Tuesday: Awaiting the Release

     Recently us writers got the results for the poll you guys took on us writers. Giving us rating and what not. The thing I loved the most was the little responses some of you gave. One thing that is going into effect today will be better grading. Now, it may seem a little harsh, but let's just say. My old 9's, and 8's might be a little lower. But the person was right, it seemed too many concepts were in the same range of 7.5 and 8, but seemed significantly better or worse. So it starts today. So sorry to any artist who hates harsher people, but I hope to still give feedback on how I would make it better to help on point of views.

     I mean, I think it's cool that teams do the small picture teasers for their jerseys. Carolinas was alright, San Jose's was perfect, Minnesota's was a nice week. But Buffalo, come on. I know I should support my team, but this feels like years. At this point, I think you lost people that are following this. I lost interest a couple weeks ago when you uploaded the same portion of the jersey like three weeks in a row. Let's get the show on the road Buffalo, it's just a jersey. You have more to worry about than the jersey. NOW ONTO THE JERSEYS!

BUT FIRST! PLEASE vote!!! We have a lot of concepts for COTW, so we need a lot of votes!:

COTW Aug 26-Sept 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Anaheim Ducks entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Anaheim Ducks Unused Colors Competition Entries:


LA, Anaheim Stadium Series Concepts - (Danny R.)
These are both concepts you see a lot with both teams. Anaheim with the same jersey pattern, but with the Mighty logo and colors. And LA, with the purple, and gold (With added white striping) with the new numbers. Both by the way I think would be really cool to see, although I think Anaheim should just go full out and do a throwback without the pattern they use now. I'm not sure why it stops part way through, but I think it should continue on. With LA, it's a nice fauxback. Two things I would change is the numbers inside the arms, and the color of the NOB. I think it should fit the striping and be white base with a gold trim. Then same for the arms and moved up out of the striping pattern, I think that would look better. Anaheim Concept Rating [7.5/10]  LA Concept Rating [7/10] Overall Rating [7.25/10]

Chicago, Pittsburgh Stadium Series Concepts - (Danny R.)
Again, we see some fauxbacks. Chicago's (I think) is a throwback changed to Edge. While Pittsburgh's is a fauxback mixed with eras. I like the Blackhawks, I think I can skip that since I can just grade the jersey. For Pittsburgh, it's hard to say because I'm not a fan of the script. That's just me though. So maybe someone else could leave their response in the comments. The striping is nice. I like that. I'm thinking though. If you continue the blue down the hem to the end of the jersey, I think it would make the jersey look even nicer. Seeing as though the arm striping goes all the way up the arm. Chicago Concept Rating [7/10] Pittsburgh Concept Rating [7.5/10] Overall Rating [7.25/10]

Ligon Middle School Concept (His School) - (Coby S.)
If I might add, I think this is fantastic execution, and Coby is making great progress on his concepts. Moving onto the concept. For a middle school, this is a good look. If any of you saw my middle school hockey teams jerseys. YUCK. Thanks to San Jose I have had a little likeliness to the no hem design. Especially on white, it looks sharp. The striping looks good, and with the one color shoulder yokes and numbers I think it all fits pretty well. I don't know if theres an actual team, but if there is I would like to see their actual jerseys. Concept Rating [7.2/10]

St. Louis Blues Concept - (Brent P.)
Hmmmm...just right off the bat, sorry Brent I don't think I can like this one. Although it has a lot of potential. I like the unique arm design. If you could carry that over to the hem, or at the neckline like their current jerseys that could look really nice. Or incorporating it to the piping on the yokes and side panel. Because right now, the gold piping just kind of looks like it's there, and it seems pointless. But adding a cool white could add a lot to it! One thing I would recommend for future concepts is to put TV numbers on the arms. I mean I can see your idea, but hey, it looks nice. Not my cup of tea as it stands, but has a lot of potential! I like the uniqueness, keep it up! concept Rating [5.9/10]

Ottawa Senators Concepts - (Ian V.)
These are concepts similar to ones I was putting together the other day. I think the striping looks good. On the arms with the gold design I would keep it going all the way down instead of stopping. Loos weird to me. I guess my real only complaint with the home and away is the logo. I've never been a fan, but that's a small thing to downgrade about. For the alternate. It looks really sharp. Keeping the striping on black looks nice, and the white outline on the logo for some reason...looks awesome. One think I think looks weird is the TV number colors. And exactly like the concept yesterday by Jets...I wouldn't know how to fix it. Maybe in between the stripes? Concept Rating [7.9/10]

