make any difference for me - so, don't sweat on it. But if you ever will try to accuse me of something that I've never done - I'll find you and will deal with you personally and then we will see who has bigger balls. That is all for now, more later - it is all up to you Mr. Haslett. Make sure to post this comment.

Gérard M said...

@Caden: After months of his trolling, this post/comment section is what forced Ryan to stop accepting his concepts: http://www.hockeyjerseyconcepts.com/2011/09/last-day-for-cotw-votes.html

Brian said...

I agree 100% with Caz's comment of having only contructive comments, free of trolls and negative crap. We shouldn't have to see negativity as a challenge that we have to deal with, we should see it as a responsability to make sure it simply don't show up.

Unknown said...

Just to let everyone know who might have the same though process with my 10/10. It's my way of a sarcastic joke. Just to clear things up.

Cody said...

Hey guys. If you don't remember me, that's k by me. Yes, Ryan, i still follow the website. I just stopped making concepts because I was a bit mad about not making the cut when you were looking for writers the 1st time. I'm sorry for getting angry at you.

P.S.I'm sorry Felix, you need to grow up. SERIOUSLY. You were rude to others on here, and I'm glad your gone.

P.P.S. I'm coming back with some new stuff shortly (Doing my own Pre-Edge series now).

Peace out,


Unknown said...

I would like to make two comments on two separated concepts. First one on Tom Vopni's NJ Devils : I like that thin white stripe inside a garden green ticker stripe. Why did you stopped and never add into a collar of the jersey plus numbers and tv numbers, too? That would've made a very unique and interesting concept. I'm not completely sold on a choice of a green... About a logo/crest: I think that even with an addition of the extended top of the " N " it still didn't make it better than it was. Devils logo is unique on it's on, in my opinion. I'm disagree with Dylan's vision that it reminds him some sexual pose where the bend is - nonsense. He might take a look at Flames " C " logo and what a negative space in there creates - that would be more appropriate. Now on a Jake's Novosibirsk concept : looks similar to Winnipeg Jets jersey back in the 80's, 90's ... I don't like that word mark at all. Being born in a former USSR and being fluent in Russian - I dislike how the last letter " b " ( which is a deaf sound in Russian alphabet ) connects to " p " . Also, that team has the best logo in the entire KHL, why not use that instead? I want to say congratulation to Jake on his tremendous job on KHL!!! I really enjoy that.

Tom V. said...

So Felix, I don't really know you... but I have a couple of things to say. Your criticism towards my concept was actually well thought out and pretty bang on. So yea, that's your opinion... cool, I'm good with that. As for the question about the stripes, I actually did try them on the collar, and decided I wasn't a big fan of it, so i kept it off.
As for where the issues begin, If you genuinely wanted to be a part of this jersey community I would suggest not saying things like this...
"But if you ever will try to accuse me of something that I've never done - I'll find you and will deal with you personally and then we will see who has bigger balls."
It seems like Ryan is allowing you to post comments today... I can't help but wonder why you wouldn't at least try to take advantage of that to bury the hatchet and make amends. Unfortunately I think it's too late for that.

Ryan said...

His COMMENTS will be posted as long as he doesn't violate any rules.

His CONCEPTS will never be posted again because of my personal beliefs on racism.

Button said...

I am not this Felix guy. My name is Mike and I occasionally comment on the Facebook posts so I'm not trying to hide either.

My apologies for autocorrect making part of my comment incomprehensible, however, my feelings about Dylan's blog post for Tuesday this week remain the same. If you really believe something is that sub par, email the designer and give constructive criticism and blog it without comment

No one is getting rich off this site, it's supposed to be based on a common interest and quasi-hobby, and more than anything else, done for fun. That crap just went way too far for my liking, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

Button said...

Also, my original comment was posted three times because I didn't realize there was a moderator feature, so I assumed I had typed in the catch a phrase incorrectly. I noticed my mistake after the third attempt, sorry for the inconvenience.

Sean W said...

Sean here (Ultra Mundane). Jake & Jets, you're both spot on. The Scots, as a collective, aren't showy people - more bold, brief and to the point. With this in mind I wanted to keep those values and create something simple but would stand-out.

I've gotten great reception for the concept from every Scottish IH fan I've shown, so that's a plus. It may just be your opinion, but a 5.9 is bit of a slap in the face. I've saw concepts that have been scrapped together and re-coloured in Microsoft Paint that have received higher ratings.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad that finally mysterious Mr. Button by the name Mike finally cleared the air, thank you Mike for doing that. Now Mr. Haslett you owe me an apology to me for attacking me earlier for no apparent reason.

Anonymous said...

I actually really like Ultra Mundane's concept. It's great for a national team and sure beats Nike's recent crop of designs. As for the nearly bare arms, Montreal's road sweaters have that and everyone seems to love them

Tom V. said...

I agree with most of your honest ratings Dylan, keep it up. You can clearLy tell that you don't intend on hurting peoples feelings, don't let the people that can't take the criticism knock you.

DBro Alexander said...

Felix is a cat. That is all.

Unknown said...

DBro Alexander, MEOW on that . Yes, me and Felix Potvin are both cats.

Unknown said...

@Button, I'm happy with you being honest. But my constructive criticism to the artists was in the post. I said that I hate the cape like back and double colors on the jersey. Take that away, and these jerseys can be something that I like. The reason for me writing is to give it to them in the post, which I did. And on some concepts its hard to even give constructive criticism because I wouldn't even know what to do with the jersey to make it better. I do my best to give them the best help, but that's just only my opinion, out of many people that come to this site.

Unknown said...

I'm still waiting for Mr. Haslett's apology after he wrongly attacked me on this blog using a comment left by " Button " AKA Mike.

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