Monday: Florida & Ottawa Overload

The Jets are roaring their engines for the new season coming up, and with new rivals...including the Blackhawks, Wild and Blues, we are in for a strong rivalry. Hopefully we can, someday, beat the Hawks and I can brag about it, but we are in a very strong division, and it will be a possibly difficult season to watch.

Here are your voting reminders for the week:

COTW Sept 9-15 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Soviet Union entries (due by Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

I'm picking up NHL 14 tonight, I'd like to hear what you guys think of the game. Is it good? Is 94 mode worth it (personally, though I'm only 17, I love NHL Hockey (or NHL92).

These are the Soviet Union Concepts that have come in to far:

Stephen T.)

Scott M.)

Jayson T.)

Taylor R.)

Caleb F.)

Will B.) (New Thursday Writer!!)

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Here is a layer to add to the Drag & Drop Template. It's the new Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey stitching.

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My personal blog had changed from Hockey concepts, news and more, to Jets96 Concepts, so it's been reworked a bit, just where I'll post personal work, don't want to advertise or anything, but come and check it out, here!

On to the concepts!!!

Kalamazoo Eagles Concepts (By: Alex J.)

High school concepts are always interesting, though you don't have to put names on the back and simpler is better, it can be challenging to create a good concept, Alex has done this. the home and road compliment each other rather well, though I would like to see more yellow on the home jersey to match the away better. The alternate looks great, very 70's Bruins esque, but the striping is unique. (7.5/10)

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Bastian S.)

I love the idea of a brighter Panthers look, as I'm sure everyone is aware of, and though this isn't as bright as some other concepts, I still like it. The red jersey looks great, the angled are stripes, the brighter yellow and a more dominant red. The white jersey is also quite good, the colours are balanced well, though the Panther looks odd for some reason, though that doesn't bring the rating down. (8.5/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Bastian S.)

This team that could possibly get a new look, though I love their current jerseys, the Sens should go this route. I love the duller gold, white actually resembles beige now, but looks good on the logo. The striping is classic, as is the new shoulder patch. The numbers look great, I really love that style, with the square stubs, it's awesome. I would add more black on the red jersey, and more red on the white jersey, but that's minor. (9/10)

Anaheim Ducks Concepts (By: Coby S.)

This was Coby's entry to the Ducks contest, and wow, this is an odd idea. I like the idea, but the execution is a little off, especially on the orange jersey. The lack of white is really blurring the greenish gray & the green, and the white on the logo, it isn't balanced at all. The white jersey looks a little better, but the yoke looks Wal-Mart $20 jersey ish. I like the idea, and the new logo, but the colours need to be re-ordered. (4/10)

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Jeff C.)

Here's another great Panthers jersey, this one, making use of the old alternate logo. The brighter colours are a major plus for sure, and I really love this striping patter. I love the recolored logo, and this would be a great alternate to Bastian's set. The 20th anniversary logo is good...but should be on the front of the jersey, and not on the shoulders, the FLA sun logo or palm tree logo would be best suited. (8/10)

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Jordan D.)

Hmm... I'm really unsure about this concept, I know it's good for sure, don't worry, but I'm tied on the blue. I think I love it, for a team about killer fish, water's colour is a great idea, but I'm not sure I'd take it over teal. The striping reminds me of the Black hawks, but the Sharks old edge jerseys and original jerseys had that look. I'd love to see the dark gray included, I love that shade, I call it HJC gray, and it'd be amazing to see that colour. (8/10)

Ottawa Senators Concept (By: Matt Mc.)

I love this idea...again, the Sens should experiment with the old alternate. The pants like striping is a great idea, and it's something not seen in the NHL yet, and the white laurel looks better than it would sublimated. I like the vintage shoulder patch and the side profile logo is great. I can't complain at all, amazing concept! (10/10) COTW Nom. from me!!!

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Nevill C.)

In the trail of the new Wild jersey, and Nevill matches the new jerseys and uses the vintage white we in the concept world associate with the Wild. I love the home and road matching, and a red alternate. Thankfully, Nevill used the bear head logo on the home and road, and used the circle logo on the shoulder, and the red jersey uses the cool script. Everything looks good, but I'd like to see some more red on the home and road. (8.5/10)

New York Rangers Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

This was another concept I was conflicted on when it first came in..but it has really grown on me for sure. The Blue jersey is very similar to what they wear now in their awesome alternate, but since I like that jersey a lot, I'm curious about that white jersey. The red and blue should be swapped but I still like the idea. (7/10)

Los Angeles Kings Concepts (By: Jets96)

I love the old Kings look, and by combining the 80's, 90's and 60's looks, the Kings could use something like this. The white jersey has never been done before, especially in this era.

Did you like today's concepts? What was your favourite? If your a Blackhawks fan, Blues fan or Wild Fan, are you still my friend with the new Divisions? Remember to vote, and enter the Soviet contest before the respective deadlines. Have a great Monday everybody!!! Go Jets Go!
Monday: Florida & Ottawa Overload Reviewed by winnipegjets96 on September 16, 2013 Rating: 5


DBro Alexander said...

Jets... Lemme tell ya something... NHL 14 is the Cat's Pajamas...

NHL94 mode is fun, but it's really only there as like, a party game. Fun to play against people every once and a while but the real fun is in the other modes.

EASHL is great, you get a few friends together and you play together as a team in your own club and play in seasons and stuff. I play that the most.

Hockey Ultimate Team is also loads of fun and they've made some improvements this year. If you play Hockey Ultimate Team and have an xbox look me up, I'm "Raunchy Dr DBro" and my team name is "Hot Dads"

Lastly, "Live the Life" mode is something I've been having fun with. It's just the regular Be a Pro mode with some added features including off ice interviews and situations that you deal with to improve you "likeability".

Overall, really good game. NHL series gets better every year

Jake88 said...

Jets your LA Kings concept would look great if you...

1. Added an Oilers collar
2. Added a squared off shoulder yoke (keeping the outline)
3. Get rid of the colored name bar (3rd)
4. And even though the Kings wore them, GET RID OF THE YELLOW PANTS!

If you did that your concept would be amazing and a definite CotW winner (I am not nominating the concept).

Unknown said...

I agree with jake, but I will Nominate the Kings Jersys for COTW!

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks Caleb, Jake, I love your suggestions, and I'm glad you suggested the square yokes, they look better and the Oilers collar compliments it rather well. The coloured name bar, I like it but I can see why it's not for everyone, and the yellow pants were an idea. Dylan, I agree great game for sure, 94 mode is the reason I bought it, I didn't get 13 because 12 was kind of lackluster, same with 11, but the new fighting engine is amazing, and I'm on PS3 and WiiU, but not Xbox, sorry 360 fans

DBro Alexander said...

Also, Bastian's Sens concept for COTW

Brian said...

2nd Bastien's Sens

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