Tuesday: College Post

First day writing a post for HJC at college. I started classes yesterday, and I have a lot of free time in the morning before my first class, so it's a perfect time to critique jerseys. Or do homework..........nah, jerseys sound more fun.

COTW Aug 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Iowa Wild concept - (Andrew G.)
Andrew makes somewhat minor changes to the home jersey for the Iowa Wild, but makes some decent changes to the away. I'm not sure if I like the antique white as a whole for a jersey, I really do think the plain white makes those jerseys look a lot better. But this is a thing I see a lot, and I have done myself. See I like putting the red stripe in the middle for the green jersey, because you can point it out. On the white jersey though it seems like it's fighting the green stripes for attention and it's hard to see it. Although I wouldn't know how to fix it. Maybe make the gap a little bigger so you have some white in between it. Everything else I like. Concept Rating [8/10]

Team Germany Concept - (Stephen T.)
See, I still don't know how I feel about the vertical striping right after the yoke. Especially on the white jersey. On the black jersey I can like it more because it looks like just striping, but on the white jersey I think after the yoke just turning into the striping looks weird. But that's a NIKE jersey for ya. For the most part I think it's a good jersey. Maybe the crest is a little too big, and doesn't look centered, but that would be my only bash on execution. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Sudbury Wolves Concept - (Phil B.)
I love this color scheme, and it's really hard to mess it up and make a jersey look bad. But Sudbury in my opinion does with their current uniforms. Fortunately Phil doesn't do that here. The alternate logo is definitely my preferred choice of logo for this team, I think that looks sharp. But the white and silver striping pattern I think looks even better. I want to see this jersey without the silver outline on the shoulder/arm stripe I think that could make a nice difference, small, but nice. Anyway, good looking jersey right here. Concept Rating [8.5/10]

Michigan Wolverines Concept - (Matt M.)
NO BLUE!!! Coming from a Buckeyes fan, I'm going to love bashing Matt on this concept. Kidding of course, because it is a good concept. I do like the idea with the shoulder, but I would say keep it to three stripes on each side. It seems like theres too much going on there, and would look better matching the arms. I think the no hem could work here, and I like the stitching inside the logo. Gives it a different feel. Concept Rating [8.5/10] 9 if the shoulder striping was 3.

London Knights Concept - (Kyle N.)
Hmmmmm......Hmmmmmm..... I'm going to be honest. At first glance I hated this. I looked at it for a couple of minutes then ended up loving it. Just to get the negative out of the way. I think the numbers on the away jersey should be white, and I think the alternate's green and gold don't look good together, either a lighter gold, or darker green. Anyway, I think the striping looks fantastic with these colors and how they are used. Everything stands out, and looks nice. I'm not sure how Knight fans would feel about it, but I would like to see the home and road on the ice. Concept Rating [9/10]

Detroit Red Wings Concept - (Jets96)
Jets makes minor changes to the home and road jerseys, as it should be. So I won't talk much about those. The alternate however, is something I've never seen and is really out there in terms of Red Wings jerseys. First glance, I saw the half side panel coloring and hated it. And with the yoke staying white I thought the whole thing looks super weird. then I noticed the 'wing' idea here. (At least I hope this is what you're going for) and I kind of appreciated it more. I applaud Jets to take a stab at something not traditional for the wings. I'm still half and half on the alternate here, but that's just me. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Buffalo Sabres Concept - (Jets96)
No....not the.....slug.......no.......... Hm. I know some of you have the feeling for the slug, but I'm not one of them. So sorry Jets, I'm going to give this a no go. But anyone who likes the slug should review this for Jets since I'm probably not qualified. I'm taking the slug off the jersey and just critiquing the jersey right now. Jersey wise, this is something I wouldn't mind seeing, although I'm in love with the Sabres current jerseys (without the silver, or gray) That being said though, I wouldn't mind seeing a silver alternate thought. I think that could be cool. Pretty original when it comes to the NHL, and I don't think anyone would see it happening. I think I could like it. I think there needs to be more gold in it though. The top half of it seems a little dull. Concept Rating [8/10] 6.5 with the slug, but I think that's unfair. You made me not hate the slug as much with this design Jets, kudos.

Hopefully I wasn't too harsh today, but again, I'm expressing MY opinion. I think that's something we should all keep in mind when reading posts. Not everyone will like what you make. That's the glory of designing though, you can make anything. 

Have a great Tuesday, and to anyone starting school, good luck this year.
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Darren H said...

Phil's Sudbury for COTW

Ryan said...

Matt M's Michigan easily for COTW

Scott Markiewicz said...

I second Matt M's Michigan concept!

Brady Sufat said...

I like what Jets has done with the Sabres except for the logo... But I do feel like it's too close to the Bruins to actually work.

Anonymous said...

I think that the buffaslug would make a goog alternate logo!?!

Phil B. said...

Thank you Darren H! Someone follow his lead and second please lol.

All seriousness, even if nobody seconds it, I'm happy, because to me, even just one nomination shows the progress I have made in jersey design. So thank you Darren and thank you HJC.

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