Monday: Oh Trashers!

Hello Interwebs. it's Monday, and the HJC concept week has begun once again!

Here are your voting reminders for the week:
USSR Comp To 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW Sept 16-22 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

I did get NHL 14 last Monday, and all thought I haven't played much, it is a very enjoyable game. I would recommend 94 Anniversary mode to anyone who has ever played an NHL game on a Genesis but wants modern players. I will post my collection Of NHL games later tonight, it is rather large.

We are looking for a new Saturday writer on HJC, are you interested in becoming part of the writing team. If so, please apply and read the rules, love to have you aboard!

On to today's nine concepts


Team Canada Concepts (By: ADR22)

While I do kind of like the minimalist approach of what could be the leaked team Canada jerseys, and the black idea brings me back to 2002, and playing NHL 2003, I like this idea for sure. The home and away looks rather good, and the slit like arm stripes to match the old late 80's logo looks great. The alternate looks good, by the reds should match, and I'd add some white to this concept so brighten it up and match the logo. (7/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Brent P.)

 Brent brings us a mix of Ducks eras, and two non-matching jerseys. I understand they are the same template, but the piping and pit stains make it different, not to say that's the problem. I love the white jersey, and aside from the inside of the yoke not being the correct colour, I like it. The black jersey looks more like and alternate than a home jersey, it doesn't match up, but it still would be an okay alternate. I'd base the set around the white jersey, and play around with a black alternate. (6.5/10)

Trenton Thunder Concept (By: Devin S.)

I'll admit, I'm a sucker for zig zag striping, but the execution needs work. This is deffinitly a minor league baseball team logo set, but it works for hockey. The striping looks okay, but the light blue should be used in between the lightning bolts. The yoke script I actually like, but there should be tv numbers, a nameplate, a blue helmet, and I'd work in the light blue somewhere on the jersey. (5.5/10)

Locomotiv Yaroslavl Concepts (By: Jake88)

Our master of Euro teams continues with his great concepts with this great concept for Yaroslavl Locomotiv. I love the striping, it really could work for any team, but it sort of looks like a station panorama window over the train pulling it. The jersey is perfect, but the white jersey could use more red in the striping, and not just keeping the cuffs and hem red, but it looks good other wise. (8.5/10)

Atlanta Thrashers Concepts (By: Justin S.)

First off, great player on the back, best goalie in the NHL. I actually love this jersey and this all navy version looks great, the Thrashers should have gone with this in their edge years. Not much else to say, but I would add the overhead thrasher logo on the shoulders, and the change the tags. (7.5/10)

Another Atlanta edit, this time, Justin makes the Atlanta home symmetrical. I love this idea, the whole jersey looks good, and makes good use of the side panels, though I do like the arm script, and I wish that could have been worked in some how, the tags should be fixed here as well. (8/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Matt R.)

Why do I love swoop striping so much, it looks so classy, and in a nice and bold colour scheme like this, it looks great. The logo combination is great, using the current primary as a shoulder patch and the big, bold, black and grey crown as a primary, where it belongs. bother jerseys look great, I love everything about it. (9/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept (By: Matt R.)

I love this logo, and blending it into the logo is so 90's it's screaming 95. I like the yoke that looks like the gradient of the alternate, and the non matching arms look good, even without the gradient. I would some what distinguish the logo from the stripes, so as to not make the Robo-pen look so squared off. I would also try gradient to see how it looks. This would be an excellent Stadium Series Concept. (9/10)

Team Canada Concepts (By: Shaun F.)

Another traditional Canada concept,  this one, using a very flag like leafs. I love the idea, but it looks a little boring for an entire set. I think the white jersey could be a very good alternate, but I still think it's very well executed and the attempt to create a new logo looks good. (8/10)
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Phil B. said...

I think Justin's Navy Thrashers concept could use some of that "Georgia Bronze"/Red.

Tederifico said...

Matt R's LA Kings for COTW!

Jake88 said...

Matt R.'s LA Kings jersey is really good, almost perfect. The only thing I would change is the collar, make that a normal Reebok collar. Still deserves a CotW nomination from me!

Anonymous said...

I'll third Matt's Kings' concept for CotW. One comment though, I wonder how the Ducks would react to this if it were ever to be used in reality, seeing as the arm stripes are the same and the hem is the Ducks' hem cut in half and flipped. But this looks awesome

Hockey concept Ideas said...

I forth the kings COTW nom!!!

TG said...

I guess I'm the fifth to say this, but Matt's Kings jerseys deserves a COTW Nomination. One of the best concepts I've seen in a while, and it would be an improvement from what they have now.

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