Friday: Springfield or Bust

Well, I have made it back to school in Springfield, MA - home of the AHL's Falcons and AHL headquarters. Speaking of AHL headquarters, I am enrolled in a  PR/Marketing class with it's commissioner, David Andrews, on my campus every Wednesday night for two and a half hours! A lot of people who have taken his class have gone on to to their internships with him and eventually landed full time jobs with him. Pretty neat. Back on the ranch here on HJC, I most importantly have reminders for you below!

COTW Aug 19-25 vote (ends tonight @ 11:59pm Eastern)

Boise State University (Dylan W.)

It seems like a typical design for a Nike SWIFT NCAA uniform set. It also reminds me of team Poland's fashion jerseys in world soccer (still not proven to be game worn). The whole design from the logo to the gradients make a lot of sense. But that doesn't mean I like it. But I can just picture these being on the ice and being well receptive. Riding an 8.5 out of 10.

Los Angeles Kings (Tom)

Tom gives us a Kings alternate that focuses on the purple. There are two possibilities with the piping that I'd be okay with: either only use the body striping not whats along the shoulders or my preference of getting rid off it completely. I do believe that LA is a team that can pull it off, but not this way. I don't mind the white on it, but I might add black to either the cuffs or the shoulders. Royalty is born, 9 out of 10.

Edmonton Oilers (Brent)

The background doesn't distract me too much, but I lose the orange shoulders and hem a little bit. I do like the increased amount of orange in the colored uniform. I also do not see any TV numbers, which would help break up the shoulders tremendously. The pants give me trouble but aren't the focus. Despite the additional blue, the white jersey seems a bit bland - a historical and typical Edmonton feature. An 8 out of 10 for the fortune.

Montreal Canadiens (Stephen T.)

Well this one certainly is simple. I guess I'll start off by saying that I can't do the white helmet with the white uniform. I want to say use a red one instead, but the blue one may work too. I am not a fan of the nameplates for this because it only looks good on one of the jerseys but not both. Also, the numbers need at least one but probably a double outline as they get lost a little in the chest stripe. A 7 out of 10 overall.

Big Rapids HS, MI (Alex J.)

These are pretty good for a high school team. I don't happen to like the way the color looks, but it isn't the school or Alex's fault. The Arsenal FC/Canucks font is a good choice as far as not using ordinary block numbers. That alternate logo doesn't woo me, but I can live with it. Speaking of which, I'm pretty sure most if not all high schools don't need alternate uniforms. Though since you included one, I'd like to see it in blue. This snatches a 7.5 out of 10.

Univ. of South Florida Bulls (Dylan W.)

I'll tell you what, I like these much better than what they currently have The idea of the hem consisting of the logo is a very clever idea. The gold is the tricky part of designing uniforms for USF, and Dylan has done it in succession.I'm not sure how I feel about the number selection, but there could be much, much worse. Ole, an 8.5 out of 10.

New York Rangers (Steven G.)

Continuing his De-Edge series Steven gives us A simpler version of everything. He even takes away part of the classic jersey on the whites, which I'm okay with it not because that was a little advanced for pre-1978, but since it isn't toned down completely. Also the decision to keep this particular logo was an excellent choice. Even though the blue is present on the yoke, I would use the blue helmet and perhaps use a red one for the blue jersey. An 8 out of 10 for this one.


Well moving in was a success and now it's time for a Maine getaway with my folks before Wednesday kicks in. Enjoy your weekend and "hockey, ahoy!"

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Alan John Herbert said...

Dylan W's Univ. of South Florida Bulls for COTW.

Tyler Gross said...

Tom's Kings for COTW

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