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Anaheim Ducks entries (as of 11:59pm Eastern Wednesday night)

Adam H.
Danny R.
Jayson T.


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COTW Aug 26-Sept 1 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
 Anaheim Ducks entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)


Ben Schultz profile card

Quebec Nordiques (Ben S.)
We just met Ben above now lets take a look at one of his concepts. Execution is decent. I would say the biggest issue is the fleur de lis shoulder patches aren't centred on the shoulder. They should be evenly distributed between the front and back of the jerseys. Overall, I like the direction, but currently it looks like as many different Nordiques marks were placed on here as possible. I'd go with one shoulder logo on both sides and I'd make the number font something similar to the font used in the primary logo. Just to keep a single theme.

Hawthorne Force (Antonio C.)
This was chosen as the winner of the Hawthorne PD Youth Jersey Competition! As a pro jersey, the light blue side panels would kill this for me. As a jersey for an under privileged youth team, these jerseys would be awesome! Cool numbers, unique design, and a professional layout all work for this concept. Imagine being 7 or 8 years old and walking into the dressing room on day one to see these hanging up. Very cool.

Ottawa Senators (Justin S.)
Justin takes inspiration from Steven G's "de-Edge" series. An execution note; inside the collar on the black jersey should appear black not white. After all, it is a black jersey. Now, I like the classic striping and I also like how it doesn't change from the black jersey to the white one. The single colour block style numbers are also very classic. Classic stripes and classic numbers, but then a very modern logo. The modern logo just looks pasted on there. It just doesn't seem to fit with the overall look of the jersey. The classic "O" logo or the side profile Senator might be better.

Chicago Blackhawks (Stephen T.)
On the red jersey Stephen has made it more symmetrical and changed the collar to just a solid black with laces. Same treatment is given to the collar on the white jersey. What REALLY brings this jersey down are all of the execution errors. On the red jersey the black in the logo is a different shade than the stripes.A completely different shade of red is used on the glove compared to the two jerseys. On the white jersey, there are two shades of black used all over. The "true black" is used in the logo, the right cuff, one stripe on the back right arm, and the Reebok logo. The more "ash black" is used everywhere else. Then the biggest issue is the back right arm which has been coloured black for some reason and covers up the TV number. This is a perfect example of why you ALWAYS check your concepts before you send them in to make sure you are sending the final version. The rating would be much higher if these execution errors were taken care of.

Broome County Blades (Jeff C.)
This team is from the movie Slap Shot. You can see their jerseys from the film here. Jeff has modernized them and Edge-ified them. As something different from their simple 70's striping, I like the curved stripes he has given them. The execution gets in the way though as the vertical stitching should end at the striping or not be there. I think the font choice works for the numbers and NOB, but I would make it white with a double outline. I think it would look cleaner and pop a bit more.

Charlestown Chiefs (Jeff C.)
Here is the main team from Slap Shot. Here is the Chiefs' blue (most famous) sweater from the movie. The striping on this concept stays classic, but also would be something new for the team. Similar to the way the Minnesota Wild design their jerseys. What I don't like is the yoke outline and the font choice. To me the letters and numbers look like they should be on a varsity jacket, not a hockey jersey. You can check out the bottom of the TEMPLATES page as there are a couple of font options there that may help. Finally, hem stripes on the front of the jersey have been shifted out of the template lines and the shoulder patches are not centred, just like a previous concept.

Oregon State Beavers (Steve M.)
The Beavers don't have a hockey program so Steve gives them one. The striping and arrangement of the jersey are classic and time tested. The element that is unique is the numbers which appear to be taken from the school's football unis. The alternate orange jersey and its abundance of orange, appear to also be inspired by the football jerseys. Having said that, I feel like the orange hockey jersey could use some white trim, just like the football jerseys, to give them some life.

Minnesota Wild (Tom)
With all the attention given to the Wild's road sweater last week, Tom takes the time to include them in his 3rd jersey ReDesign Series today. Tom's execution is always off the charts and this one is no exception. I love that the grommets for the collar laces are green and I love the wool texture effect Tom has given to the collar! That's where my love for this design stops. The multitude of stripes takes me for a ride and I don't understand why. The wheat colour wants to be a prominent colour so bad, but to me it just needs to be relegated to a trim. Perhaps if the red and green switched places on the stripes I may like this more. Extremely high rating for execution and creativity, but I do have to bring it down because it's not for my personal tastes.

Worcester Sharks (Kyle N.)
Very good execution all around here except for the TV numbers saying the player is #23 and the back says he's #32. I like the design of the home and road because it gives a chance for the many colours of the Sharks to be used. The arrangement of the two trim stripes on the grey jersey works, but I feel like they should switch for the teal jersey. Based on the NHL's Sharks uniform history, I love this alternate for the AHL version. Based on the home and road of this set it's a good alternate.


What do you guys think of today's concepts? Were my comments fair? Were they accurate? Find the jersey you like the least and tell us why. Find the jersey you like the most and tell us why.
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Anonymous said...

Any news about warrior comp results???

Ryan said...

Nope. I've given up.

Montana Wright said...

Toms wild concept for COTW

Timmy Q. said...

I second toms wild 4 COTW

Josh said...

Second Tom's Wild concept. That looks awesome.

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