Tuesday: First Timer, Great Concepts

     New Tuesday writer for HJC here, Dylan W! I couldn't be happier to write for this site! After I discovered it about 8 months ago I always thought it was an awesome idea to have a blog and critique peoples work! I thought of starting my own, but I couldn't keep an organized blog together. So when I saw HJC had an opening I took full charge and sent in my mock post. Thanks to Ryan for selecting me, and running an awesome site!

    I am from Buffalo, and unless you move or your parents like another team, people born in Buffalo are die hard Buffalo sports fans. I'm very happy the Sabres went to a similar version to their original jerseys, but I really love the old light blue. I like more of the traditional jersey designs, but really love the crazy, out of the box designs when they work. And after following this site for almost a year, I know a lot of you don't disappoint !

     It's always hard to make a concept that is good for everyones taste, but I think the concepts today are all great to stand on their own. Let's get started!

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Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - (Bobby P.)

We start off today with two concepts from Bobby's ideal NHL series. And I will always keep this concept in memory as the first official concept I critique! Anyways, I'm pretty happy to see Bobby didn't to the Ohio flag striping for this concept, although it is something that would look nice, but he keeps it original. This is a nice looking jersey. I like keeping the star at the cuff, and enlarging it. I think the only thing I would say is to add a secondary logo in the yoke, it seems a little empty. Regardless this is a a good jersey and I would like to see this on the ice for Columbus instead of their current jerseys. And I do like using that logo as the primary! Concept rating: [8/10]

Colorado Avalanche Concept - (Bobby P.)
The second concept today by Bobby is definitely different from what Colorado has ever had for their home and away. I have to say, I like Colorado's alternate, but maybe not as their primary jerseys. And if so, I think you have to use the font they have right now for it. I love taking out the black in the middle of the striping and the pit stain. I'm a sucker for the light jerseys, and that looks great. I think the one thing that is setting this back is the script. And maybe the Senators font. Make those what Colorado uses now and this might be something. Concept rating [8/10]

Team Denmark Concept - (Jake88)
I think this is really cool. Especially since it has a hint of Detroit's jerseys in this. Whenever you can do that, you know you made a good concept. Of course, it's not a clone either. I really like every thing here. And I see where you are going with the arm design but it looks a bit funky. If I can explain this okay then maybe it will make sense. Maybe taking the part where the yoke ends and make a straight line down to the mesh and color in that area red, then moving down the 'T' shaped white striping would make it look better. Not sure if I explained that well, but hopefully someone gets what I'm saying. Other than that, honestly this is a great jersey! Concept rating: [8.5/10]

HPK SM-Liiga Concept - (Jake88)
The second concept from Jake today is from a team I am not too educated on. I'll try my best though to critique it after a little research, be right back! Back! Well, I couldn't see their current jerseys because of all the ads in the way, but it looked like a Caps recolored jersey. So right away this is a better fit than that. I like the striping. Sort of fits the logo in a way. I would say for the white. Maybe more black in in, and I can honestly say I don't know where it should go. Maybe even for the numbers and name. I'm not sure, but It does look like it's missing something. Also, I would go with a different font. Something more fit to the logo font, more circular, less sharp. Concept rating: [8/10]

NHL Stadium Series Chicago vs. Pittsburgh - (Derek H.)
Well first, let's start off with the Chicago jersey. Since it's definitely out there. Since it is just a transfer to the Edge jersey, concept wise, it fails, but execution wise it's perfect. It looks great too, and with it being a stadium series, and I think the word is that every team is going with new jerseys, it might happen. Now onto Pittsburgh. This is cool! I love enlarging the 'P' for the crest and taking out the word mark, and keeping the logo inside the striping is awesome too. I think since you have space from the number on the back and the striping, maybe you should do the same with the logo. Just my thought, could look really sharp. Overall, both of these would be cool to see! Concept rating: [8.5/10]

