Tuesday: An Audible At The Line

Dylan W's computer crapped out during his attempt to write this post and so I will have to fill in quickly today. It's one of those posts where you guys will need to comment on as many concepts as possible. If something is bad, let the artist know why. Would you change something on a concept? Comment on multiple concepts. Even leave a mark out of 10 for every concept.

Dylan A. has started his duties on the HJC Facebook page. Currently he is talking about the recent COTW winner, me. Go join in the conversation and let everyone know why you did or did not vote for that concept.

COTW Aug 5-11 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)
Warrior Competition Top 3 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Here we go...

Quebec Nordiques (Brent P.)

Admiral Vladivostok KHL (Jake88)

Medvescak Zagreb (Jake88)

Calgary Flames (Kyle N.)

New York Yankees (Oscar)

Krefield Penguine DEL (Stephen T.)

Montreal Canadiens de-Edge (Steven G.)

Columbus Blue Jackets (Tom)

Calgary Flames (Tyler G.)

C'mon, we need your comments. The artists REALLY appreciate lots of comments too.
Tuesday: An Audible At The Line Reviewed by Ryan on August 13, 2013 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

To start off the comments, the "buttons' down the front of Tom's Jackets concept are really smart. I like the idea of it as an alternative, but I just don't know if it's professional enough to be worn by a NHL player.

Unknown said...

Brent I like where you were going with this, but i would like to see numbers and a name, but i do like the striping the roundel looks good here.


Unknown said...

Jake88- The orange upper part of the arm looks good on the home but not really on the white jersey. Other than that i like the striping.


Unknown said...

Jake88- Like the checkerboard on sleeves and hem but not on the yoke. I like the blue out from the strips gives it a different look than just stripes. 8/10

Unknown said...

Kyle N.- Wow these are cool the addition of more black "It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em" and it did. It gives the concept a more distinct look by separating super bright colors with a dark color. Striping is cool and the alternate is really cool. The only thing though is the pants. I dont really like the home and away pants the alt. are okay but the striping you chose is too classic looking and just doesnt match with the modern looking pants.


Unknown said...

Oscar- I dont know much about baseball but the jersey looks fine i dont really like the logo under the numbers. Sorry for sounding a little blunt, its a cool idea though make other sports into hockey jerseys.


Unknown said...

Stephane T- Cool logo, very modern numbers, and classic striping. The combination is a little different but its a cool concept.


Tom V. said...

I hear ya Ryan, I struggled with that one a ton. I really wanted to make a 'blue jacket' jersey but have it not look cheesy and gimmicky. To be honest I'm still not sure I'm happy with it haha. As for today's crop...
- Tyler G's Flames concept stood out for me I. I swear that style looks good on any team.
- I thought Steven G's Canadiens was great too. I know the point of the series is the De-Edge, but I'd love to see those jerseys Edgified!
- I really wanted to like Kyle N's Flames concept. I love the direction and patterns he came up with, but the colour layout seemed a bit off to me.

DBro Alexander said...

I like seeing the concepts featuring teams from other sports, But sorry Oscar, your Yankees jersey is waaaay off the mark. If the Yankees were to be a hockey team and were run the same way, they would for sure have jerseys that have a very classic feel to them, with no red.

I'm pretty sure the Yankees have never had red on their jersey, just in one of their logos. The very modern design of the jersey, along with the amount of red just doesn't say Yankees to me.

Unknown said...

Steven G- I like the idea of making concepts for de-edging, but i dont really like it that way. But to the concept the away is cool, but not a fan of blue filled bottom. On the away i really like the double strip chest stripe.


Unknown said...

i agree with DBRO Alexander on the yankees

Alan John Herbert said...

Calgary Flames (Tyler G.): Now this is the set that Calgary "SHOULD" be wearing from day 1, both arm and hem stripes are neat and clean, the colors is put at the right spots, the only thing I would fix is the collar and that's all. My score 9/10 plus a COTW nom from me!

DBro Alexander said...

Another concept I'm not liking very much is Kyle N's Flames concept. I like where it's headed but right now it's a hot mess.

I don't think any other Canadian team could get away with the chest stripe so that's better left behind. But I like the home and away jerseys arm striping, that's definitely the strong point here. I'm not a huge fan of the amount of black either, but it probably helps the striping to have that color there. Add the arm sriping to the socks and that improves the set a lot.

As for the alternate, I see it's based on the Heritage Classic jerseys from a few years ago, which I liked a lot. But in this instance, I don't like black being the main color of the jersey.

Unknown said...

Tom- I think the buttons are cool but a little unprofessional like Ryan said. The font looks really cool and gives the jersey a very old feeling like a Revolution War based team should be, but it is a little unlikley as a jersey for the nhl.


Unknown said...

Tyler G- First this jersey includes the black which i like, but i dont really like it in large strips or areas like you have here. I would like it more as a highlighter. But that is just me i know people that really like the current flames jersey which i hate. Really any change to me is a good change.


Jake88 said...

The checkerboard pattern (for those who don't know) was put on the Zagreb jersey as a silent representation of Croatia's crest. I agree with Ryan's critique on Tom's Blue Jackets. Lastly, Tyler G.'s Flames for COTW!

Unknown said...

I dont like black in moderate amounts, but like it in small or large amounts, thats why i like Kyle N's concept. Just a personal preference

kyle n said...

Just have to say I'm not really feeling the home jersey for the Canadiens de-edged. But the away jersey is perfect! I don't like the white jerseys they sometimes wear because the blue chest stripe with blue pants just throws the colour balance way off. It looks so much better when you use both colours for the chest stripe the way it is in that concept. Great work!

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