Wednesday: I'm Late!

Hey everybody! So sorry about the lateness of my critiques! My car broke down and I wasn't able to make it home in time to get everything put together. I'll try to keep everything short to get the post up quicker but I'll be as thorough as I can with the critiques.

Before we start though, I'd like to congratulate Anthony C. by being chosen by Ray as the winner of the Madmen contest! Anthony, you'll receive a copt of your jersey as well as your $100 dollar prize from Ray!

And onto the concepts!

Peterborough Petes Concept - (Alan H.)
This alternate jersey for the Petes i very different from what the team wears, and has worn for a long time. But the team has a history of alternates that don't really "fit in". This one resembles the team's alternate from 1999-2005 as it uses similar colors. I don't really care for the shield shape for the crest. I'm ok with the colors but this jersey just isn't very bold to me. The colors along with the simple striping seem kinda boring. I'd like to see some yellow in the name and/or numbers.

Rating: 7/10

Kansas City Scouts Concept (Bobby's Ideal NHL) -(Bobby P.)
Bobby suggests the Panthers move to Kansas City. I'm not going to get into the whole relocation thing since I'm still a little salty to see the Coyotes staying in Arizona... But this set looks really great, If the Scouts made a comeback it'd be a shame if they used anything other than this. The updated logo looks good and it's nice to see someone crediting where they got their logo from. Yay common courtesy! I really like that white jersey!

Rating: 8.5/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept (Bobby's Ideal NHL) -(Bobby P.)
The Ideal NHL continues with the LA Kings and Bobby, let me say, you done nailed it! I would love love LOVE for the Kings to take this route. I know it's unrealistic to think it'll happen but, I mean, look at that purple! And the Kings' Crown looks great on the front of a jersey. The only thing holding this back is the lack of black in the jersey. Either ditch the black in the logo or add black to the jersey. Regardless, I am going to give this a COTW nom because I love it. The colors, keeping things simple for a team that, for the most part, has stayed simple in design, and the return of the crown!

Rating: 9/10 COTW NOM!

Sherbrooke Phoenix Concept - (Brandon C.)
Brandon keeps the Phoenix's double blue and cream color scheme, which is good, I really like their scheme. I'm not sold on the alternating colors of the main crest, It looks like it should be the other way around but the jerseys still look good. I'm also not a huge fan of the yoke style. And the striping on the pants should match the blue jersey's stripes. 

Rating: 8/10

Stadium Series New York Concept - (Derek H.)
I'm ok with the Rangers jersey, it's actually a pretty accurate guess as to what they wear for the games, if there will be vintage-ish jerseys, but the Devils one isn't that great to me. The green jersey isn't really a big hit with me, I'd say use white, but definitely keep the green in the jersey, and I'd say there was a reason that logo was unused, it looks very amateurish compared to what they went with instead.

Rating: 7/10

HC Kometa Brno (Czech Extraliga) - (Jake88)
Pretty unique threads here. I like the striping on the arm and the piping. It seems to fit in here and not make things cluttered and ugly. This would make a really good jersey set for this team until all the ads get put on them.

Rating: 8/10

HC Sparta Praha - (Czech Extraliga) - (Jake88)
The color scheme can work on occasions,  like in the Scouts concept earlier, but it's tricky. The color balance seems off here. The red seems to have too much yellow and white while the white jersey doesn't have enough red for me. I'd find a way to fix that.

Rating: 6/10

Detroit Red Wings Concept - (Michael G.)
Michael offers a change in uniform for the Red Wings. The jersey itself looks good, it looks like something an Original Six Team would wear. The white pants for the alternate are a no-no for me. I'd also keep the white jersey's sleeves red like what they currently do. Keep the red "Wings". Not a fan of the white yoke on the home as well.

Rating. 7.5/10

Colorado Avalanche Concept - (Steven G.)
 Wow, this is definitely different. And I like it! It's nice to see the mountain pattern back, as well as the new colors. I'd say this set is near flawless except for the light blue helmet. Please somebody nominate this since I already nominated the Kings set!

Rating: 9/10

Montreal Jedi - Baboon Creation (SylvainRogÇ)
I think I came across this on Behance, I love seeing work come to life like this. The logo is really good.  I'm curious as to why this logo was put onto a Blackhawks jersey. It's obviously a good jersey, but it's odd seeing as how the jersey and the logo don't really share any colors.

Rating: 9/10

Utica Comets - (Jets96)
The Ducks template seems to work with the new logo. If the Ducks didn't actually use it it'd be a nice jersey set. The white jersey is especially sharp.

Rating: 8/10
Wednesday: I'm Late! Reviewed by DBro Alexander on July 03, 2013 Rating: 5


Timmy Q. said...

Steven's Avs concept for as COTW

Caz said...

I'll nominate Steven G. for COTW. Those Avs jerseys are nice. It's a good take on the old set.

Caz said...

...and I just realized that it was already nominated and seconded in the previous post, which I had missed. So, disregard and carry on...

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