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     Another Tuesday with me, Dylan W. Pretty amazing that Ryan has ran this site through 1,000 posts. Well, that's what happens when you run a great blog.

     Don't forget to vote! Voting reminders for this week is below!

Warrior Cup Entry phase ends: Friday, August 9, 2013 @ 11:59pm Eastern time
COTY-July vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
COTW July29-Aug 4 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Anyway, enough with typing words. Let's get to the concepts!


Here are the entries for the Warrior Cup contest running right now (As of 3:20)

Entry - Dylan W.

Entry - Danny R.


Anaheim Ducks Concept - (Ryan H. HJC)
This jersey is based on the wild wing jersey.  The look of the wild wing jersey just on stripes and yoke I really liked. Eliminate the actual logo and it's awesome. I think the black jersey with the white shoulder looks really good. I think adding hem stripes similar to the yoke design at the very bottom could make this looking really cool. Or just use the white-orange-white pattern like the top of the arms, and put it at the very bottom of the hem. I think that would make this look really sexy! Concept rating [8.5/10]

Vancouver Canucks concept - (David K.)
This is a different type of Vancouver concept we normally get. I think I'm the only one that likes the Vancouver whale logo, but at the same time I wouldn't be upset to see it go. I like the hem striping making a 'V' like shape, and you keep the 'V' in the arm stripe. I think these look very sharp. Not only that, but it's a different direction than the usual Vancouver jerseys we get. I really like this, Concept rating [8.5/10]

Portland Rosebuds PCHA concept - (William B.)
Different team than we are used to seeing for this. First I'd like to start with the alternate. I think that is one cool design. Executed really well, and I like the script. The home and road is where I get a little iffy feeling from. The away is pretty nice. Little bit like the Bruins, but that can be a good thing. I think the biggest problem is the home jersey. I get that there is a stroke of blue in the logo, but I don't think it should be the dominant color on the jersey. Not only that, but I think somewhere, there needs to be more white in the striping. The dark blue, and dark green get really lost and makes the jersey very hard to distinguish. I would make the jersey red, just because they are the Rosebuds, but that's just my opinion. Concept rating [7.5/10]

Atlanta Thrashers Nike Swift concept - (Stephen T.)
I like the Nike Swift template. I always like the look of a Nike jersey though. I also realize that Nike often does unique designs with jerseys, especially vertical striping. Unfortunately I don't really like the look. The thing that maybe does make this work is that Atlanta always had unique looks. Overall, I think it could fit really nicely. One thing I don't like is the striping on the socks and ..the lack of striping on the pants. I would make the sock striping horizontal, and put similar striping on the pants. This looks is risky, the colored yoke going to vertical striping looks weird in my opinion. If there is a way to make the yoke fit more, and make it flow into the striping. That might make this looks 100 times better. Concept rating [7.5/10]

Washington Capitals concept - (Jeff C.)
Here we have a very patriotic Washington jersey. I really liked the eagle logo back in the day, and making it red, white, and blue is a change I will be all for. I think one problem here is the striping. I like the addition of the stars, but if you're going to do that to the arms, you might as well do the same with the hem. I think the striping is too similar just to make a small change, to the point where it looks weird. You just have one white stripe really think compared to the rest to fit in stars. So that's one change. And just for looks, I think the name and numbers should be white based, I think red would be hard to see on ice. Or give the name a white outline too. You are really headed somewhere with this, I just think it needs some touch ups. Concept rating [7/10]

Los Angeles Kings concept - (Steven G.)
I for one like all the others agree that the EDGE templates are beautiful designs, and this should not be brought back, but for some reason, I still love looking at this template. It gives every jersey a throwback feel for me. Anyways, onto the concept itself. For one I think a gray away jersey would be neat to see. And surprisingly purple, and gray dominantly together look good. This looks like the throwback Kings switched to purple and gray with the word mark at the bottom that I really think was cool to see. The double logo is something that I don't think that I would like. I would say to stick to one logo. Overall though, I wouldn't mind seeing this instead of the black and white they have rocking right now. Concept rating [8/10]

Calgary Flames concept - (Scott D.)
This is a concept I want to love so much, but I don't think I can for one thing. The piping. Get rid of those and this is something I want to see on the ice right now. I like the collar design, I like the striping, and I like the modern numbers with the traditional look. I don't know why, but the piping really kills it for me. Concept rating [8.5/10]

Traktor Chelyabinsk KHL concept - (Jake88)
Aaahhhh Jake, giving me more teams I can't pronounce. This is one jersey design that I think could look so cool, but somethings just irritate me on it. Other than the ads, I think for KHL this is a good look. Not so much for me though. The coloring just looks really confusing to me. It seems like the jersey is every where. I know Jake has some uniqueness in his mind, I've seen it before. So next time with a template design like this. Instead of giving us something similar to what we've seen before with the Senators, switch it up, make some small changes to make it looks slick. Concept rating [7/10] But I really like the effort Jake has shown with the ads.

Donask Donbass KHL concept - (Jake88)
This is some uniqueness. The last concept of the day, and second for Jake is something that is something I've never seen. First, let me just start off with, when the hem is so different like that, I'm okay with the arm stripes being traditional and standard. So I like that. And that he takes a portion of the logo and turns it into the design is pretty cool. I've said it before, sometimes I think it hurts the jersey, but used right and it could look great. I see where it's headed, but I would tone down the mountains a little bit. I feel like its crowding the jersey, and not letting it breathe so to speak. Move the mountains down more and this is a good jersey design. Concept rating [8.5/10]

Another week done, and this post was a little bit more rushed than usual, so sorry if there are any grammatical errors that are obvious, and sorry if I got off track on a critique. Hopefully next week I'll be able to take my time. Have a great Tuesday, and make sure to send in concepts for the contest, and vote!!! I have two concepts in the COTW vote...wink wink........Have a great week everyone!!!

Tuesday: THE Blog Reviewed by Unknown on August 06, 2013 Rating: 5


Unknown said...

I kept the home jerseys blue on the Rosebuds jersey simply because that was the jersey colour they used, so I tried to keep it authentic. But I guess they didn't have the green and red stripes either. Thanks for the review.

I'll nominate Jake88's Donask Donbass concept for COTW. That concept is brilliant.

Anonymous said...

The Stars and Stripes on the Capitals jersey are based off of the Washington DC flag. That was the inspiration behind them.

Jeff C

Unknown said...

Scott D's Flames for COTW. I agree that the piping doesn't add much to this one, but the whole thing is well executed. I'm a sucker for just about any Flames concept that eliminates black. Maybe the red jersey as an alternate?

Unknown said...

Sorry I couldn't respond right away, and most people if not anyone will read this, but I agree the Flames' jersey is a great concept. The piping is what was the break for not nominating it, It's almost like it's screaming my name. I can't unsee it.

@Will, I did not know that obviously, so I am sorry that I didn't have that knowledge ahead of time. Regardless, I understand it might be what they wore, but at the same time the Islanders wore the fishermen jerseys right?

@Jeff, again didn't know that. Maybe another idea would be to change the hem slightly different and exactly matching the arm stripes then.

Tederifico said...

I'm going to respectfully disagree with the piping critique. To me it makes a really good jersey great!

Ryan said...

After another look I have decided to second Jake88's Donbass concept for COTW.

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