Tuesday: Who are these teams!!!??

Another week and more and more concepts. Heard that Florida and Anaheim are looking for a throwback uniform for their 20th anniversary. I think it will be awesome to see those Mighty Ducks again! I'm going to get right into the reviews, because that's what you're here for!

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Utica Comets Concept - (Darren H.)
Wow, Darren really goes out of the box with this one. First I would just like to point out that I like that the away matches Vancouver, but he gives them a Green home instead of blue, so it does separate from their parent club in a way. Like I said striping is fitting, but the real big thing is the hem. Taking the comet/puck from the logo and using it looks...actually kind of cool. One big negative that I did with a past jersey that I agree with now is that it might be an overkill with the comet. Since you have in the crest, it seems weird seeing the same thing just slightly below it again. I think this could be a cool idea, but I'd use another logo if you're going to do that with the hem. Good thinking, just a small change could go a long way! Concept Rating [8/10]

EHC Eisbaren Berlind DEL concept - (Jake88)
Jake continues to do teams I have no clue about! Regardless let's move on. Again, I like seeing phantom yokes, of course when they are done properly. I like the design of the phantom yoke, but I just don't know if it's fitting for the team. Not that I know anything about them, but I think it would look better with an actual yoke color, or give it a Bruin type look. Other than that, traditional design, good color combination. Good jersey. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Nurnberg Ice Tigers DEL concept - (Jake88)
This is something different I've seen used with this template! I applaud Jake on actually designing this, something different. I like the striping. The hem matches the sleeve stripes quite well. I think one thing that would be cool to see is making the sleeves a cool design somewhere to separate the blue and red. Not saying it NEEDS it, but I think you could give it ice cracks, could look cool. Good job here today Jake. Concept Rating [8/10]

Dallas Stars Away jersey concept - (Ryan T.)
This once, is simple and a look that the Dallas organization wanted. I just don't think this fits the look well though. I would say to put some black in the striping. Or take the black out of the logo if you don't want it in their. I also liked the yoke Dallas introduced for their jerseys, and I definitely think those should stay. It's a good look, but I don't like it compared to what they unveiled. Concept Rating [7/10]

San Jose Sharks Nike Swift concept - (Stephen T.)
Stephen takes the Sharks jerseys and brings them over to the Swift template.  Well for the most part, the white and orange stripes switch on the home jersey. Not much of a concept, though I really like the Sharks' look. Just need something to spice it up and change around. Concept Rating [6.5] Execution was really well thought. Just a lower rating for a concept because, not much of a concept.

Tampa Bay Lightning Swift Concept - (Stephen T.)
This swift concept of Stephen is much different than Tampa's look. I like how he takes similar striping from the alternate, but switches the blue to black. I was always iffy on that logo, and much more on the number font. This whole concept looks like a mash of Tampa jerseys I never really cared for. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

GEC Ritter concept (Volker D.)
Bringing gradients!! Haha, I think it's cool to see jerseys with gradients, although is doesn't work most of the time. With the way the logo is, I would say it fits nicely. I think the striping looks nice. Really stands out. I just don't know how a red, and blue different jerseys would fit this league for home and away. I would like to see some blue in the red jersey somewhere besides the logo. Cool and out there. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Trent Excalibur Concept - (Kyle N.)
Kyle makes jerseys for a non existent hockey team. I always like a green and white color scheme, and not only that, but the striping really matches the logo, I would make the stripes and little thicker though, with less space.  Also, I don't know how it would look, but maybe trying to invert the colors on the logo for the green jersey so it fits the striping even better. Great execution, and I would like to see this jersey in action. Concept Rating [8/10]

Detroit Red Wings De-Edge Concept - (Steven G.)
Attempting a concept for Detroit is always difficult. Especially when the design is really different from what they have. The hem looks roughly the same. But the sleeves are a huge difference. And with the space between the stripe and the top of the jersey, Steven is giving them two sleeve stripes. Honestly, I think it's a design that is very Detroit. And actually fairly good. It's hard to do that with Detroit. I wouldn't want to see it instead of what they have now though, but making a concept for this team is hard. I will give this a [8.5/10] Some small changes, but enough to the point where I like this concept. 

Thank you for reading! Put in the comments if you disagreed or not, and even give a review of your own for one or more of the concepts above! Have a great Tuesday.

Tuesday: Who are these teams!!!?? Reviewed by Unknown on July 23, 2013 Rating: 5


Ryan said...

Darren's Utica Comets concept for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Darren for COTW

Tyler Gross said...

Darren H. 3rd for COTW

Unknown said...

Kyle I really thought Excalibur was out of the box cool

Jake88 said...

It's really cool to see other people do European jerseys too! Half the reason I did the European redesigns is so I can see different people try to do them too, (the other half was to obviously get better at designing jerseys. I like Volker D.'s design because it's so realistic and something a team from Germany 3 would do.

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