Friday: All Across the Board

For those of you waiting for big hockey news, I give you credit. But I am in ArenaBowl mode as well as Premier League. My favorite Philadelphia could win it's second Arena Football League title tomorrow in a rematch of last year's loss to Arizona - some of you may recall my ArenaBowl HJC submission from a couple years ago. Meanwhile, Arsenal FC are beginning their season tomorrow. Arsenal wears off quickly for the first quarter of the season - it coincides with the start of the NHL pre-season. Oh yeah, hockey . . . I've got a healthy amount of concepts to share with you today but not before reminders.


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Cleveland Barons (Michael G.)

I would generally not have an issue with the way this concept is presented, but  I could use a slightly thicker outline on the logo. However despite the good looks of the set, red isn't my color. Also, I would use a black helmet for the road uniform. An 8 out of 10.

Ontario Reign (Scott)

I like this concept for everything except the logo again. While I do appreciate the inclusion of the American Red Cross logo, the tail loses it. Maybe featuring feet below it instead. Breathing fire, saving lives - an 8.5 out of 10.

Los Angeles Kings (Ian)

Well, no Burger King logo, but instead the crown is added to a new alternate. In addition it appears as though piping has been added to the home and road - which look better than other kinds of applied piping. My only thing is that there should be black numbers on the alternate. I would like to see stronger number outlines though. LA royalty, an 8.25 out of 10

Vityaz Podolsk (Jake88)

Jake88 has begun to work on the KHL. This could be comparable to a Red Wings jersey. But I like these better. Nothing too dramatic, but yet not too subtle. An 8 out of 10 from me.

Reading Royals (Mike S.)

I'm still raving about Mike's Everblades uniform he created a while back. Most of his ECHL jerseys have been simple but effective. This one is no exception to that. The logo seems small but is actually up to stuff. Maybe the outline needs to be slightly thicker. I like the width of the entire striping patter, I just don't like the pattern itself. An 8.5 out of 10.

Florida Panthers (Kyle)

While it's true I believe everyone has been waiting to see a yellow Panthers alternate, I don't think this one would be it I like the shoulders, but all the red below it doesn't work, primarily as a result of the navy stripes. The home and road are decent nothing too outrageous. Roaring over an 8.25 out of 10.

Barys Astana (Jake88)

This one looks like something that would scare people on Halloween - or on a normal day being seen for the first time, me. It's the logo, particularly the ghostly looking font. Scares aside, this one just can't grab me - this template does not do this style of double blue any justice whatsoever. A 6.5 out of 10.

2014 Stadium Series (Bastian)

Well, this one is really wacky. I just cannot picture lighter shade of blue with the Rangers even if it is front of my. The vintage white pants need something to break it it, that's especially where a darker blue comes in. The Islanders meanwhile are more good than bad. This would make a great Fishsticks logo jersey, but since no Atlantic green is in the logo, its a no go. Orange collar, royal blue sleeves and lower hem and socks, add the striping to the pants - all those things will get the okay. A straight up 7 out of 10.

Florida International University (Dylan W.)

To be blunt, I hate the gradient in the underbelly of the sleeves and pit stains. Unless that is to show mesh stitching which it doesn't appear to be, I'm out. I would take the logo off and replace it with the word-mark. The striping isn't the best, but I have no suggestions. A 7 out of 10.

Go Soul and c'mon you Gunners, I really can't wait for pre-season hockey!

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DBro Alexander said...

Here's my stance on the Stadium Series jerseys.... and Bastian's concept kind of brings this back up for me. For a while now, I've been saying that I don't expect throwbacks or fauxbacks. If all the games were considered Winter "Classics" or "Something Classics" I would. I feel like we're going to see new jerseys with a modern feel that could possible have throwback elements to them.

WIth Dallas and Carolina introducing new jersey cuts and yoke styles this past summer, why wouldn't the league and Reebok want to keep introducing new things? Especially with their deal with the league ending soon? Put some new stuff out there and drive up sales?

I'm actually kind of hoping that the throw/fauxbacks stay in the Winter and Heritage Classics while these new Stadium Series games get new jerseys that are still very modern and don't rely on the use of heritage white or vintage logos. Keep it from becoming a huge trend, again...

As for Bastian's concept. I don't like the idea of the 90's style Islanders jersey going up against such an old style throwback for the Rangers. I might like it better if the Rangers didn't have brown pants and gloves. Just seems very out of place.

Kevin W. said...

Yes, Ricky, the dots on the sleeves of the Nike jerseys are supposed to be jersey mesh. It's just that a lot of people, for whatever reason, don't recolor them on dark jerseys.

You can see it here: http://www.icejerseys.com/images/products/33/Team-USA-IIHF-Swift-Replica-Blue-Hockey-Jersey-N6990_XL.jpg

Richard Mazella said...

In that case, the FIU jersey gets changed to an 8 out of 10.

Richard Mazella said...

I always thought that brown was intended to be vintage white somehow . . . thanks for the correction, Dylan

Ryan said...

Scott's Red Cross Reign entry for COTW!

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