Monday: A Jets Concept for Jets96

Hey guys, it's Monday, and while I'm at work atm, hopefully, everyone is enjoying the dog days of Summer!

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As I wait for Carolina's Away jersey to be available for purchase (I'm NEVER pre-ordering any jersey again), and with Pokémon X being a couple of months away, along with hockey season, lets talk nostalgia players. Everyone reading this blog has hopefully played one of the EA sports NHL games or 2k sports NHL2k games, or even NHL HITZ 2002, this is where some of us may have found players we liked using and began following in reality. For me, Gary Roberts was a favourite, as was Freddy Brathwaite. Today, Claude Grioux and Clarke McArthur are always on my dynasty players

Which players are always on your NHL Dynasty teams and why? Which team do you use in Dynasty mode, which game do you play (NHL 04 for me,  sometime NHL 03 or NHL 10).

On to the Concepts:

Saskatoon Blades Concepts (By: Bastian S.)

Bastian has made great concepts in nearly every league known to HJC artists, and the WHL is his next target. I like the arm stripes by far, it is unique, and well balanced. The yoke and vintage shoulder patches are nice touches. I would maybe use cuffs on the arms but that's it, great concept! (9/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concept (By: Caleb F.)

Wow, this is interesting? Good..yes, weird, Definitely! I like the Hurricane chest stripe, and the invisible yoke. Keeping the arm striping from the current jerseys combined together is an interesting idea, and I don't dislike it, but make the two tone striping is a better idea. I'm not sure if not logo is the best fit, but, I think the point was for it to be blank. (7/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concepts (By: Jack H.)

Nostalgia aside for seeing the Sabres logo of my childhood, I do like these concepts quite a bit. Jack keeps all the parts of the Goat Head era that were good, like the logo, but in different colours, the sword shoulder patch and the script on the pants. However, he also used the 70's striping and old alternate script on the pants, along with the modern navy to make these concepts great. I think the white jersey should have much more blue on it, and maybe the Buff-a-slug..somewhere..anywhere..I miss the slug. (8/10)

Atlant Mytishchi KHL Concepts (By: Jake88)

Go Go Russian Rangers, Mighty Morphin' Russian Rangers. Power Rangers Jokes aside, This reminders me of the old Nashville jerseys, with the current colours and KHL ads. The piping works for this colour scheme, as do the cuffs on both jerseys. The Minnesota away collar isn't the best choice, but isn't bad. I would have used the Atlanta 3rd collar or something that would flow better with the piping. Also, I would make the striping a tad thicker. (8/10)

Yugra-Khanty Mansiysk KHL  Concepts (By: Jake88)

I didn't even try to pronounce the name, but these jerseys are nice. The classic striping is a good choice, as the logo looks classic, and the knitted pattern is a nice traditional Eastern Euro touch. The sens numbers don't really fit with the logo, maybe something less rounded, I'd also try using a square yoke, like Detroit's Winter Classic jerseys. Other than the numbers, a good concept. (8/10)

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Horray, a Jets concept! It's always nice to see what your favourite team would look in swift, and the Jets look quite good. The lack of arm band works for the home and road, but I think having the stripes match all the way around would be best on the road. The lack of blue on the road is hard to see, and maybe using the Jet's current hem style is a better idea to balance the colours. (8/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Tom V.)

Tom's concept always seem to push my perception on colour balancing and what can be done and still look good. The Avalanche blue is classic colour for the team, and using it minimally, actually works quite well. This jersey makes me think 40's AHL, and could very much work as a 3rd or even Winter Classic. I would add some form of hem stripe, but even then, the jersey looks good without one, not an easy thing to do. (9/10)

GEC Ritter Concept (By: Volker D.)

These are the jerseys the team currently wears, and wow, if there was ever an ad covered jersey, this is one of them. I think the team is a minor jr. team in Germany, and the website, since I speak very little German, didn't help much, but confirm this is in fact the team's current jerseys. This is a good transition to concept form, and I like the addition of the arm stripes. I would however, shrink the shoulder patches. (7/10)

Baltimore Blade Concepts (By: Will B.)

The Blades have always intrigued me, in that they only lasted half a season, in the WHA none the less, had very bland jerseys, and yet, have been the subject of concepts. Will does a good job spicing up the Blades look, using edge striping and Dallas's yoke to give a nice home and road set. I like the double black idea, if that was intentional. The Alternate looks too tiger like to me, and would maybe benefit from a few less stripes. (9/10)
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Unknown said...

NHL 07

Caz said...

I got hooked on NHL2K10 for the Wii. I play as the Preds, but when I play on the franchise mode, I always go out and get fast forwards like Mason Raymond, Darren Helm, Matthew Lombardi, and Mikkel Boedker. I really wanted the Preds to sign Raymond when free agency opened. I would have much preferred him to Matt Hendricks...

Caz said...

On an unrelated note, Tom, what is that title font you use on your concepts? I really like it.

winnipegjets96 said...

The preds sure could use Mason Raymond. I feel I should do a blog series on a dynasty with a team in NHL 04, and maybe some other writers could to the same in their favourite or preferred game and show the results they have? Just an idea if anyone is interested.

DBro Alexander said...

With nhl 14 comin out it sounds fun.

A month or so ago I picked up nhl 07 for kicks and giggles. I started a dynasty withy the Atlanta Thrashers....because Hossa that's why... And I won the cup.....because Hossa that's why....and my trade for Marry Turco!

Tom V. said...

@ Caz - It's Nilland.
Here's the link. http://www.dafont.com/nilland.font

Brian said...

That Carolina Hurricanes jersey has the potential to be awesome! With a better execution, it could be.

Caz said...

Thanks Tom!

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