Chicago, Pittsburgh Stadium Series Concepts - (Steve M.)
Again, we have the Chicago Stadium Series Concept. And again, both JERSEYS, would be cool to see. You'll see why I capitalized jerseys. With Pittsburgh I like everything. Everything besides the yoke. It seems weird when you connect the arms with the yoke with the same color. It looks...not right for some reason. Again, my opinion though. So take the yoke and make it white, and I think that's an awesome jersey. For Chicago. Everything looks real good except I never like to see that logo as a crest. In some cases it could work. But I think using one of their old primaries, or even their current could make this look better. But as I said, everything else looks really nice. Pittsburgh Concept Rating [8.2/10] Chicago Concept Rating [7.7/10] Overall [7.9/10]

Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins Alternate Concept - (Jake88)
Jake gives us, in my opinion a very unique design for Wilkes-Barre. I get the Penguins design. And I'm not going to lie. At first glance this looked really truly ugly. After looking at it longer I started to like it. I wouldn't want to see it as a full time jersey, but alternate once or twice...maybe. I think the ...wheat gold and white actually go pretty good together. I wouldn't know how to fix this to make it something I really like because, it would be stripping apart the whole jersey. I have to say, if you're going for this design. It's good as is. Concept Rating [8.1/10]

Ontario Reign Concept - (Jake88)
 This is a cool desing. I know it's sort of a paint bucket fill with the Thrashers old Alt. But those colors make it look super sharp. Honestly, I wouldn't touch the home and road. those look nice. The alternate is something that could use work. Gradients? Can work, but in my opinion, it's extremely hard to make gradient on a jersey look good, and I think it doesn't work here. I'm not going to lie, I think it's hard to work with this color scheme and make an orange jersey look GREAT! I've tried it many times with the Islanders and I can't seem to find a good fit. Even changing the arm striping to the hems I think would look nice, but not something I like. Concept Rating [8.5/10]

LA, Anaheim Stadium Series Concepts - (Steve M.)
Similar with the LA design from before Steve make a direct throwback with the current numbers, and a recolored crown. It looks nice. I'm not sure how the no name would fly. I think Vancouver did it kind of recently, but I don't know. Anaheim's is a direct throwback too I think from their home alternate. I was never a huge fan of these jerseys, but they're not terrible. LA Concept Rating [7/10] Anaheim Concept Rating [7/10] Overall [7/10]

Anaheim Ducks Concept - (Taylor R.)
These are different than any Ducks jerseys they've ever wore. Is it a good thing? I don't know. One thing for sure I know, is that on the white, I would switch the black and the orange. Seems black is the primary color, so most likely the team would want that showing more. The striping again is different for the Ducks, but to me, I think it could be better. Striping like that could work for other team, but I don't think so for the Ducks. Concept Rating [6.6/10]

VKB-HV7 Elitserien Concept - (??)
I don't know who this was by. There was no name on the file sent in. So, sorry who ever this was. Hopefully Ryan can edit in who it is. Anyway. Is that Blue in the logo? I feel like that should be used in the design. I don't know if there is a reason behind that. Anyway. The striping on the arms looks really good. Although I can't say the same about the hem. I get that they are from different times, but together, I don't think it could work. Maybe thicker striping for the hem could make it work really well though. And as said before, Tv numbers could really help. Concept Rating [6.9/10]

That's it for today. I think you can see the more harsh critiquing, but I'm giving the true honest opinion now. Great Concepts will deserve Great rating. While, decent concepts will deserve okay ratings. So, leave your comments about this new system I'm using..is it too harsh? Maybe you guys could leave better ones in the comments below! Peace out suckas!!!

Tuesday: Awaiting the Release Reviewed by Unknown on September 03, 2013 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

Jake88's Reign concept for COTW

Tom V. said...

Don't worry about being too harsh, I thought everything you rated was a fair judgement. In the end, It's all up to the reader in how they take the criticism. Everyone at HJC has been saying it all along.... the magic word... opinion. Everyone has one, and it's part of what makes this place so great. You're doing a great job Dylan, loved the post.

Coby S. said...

I agree with Tom in the fullest! You're doing amazing! I mean, this is a complete example of fair! And I know fair because the kids in my grade at my school aren't so great job Dylan! Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

second the reign nomination!

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