Monday: A Well Relaxed Post

Here, coming at you live from my laptop, a very relaxed Jets96!

Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the last week of "Summer" before we all hit the books in the school world, or just going back to work next Tuesday!

Here are your voting reminders:

COTW Aug 19-25 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)

San Jose's jersey's have been unveiled, so I feel I should talk about them and give my thoughts. I love the teal jersey, but the lack of hem striping is distracting, yes the often praised black jersey didn't have it, but, at least a piping trim on the bottom of the jersey would help make it less boring (take a look at Washington, 2007-2010 Islanders, L.A. Kings Home, Calgary etc). I also think the beautiful Shark Fin logo is suffering the same treatment as the Sens Side profile logo, and should be used asap as a shoulder patch. The players wanted a "lighter" jersey, which, I can understand, and maybe a hem stripe can get caught on gear, maybe? Never the less, the players are the ones who wear them every game, so if they prefer no hem stripe, so be it.

It has been a year since I began writing for HJC, and I want to thank everyone on the blog. This has been a great year and hopefully will be here this time next year when I leave Ontario for University in Nova Scotia. Thanks Ryan for giving me the opportunity to write, my fellow writers and former writers: Dylan A., Dylan W., Tyler G., Ricky M., Kevin W., Colin M., Thallos and Steven G.! Thanks to all the artists who I have critiqued and everyone who has read the blog every Monday this past year. Thank you!

On to the concepts:

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept (By: Brian B.)

The Blue Jackets are ready for a playoff season this year, with big time signings and a vezina winning goaltender with a cool name. A Faux-Back is a great idea for this team, as their colours work well with vintage white as well as modern elements like the font. I like the stars all over the jersey and the vintage yoke looks great. I'm not sure the red cuffs are necessary, but they aren't horrible. I love this idea, and it shows the Blue Jackets don't need double blue to look good. (9/10)

Warrior Cup Concepts (By: Caden P.)

The Warrior Cup contest was a big success and I can't wait to see the jersey the team chooses of the 3 finalist. Aside from the execution errors, which are easily correctable, but the fill bucket striping should be more complex. Try looking at the templates page for templates with striping. Don't give up on concepts though, My first concept was way worse, I can't even find it..I will someday, but checkout the tutorials section (4/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Umm...Oh, now I see it, the jersey is based on the logo, and I like it. The chest stripe with the logo sticking out looks great, and I really like the arm band, along with the matching hem really does resemble the logo. I think more white could be useful, on the hem and arm band. I think a creative Jets alternate is a great idea, and I'm feeling logo inspired for other teams. (8/10)

Warrior Cup Concepts (By: Kevin W.)

Another Warrior Cup concept, this time from Saturday Writer Kevin W.. I like the patriotic themes going on here, as well as the non-matching striping. The stripes really do resemble the American Flag and I like how the stripes are always red and white and the stars are always white and blue. I don't like how unbalanced the colours are on between the two jerseys, but at the same time, I understand why, they are not meant to match persay. (8.5/10)

New Jersey Devils Concepts (By: Steven G.)

This de-edge makes sense to me, I can clearly see the two eras of Devils jerseys combined into one. The original striping is cool, but the new colours keep things classic. One thing I love from the green jerseys were the two stripe yokes, and I'd love to see those come back. (9/10)

Arizona Coyotes Concepts (By: Jets96)

I made these next two concepts so I'll leave you to comment on them.

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Jets96)

Have a great Monday!
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Ryan said...

It was very close but I'll say Steven G's Devils for COTW!

Jets96 Coyotes is also good too.

For Caden, it appears as if you just tried to get an entry in rather than creating something that made sense hockey jersey wise. I'd suggest looking at what works in hockey and then incorporate your own ideas. Keep at it.

Kevin W. said...

Jet's Coyotes (irony) concept for COTW.

Michael G said...

Jets I really like the striping on your coyotes jerseys they remind me of those super crazy ones from the 90's

Alan John Herbert said...

Jets96 Coyotes for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks guys, I based this look mostly off the original yotes jerseys, and the 3rd is just a classic jersey, if you look carefully at the alternate, there is the same striping pattern within the striping pattern.

Brian said...

Steven G for COTW

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