Tuesday: Getting Excited!

Welcome back to another day at HJC! I'm already getting excited for the NHL season and summer is not even over yet. My team will not even be good and I'm pumped to watch some Sabres hockey. Maybe it's because I want to see how they will look in Gold. Anyway, I'm not at my house or have my computer, so I'll try to make this a quick post for myself because I don't have the time I have when I am at home. I'll try to make my critiques still helpful though.

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Winnipeg Jets Concept - (Charles W.)

Charles gives us something similar to what the original Jets wore in the WHA. I think the striping is always something I will like, it's hard to make this striping look bad, but I think the Jets need something more unique, like what they have now. I would like to see more red in the Jets' jerseys, but that's just my opinion. I really think the primary should be the crest, I don't think the script works for a home and away jersey set for them. Overall, a decent concept, but I wouldn't like to see it for the Jets. Concept Rating [7/10]

Team Cherry CHL Prospect Game Concept - (Danny R.)
Hahaha, this is really cool. I know the Phantoms did something similar like this for one game in the AHL, but the fact that this is Don Cherry's team is awesome. I think the execution is basically perfect. I think the only thing I would complain about would be the design. I would go crazy with the suite design and make it Hawaiian, or something similar to what Cherry has worn on air one day. I think that's what separating me from nominating it. Great job though nonetheless. Concept Rating [8.5/10]

EC Klagenfurter concept Austrian League - (Jake88)
   Jake is back with 2 more teams I don't know. this one he keeps simple. There's nothing to really complain about. It does look like a recolored Maple Leafs jersey with red instead of blue. So there's not much to say. I like it, it's simple, I like simplicity, but other than that there's nothing really here. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Sapa Fehervar AV19 concept Austrian League - (Jake88)
This one again really simple, and like the Jets concept above, I like the striping pattern. I think the logo looks a bit weird with the two horns, but I could care less about it.  Again this is a good concept, and execution always great by Jake. Concept Rating [8/10]

Chicago vs. Pittsburgh Stadium Series Concept - (Justin S.)
First, I'll rate the Penguins jersey. This is definitely different than I've seen for a Pens jersey. I like the arm striping that's good, and I also like what's on the front of the jersey, but I don't think they look good together. Either take the arm striping and take it to the hem. Or make similar arm striping to what is on the front. Maybe even continuing it to the back. Concept Rating [7/10]
For Chicago it's something simple, I will always love Chicago's red, I think that really sticks out here and I like it. I notice that the Hem is different than the arms, and sometimes I'm okay with that, but IMO I think there should be a space from the red, and add black above it. It would stay different from arms, but still have it's similarity. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Hartford Whalers Swift concept - (Stephen T.)
I always like the cut off arm color (I don't know what to call it) that Stephen brings us here. With the blue, I think I would add a green hem, like the blue on the white jersey. For the away I would add more gray in. Probably in between the green and the blue striping. Lastly for the pants and socks, I would make the striping something similar to the striping on the jersey. Overall good concept, just small things that I think could make it better. Concept Rating [7.5/10]

Minnesota Wild Saturday Night Classic Concept - (WinnipegJets96)
With this one I like the addition of the bright gold. I think the hem striping really looks good how it's matching the whole arm coloring. I feel like it's missing something but I can't put my finger on it. Any who, I think this would be cool to see on the ice. It just seems a little empty. Concept Rating [8/10]

Reading Royal ECHL Concept - (WinnipegJets96)
I will always love a black and purple color scheme. I think it looks so sharp. I really like the striping and the yoke design. It all really goes well together. One thing I would say is to add more black on the away jersey.  But at the same time you're losing the color balance from the home jersey. Either way I think this would look really nice. Good job Jets! Concept Rating [8.5/10]

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept - (Tom V.)
First I would just like to point out Tom changed the crest logo a little bit from the original Goat head logo. Being from Buffalo I always liked the Goat Head logo, and I thought it would look great in Blue and Gold. For this concept I can see the Sabres black, red, and silver jersey design, but it is changed. I think the double blue here also looks really cool. And the yoke design is different that any team has used. The Sabres third that they are currently releasing looks like it's something different than anyone has seen and I think it's cool that Tom tried something out of the box. Right now in the 'Throwback' era in sports this probably wouldn't be liked, but in a few years I see hockey coming out of that. This would look awesome. Concept Rating [9/10] COTW Nom form me!

It was weird doing this post on another computer. Definitely wasn't comfortable doing this post. Hopefully it turned out well though. Now I haven't eaten yet, and it's 12:30. So that's my next plan! Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!

Tuesday: Getting Excited! Reviewed by Unknown on July 16, 2013 Rating: 5


CLIB542 said...

Jets96 Wild Concept COTW

Ryan said...

I'll second Tom for COTW.

To me it looks like goat head + buffaslug + current home.

Tom V. said...

You nailed it Ryan, that's exactly what I was going for!

Breakfastgaming said...

Tom, question. Do you take every part of the jersey that's stitched and bevel it a small amount to give it that stitched look? If that's what you do I hope you don't mind if I steal that. I think it looks awesome.

- Dylan W.

Richard Mazella said...

I nominate Team Cherry for CotW

Timmy Q. said...

I second team cherry for cotw

Tom V. said...

Dylan, That's pretty much it in a nutshell. It's a nice little trick I like to use. I'm glad you like it, feel free of course. I'll always encourage anything to improve the concept world. If you're familiar with vectors it's a simple few steps. I lay out my colour patterns first individually and once i'm happy, I just stroke path the existing paths (from the colour patterns) on separate layers with the pencil tool and apply the necessary layer style's. There's a little more to it, but that's the gist of it. Hope it helps, cheers!

Unknown said...

I'll third Tom V. for COTW. With the new Sabres alt on the horizon, I wouldn't mind seeing this be it, (with the current, more classic logo instead of the goat head one, which I've never liked). So far with all the teasers, I'm not sold on gold for Buffalo, despite yellow being my favorite color (and Nashville's home jerseys among my favorites).


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