Friday: Predominantly Primary Palette

As I hinted at last week, there may have been a Sabres alternate template in the works. Low and behold, it was indeed released on Monday. I can't believe we're really that much closer to hockey already, I'm really excited! On top of that, do those Stars jerseys pop or what?! As I always say, the jerseys look better on the ice than when they're drawn up - most of the time. No matter, there's a lot of bouncing around to do, so let's get to it.


Only two reminders today, follow them promptly if applicable.

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Just 3 CCCP entries for today, as found below:


Mike S.



Stadium Series - LA (Justin S.)

I have nothing to say about the Kings jersey as it is fairly realistic to a retro jersey (I never liked this stylized crown, but that doesn't matter). My Ducks, however catch my attention much more. This appears to me to be a white version of those black alternates the read "Mighty Ducks of Anaheim" on the front. Now as much as I like those and good execution here, The crest logo needs to go and be replaced with either said crest or the Wild Wing logo. A cool day in LA, 7 out of 10.

St. John's Ice Caps (Kyle)

The Mile One Centre has a significant meaning in my life as both my team and league office are based there in my fictional roller hockey league. And speaking of significance, they will host this season's AHL all star Game (I found out before the announcement - a perk of being in class with Dave Andrews). Okay, these are very resemblant of Winnipeg but still slightly pulling away from that identity. I like the addition of the new hem stripe, a rare occasion that I'm okay. The alternate on the other hand, I can't say the same I'm alright with the 'Canes new yoke and the lighter blue, but that's all. We hit the iceberg but are not gonna sink, 7.5 out of 10.

Wheeling Nailers (Mike S.)

Well this logo is much better than the original. I'm not fully on board, but I'll favor it mightily over the goalie mask and rail spikes. And the striping! The tan on the lower sleeves and lower hem makes it stand out much more than if it were just white. I'd like to see some stripes on the pants, but it's alright. This is one of the better ones in the series, but it's the last one I get to review in the ECHL series Mike's done a fantastic job preparing. If you won't be around tomorrow, be sure to congratulate Mike on his completion of this very lengthy series! An 8.5 out of 10.

Colorado Avalanche (Jack)

Powder over royal or navy . . . I can see this. I don't like it as much but I far from hate it. However, I would just keep the word-mark on the road white. Are the TV numbers looking small or is it just me. This one is very difficult to find much to talk about. Timberrrrr - a 7 out of 10.

Boston Bruins (Matt R.)

This look I think would be better suitable for the Hershey Bears than the Bruins The striping (except maybe on the pants) and hem in particular are gorgeous as is the alternate logo. The "Grimace bear" I could live without, but I suppose it could've turned out much worse. The numbers on the road white aren't bad, but a dark number and double outline could also work. The Bruins are almost out of hibernation and recharged, an 8 out of 10.

Canada (Kyle)

This is quite peculiar. I like it and I don't at the same time (better than not having any opinion I suppose). Mesh uniform is good, chest presentation alright, numbers a teeny bit large, colored lower hem is just bizarre, socks - not my cup of tea, I'm afraid. Seeing that the shoulder patch logo is just that, I'm fine but I never will be a fan of it. Back to the socks, problem is that they can't be altered to accommodate the jersey based on its design. This might be one time where matching striping doesn't apply with me. The Canadian flag will fly at half mast today to commemorate their jerseys of the past , a 6.5 out of 10.

Canada (Adam)

Asymmetry - can you say Atlanta Thrashers? Doesn't work for me here. This whole thing just seems like a step backwards for them. TV numbers seem small as well in this one. The yoke on the white, well . . . I only half-like it. That is, the back half looks great but not the front half. I think if we removed "Canada" from it's current position and place it elsewhere it could be a viable inclusion to the concept. All in all, a 6 out of 10.

Toronto Maple Leafs (Matt R.)

Double blue for the Leafs, another on the fence decision from me. First, ditch the outline on the logo and numbers. The striping is alright, but it looks a little better on the road white than on the colored uniform. If they could utilize a similar scheme to that of the Argo down the way at the Rogers Centre, I think the leafs could pull it off, but I also feel that it would offend a lot of the fans. No riots at the "Church on Carlton" yet, but a  7 out of 10.

Chicago Blackhawks (Jack)

Well, changing a more recognizable logo isn't doing this submission a favor. Going black instead of red for a sweater isn't bad though. Howabout this semi-radical idea. Red numbers for both with a double outline jersey color on the inside then the white or black (respectively) on the outside. Striping is fabulous with the exception of the extension on the sacks and lack of on the pants. A 7.5 out of 10.

Springfield Falcons (Kyle)

This takes the cake to start the weekend. Drop the word-mark from the crest logo on the red and match the striping on the hem to that of the sleeves on the alternate. Also, please figure out a way to make the TV numbers stand out better. I wish they'd use their red alternate as a primary and demote the navy to alternate and create a home white of the red. But for the sake of this concept, it suits me almost just fine. An 8 out of 10.

Next week is my last pre-season post, so keep your eyes peeled for who gets the hardware and the pre-season poll in the comments section. You'll of course be more than welcome to do so.

Friday: Predominantly Primary Palette Reviewed by Richard Mazella on September 20, 2013 Rating: 5


Dylan W. said...

Those two canadian concepts are pretty close to what the leak is for their jerseys. It seemed like when you commented on them you didn't know..so just a heads up Ricky! haha you might be disappointed.

Richard Mazella said...

I thought they were already out . . . but I'm not a fan of the switch jersey designs every Olympics thing

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