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I won't talk about the new Buffalo Sabres alternates...I have nothing to say... I mean...what can I say...It's worse than the flying V, it's worse than the Buff-a-Slug, it's in the top 5 of worst ever!

Lets jump right into the concepts, there are a ton!

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Ben S.)

This idea is what most of us expected the Wild jerseys would be, and what the Iowa Wild currently wear. I don't like the idea of the script being home and road without the awesome bear head logo, but at least it doesn't have wheat on it. What really drags this concept down is the lack of numbers. If you include the back on the jersey, please include numbers, it looks lazy without it. (5/10)
Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: Brady S.)

I know HJC Admin Ryan would love these, but as a staunch believer in the current Leafs' jerseys... These are pretty frigin' awesome. The yoke really adds to it, I'm not sure why, but it does. The 70's jerseys looked great with them, so I think they could work now. The execution is great as we'd expect from Brady, but the Logo is a smidgin too big. Also, a shoulder patch of some sort would liven things up even more. (8/10)

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: Brent P.)

I still can't believe Alfredsson is a Win, but Still, being an owner of the new Winter Classic jersey, I think some improvements are to be made. The new number style is pretty lateral, but still look good, and the bigger yoke stripes look great imo. I'm not sure about the icicles on the script, the striping seems too uneven, and the inside of the collar should be red. (6.5/10)

New York Vs. New York Stadium Series Concept (By: Caden P.)

I'm really anticipating the Islanders jerseys for this series, but I really don't think this is the right direction to go. the logo is actually kind of cool, but it seems like a boring version of the original Islanders' edge jerseys. The font should be more exciting, or at least not Paint text. The Rangers jersey is a little better, and, aside from the font, I'd only change the side panels to white. (4/10)

New York Vs. New Jersey Stadium Series Concept (By: Caden P.)

I already stated my thoughts on the Rangers jerseys, and are a simple fix, and the Devils jersey has the same problem. The green side panels don't look too good, and the  font is again just a  paint text font, but that's another easy fix. i'd also add the TV numbers on the arms instead of the yoke. I only rated these concepts low based on execution, and with more practice, these could be good. Check out the tutorials section for great tips, but again, ratings only based on execution, and with practice you'll move up to a 6, 7, 8, or even 9 within weeks or months. (4.5/10)

New York Vs. New York Stadium Series Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

I'll critique these jerseys together as they are intended to be stadiums series jerseys. I like the idea of having black on an Islanders jerseys, I do really like the black Islanders alternate...That may discredit everything I've said so far today or ever, but I digress. The execution is great, but I don't like the look of the ends of the yoke, it looks kind of weird but maybe that's just the template. The Rangers jersey I like a little more, as it takes the good modern elements it can, but keeps things classy. The navy looks great with the dulled red and white, and I love the script! (9/10 NYR, 8/10 NYI)

Detroit Red Wings Concept (By: Ian V.)

This idea was thrown around a lot before the jerseys were unveiled, but it looked great in 2009, and the D would look good now. The striping is great, but the hem strip seems a little too think. The execution is good, but the shoulder patches are very pixelated, definitely should be shrunk in Word, instead of in Paint. (7/10)

Edmonton Oilers Concept (By: Kalin S.)

Most people like this old Edmonton Oilers alternate, and certainly would be used now, but just recoloured. The striping is nothing special, but it still looks great. The darkened orange is great, and I really like the blue yoke. I would add a shoulder patch of the Oilers current logo, but everything looks great. (8/10)

Toronto Marlies Concepts (By: Kyle N.)

If the Marlies want to look more unique, they should do something like this. I love the square yokes, it looks much larger  than normal, but I love Kyle includes the shoulder patches and numbers in it. The NHL logo shouldn't be in the collar, and the AHL tags are definitely missing on the back hem. (7.5/10)

Utica Comets Concepts (By: Kyle N.)

I love they colour change made to the look for sure! The colour scheme is nostalgic for me, but the increased amount of maroon and lack of baby blue works to make this concept more unique. The stick in rink on the arm looks good, as do the new yoke styles. I'm not sure having minimal white on the blue jersey looks too good, but even just making all the numbers white would help. The problems with the tags continue over from the Marlies concept. (7.5/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen removes everything bad from the current Sabres jerseys, and adds come classic ideas from the 70's. The blue jersey looks great, which is simple a navy version of their original jerseys, and the new socks look great. The white jersey has increased blue, and the new socks again look good. The repeat shoulder patch should be changed to a different logo though. (7/10)

Phoenix Coyotes Concepts (By: Steven G.)

Steven continues his amazing De-Edge series with this Yotes concept. White has been completely removed from the look, even on the logos, which doesn't look forced and works quite well. The desert motif striping looks great in monochrome, but adding black to in in some way would match the logos better, but looks fine without it. No problems with this concept, but I have a soft spot for the Yotes current numbers. (9/10)

Nashville Predators Concept (By: Tom V.)

I'm not sure how to feel about this one, again, Tom's execution is amazing, but I'm not a fan of the skull motif. The striping looks surprisingly good, and could work with a recoloured normal Preds logo, but this current logo isn't appealing, and the hem striping should be thicker. I like when artists attempt something outside the box, but I'm not a fan. (8/10)

Did you like today's post? Are you going to bash my liking of the Islanders 3rd jersey? Remember to vote for the Ducks contest, COTY August AND COTW as the artists really appreciate your votes, as well as your comments. Have a great Monday everyone!
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Coby said...

My friend Nick and I both agree that while it is a good jersey, the Islanders alternate needs a new logo on it. I am glad someone else agrees!

Ryan said...

Tom's Preds concept for COTW!!! Even if the ends of the bones look like testicles.

T said...

I too consider the Isles third among the leagues best. It's just something that I seemed to like despite everything it came out of.
Kyle's Utica for COTW, like the colours on that.

Anonymous said...

I think Kyle's Utica Comets concept would work well if Utica became the Rangers' affiliate.

Phil B. said...

A few notes:

Isles 3rd would be much better with a logo and no grey, as well as a black helmet. I'm working on that idea myself and will send in shortly.

Sabres concept uses the primary logo on the shoulder patches as well in reference to the original Sabres jerseys which had them, so I like that and disagree with Jets96.

Michael G said...

Im kinda curious on how everyone puts their concepts together. I use a very cut and paste method using Microsoft Word and Paint. What does everyone else do? I love my way and just would like to know how people put together theirs.

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