Tuesday: Jersey Off-Season

No perfect off-season in hockey without a couple of teams getting new jerseys, and a whole list of teams playing in outdoor games! Every time I hear of a new team announcing a jersey I get excited! I really hope these teams made a good looking jersey. I'm scared for the Sabres, signs show it might not be my taste.

Let's move on with the concepts!

COTW July 22-28 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Quad City Mallards alternate concept - (Dylan W. -Me)
This one honestly, was just a execution test jersey. I threw it together and really tried hard on making the striping look like it's stitched on and what not. So other than that. Tell me what you think in the comments. 

Buffalo Sabres Concept - (Felix T.)
Felix takes a stab at giving the Sabres an alternate. The striping, is pretty similar to what the Sabres wore, just with the darker blue, but with the script on the front. I was a fan of the script, I wish it was kept (without the namebar though) I was never a fan of the slug font. And the phantom yoke attached to the ...piping I don't think looks that great, especially that the piping goes all the way through the hem. Without the yoke and piping I would think this is pretty good, but I'm not feeling it right now. Concept ratin [6.5/10]

Ottawa Senators Concept - (Coby S.)
Coby gives us a different senators look. Looks like a redesigned past jersey, but without any gold. I think the red, black, and white color scheme looks really sharp, but I think the senators need gold. I'm not sure why, but I always thought gold was a color they should always have on their jerseys.  Overall the striping looks good. Some execution errors that stand out are the sizes of the name on back and number. And for the sleeve numbers, the 6 is upside down. And if you made that logo, I actually kind of like it. Could use some touch ups, but I think it looks good! Concept rating [7/10]

Miami Dolphins NFL Concept - (Coby S.)
Miami recently showed us a new logo. It's still weird to see being a huge football fan, but I'll get used to it. Honestly, I know this might be based off their new jerseys that have ...no striping on them, but since this is a concept for hockey this just doesn't seem right having no striping. And again the sleeve numbers are upside down, and the shoulder script log is upside down too. Even fixing that wouldn't help. I would honestly say you have to put something on a hockey jersey besides the logos and numbers. Concept rating [2/10]

Utica Flames AHL idea - (Phil B.)
I actually really like the Calgary like striping with out it being vertical. Looks really nice. Too be honest I think the logo could use a little work. Maybe putting more circulation to the 'U' instead of it just going straight up would help. But jersey wise I think those look really nice. I want to say add more black in the white jersey. But I wouldn't know where. Maybe the yoke? Either way. They look like a classic set.
Concept rating [7.5/10]

New York Islanders Alternate Concept - (Phil B.)
This one looks really sharp. A recolored version of their black alt I know, but this goes much farther than that. Not sure about the gray as the yoke color. I think it would look better in any other color. White, orange, even giving the Islanders more black. I like the decision on using their primary for the crest. Like the Sabres, they don't need to make an alternate logo.  Concept rating [7.5/10]

Buffalo Sabres 3rd Guess - (Steve M.)

I take it this is a guess at what the Sabres will reveal. And if this is what the Sabres have in store. Sign me up to get a jersey! I think it looks great! I like basically everything about it and would like to see it on ice. Obviously I don't see this happening though. Only in my dreams I guess. Not much else to say. I really really like it. Great concept! Concept rating [9/10]

Minnesota North Stars Concept - (Michael G.)
Michael starting a remodeling series for defunct teams. Let's see where he takes us with this. Wow, this is bright. But at the same time I still love the color scheme. I like the striping, looks like it's completely different..yet the same. The only thing I'm not digging is the Stars logo on the shoulder. I thin it may be too much for a shoulder patch. Just a little execution note. Since it's only a 7 for the number the seven should be cut in half at the top of the jersey, to show that it's centered. I think I'm going to like where Mike is headed with this! Concept rating [8/10]

Calgary Flames Alternate Concept - (Tom V)
I've been a huge fan of Tom's recent work. If I'm not mistaken, I think I've reviewed his last couple, unless I'm missing one or two. Anyways, I think striping wise and jersey this is awesome. I see it a lot, but I guess because it looks great. I think the setback would be the logo. Maybe even just ditching the 'C' and just having the 'F' would be fine. I just think the regular looking 'C' throws off the logo a bit. Regardless, the jersey is great! Concept rating [8.5/10]

St. Louis Blues Concept - (Kyle. N)
It's really hard not to like this one. I always think double blue looks great. And not only that, but that white jersey looks shar-ar-arp. Wow, not even close to being a St. Louis fan, but I would pay money for that. I know it doesn't have the dark blue, but that might be my only complaint on this concept. Maybe the pants, but I'm not too concerned about that. I think that's the only negative thing. Maybe just adding the dark blue in the mini stripes of the white jersey would even satisfy me. Awesome job Kyle! Concept rating [9/10] COTW nom from me!

Hope you guys agreed, if not leave it in the comments below and let these designers here what you think! Have a good Tuesday!

Tuesday: Jersey Off-Season Reviewed by Unknown on July 30, 2013 Rating: 5


Tyler Gross said...

Tom V for COTW

Ryan said...

Dylan W for COTW

Unknown said...

I second dylans concept for COTW. Those are clean.

Josh said...

Dylan's Mallards for COTW

Unknown said...

What do you guys think of my concepts? Are they good? Bad? Anything?

Ryan said...

@Coby: Read what Dylan the writer has written. He nailed every point.

Richard Mazella said...

I second Kyle's Blues concept.

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