Monday: Orange Orange Sharks in Orange

Hey Fellow Jersey Lovers, Welcome to the Monday post. I am on vacation from work for the week, so I am taking this time to take in the HJC spirit.

In new jersey 2013/14 news, the Sharks unveiled the teaser for the New Wave. This being the 4th team to give us a teaser of a new jersey for 2013/14, the 2nd via instagram

Well, not much to show for, but, the striping has changed for sure, from being a Chicago Blackhawks type striping with orange between the stripes, and, however, now, the bottom orange striping has been eliminated and made black. This makes me think very minor changes will be made, as the jersey still looks teal.
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Adam H.

On to the Concepts:
Team USA Concepts (By: Brent P.)

Team USA doesn't have patriotic enough jerseys imo, and this type of jersey would be more suiting. the arm stripes and star yoke is a great idea, and while, this would be too flashy for the Olympics,  this idea could work. I don't think the early 2000's shoulder patch is necessary since the blues don't match, and it obstructs from the other stars. (7/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Caleb F.)

I really like this concept, the striping is unique, and the colours are balanced perfectly. A chest stripe jersey is a great idea, especially since we haven't seen this chest stripe in the NHL. The lack of vintage white is a great idea, I do like it on Minnesota, but this jersey just simply looks better without it. (9/10)

Colorado Rockies Concepts (By: Michael G.)

I don't like the lack of the awesome Rockies primary logo, and should be used, but other than that, this idea is a good one. The blue jerseys is just about perfect, but the white jersey should have a blue yoke. I think the idea is good, but the blue should be less muted, as with the red, to match the logo a little more. (7.5/10)

San Jose Sharks Concept (By: Michael L.)

It's funny how it seems the Sharks are dropping orange, when in fact, this concept would be may better than losing the orange. The striping is a good idea, especially considering the lack of gray. I think this would be much better than the black jersey, but could be improved. I would use an orange helmet, or maybe even teal gear for a brighter look. (8/10)

Stadium Series Concepts (By: Scott M.)

I think this is the era that the Blackhawks try to avoid, and considering the Hawks are now wining, it's time to throw back. The hem striping is a good move, and the striping with the thinning and expanding looks great. I don't think the black helmet is the best move, white may work better, and the name bar might be better without it. (9/10)

The Pens CAN'T use a blue jersey no matter what, they've run out of ideas, so the mid 80's jerseys are a good next step. The angled stripes looks better than the Cup winning straight jerseys, as are the thick stripes on the pants. I think the Robo Pen could be used on the shoulder patches however (9/10)

Nashville Predators Concepts (By: Steven G.)

Who doesn't love the Pre-edge Preds jerseys, they were some of the most unique in NHL history, but has a few to many colours. The new scheme has better colours now, and thus, Steven combines the new and oldish in this de-edge concept/ I like mostly everything about this concept, especially the blue jersey. I'm not a big fan of the yellow jersey, unless it was an alternate. I would make a white jersey of this idea, send it to Tennesee and hope the Preds wear it next year when the play the Jets (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.

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Unknown said...

I'll second Steven G's Preds concept for COTW. Agree with you Jets--needs a white one to match one of the colored ones. (I'd make blue the alternate in that case.)


Michael L said...

I did a concept with Teal gear, but it just looked too Miami. I was going back and fourth over the helmet color, but black seemed a better choice at the time. I'll send in the "Miami" concept.

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