Boston Bruins Concept - (Tyler G.)
Not sure if Tyler is having this as a alternate, or maybe their next outdoor game design, but either way I like it! It is a remake of the Bruins 1958 design, and again it looks good. It's really hard to go wrong on a Boston concept. He keeps the Boston traditional yoke design, and it really goes well with the rest of the jersey. There are three things that could make this a great jersey. I would change font to a block font. I really just don't think that font goes with the whole Bruins image. I've never been to fond of the colored nameplate. I really didn't like it when Buffalo did it, and It should only be a Philly thing from here on out. And last, I think the pants striping should have an outline in gold. Definitely a good jersey. Just a few things that I don't really care for. Concept rating: [7.5/10]

Anaheim Ducks Alternate Concept - (Tom V.)
I recommend everyone makes this image full size. Because it has a lot of great detail int he logos, and numbers. I'm assuming this is kind of based off of the 90's alternates the Ducks had, of course I don't mean the Wild Wing. I think this looks very sharp right off the bat. Perfectly executed in my opinion. Now, I think I have to throw that out the window for the rest of this and think of it as a concept. I really like the faint pale gold??? I'm not even sure what color I should say that is, but it really looks nice, and I think brings out the small orange in the striping. I think I would make the orange a bit thicker, just so it's easily picked out. It might bring whole different image for the concept at first glance. And I think there should be orange where the white is in the number outline. Other than that, this is great. 
Concept rating: [9/10]

Buffalo Sabres Concept - (Stephen T.)
I really like this Nike template. And Stephen takes the Sabres jersey and basically transfers them to the swift template, but with some changes. I think the sock design should be used right now for the Sabres, I love the double striping. Everything about this is what Buffalo should wear, maybe just make the shoulder logo smaller so it doesn't make a whole identity for itself. And I'm not sure what people think around the league about it, but I love the upper chest number on the Sabres jersey. The Sabres basically brought that to the league, and I think it's really cool to have. Concept rating [8/10]

Carolina Hurricanes Concept - (WinnipegJets96)
The final two concepts for today are both Caroline concepts by Jets96. I really love the hem design for both jerseys. the really pop and are just something that Carolina should have. I think where this concept goes wrong is the arms. I never really liked Carolinas alternate and that arm striping, it looks really odd to me. But I would take the gray/silver from the hem and put that in the arm striping somewhere. Either in the middle of the top color, or in the middle to separate both arm colors. Good concept, but the striping is just not my tase. Concept rating [7.5/10]

Caroline Hurricanes Concept - (WinnipegJets96)
This is where Jets hits the mark. Almost keeps the same hem striping with this one, but with less black, which Carolina did with their new jerseys, and I love it. It's small amount of black, but enough to make everything pop again. And the thing he did right for me this time was transferring it to the arm striping, which looks great! This looks classic, and yet really stands true to the Hurricanes name. If they wore this, I think it would be a jersey that should never be gone. Simple, yet awesome. Just two small things that are really picky. Maybe a different collar, and I'm not saying this is something that NEEDS to happen, but I would like to see the white with the name in the yoke and a colored yoke. Not sure what it would look like, but just a thought. Great job Jets! Concept rating: [9/10] And my first COTW nom!


Well, that's it for my first post. Kind of nervous, hope everything turns out okay when it posts. Haha. But this is something that I've wanted to do, critique jerseys that people will actually read! Thanks for reading, have a great rest of Tuesday, and a spectacular Wednesday when the other Dylan writes!
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Rosy Jerseys said...

Wonder who was the first one registered? I entered at 9 on the dot. Well, maybe a few seconds after, but I am so glad to be in.

Jake88 said...

The arm striping used on my Denmark design is from their flag. P.S. It's cool to have Dylan W. critique my jersey designs (I'm a fan of his work). Also Good Job on your first HJC post Dylan!

Ryan said...

Nice first post Dylan.

Unknown said...

Thank you guys. It was really weird today, I usually am psyched to see HJC posts daily and I can't wait to see other concepts and to see if mine are being critiqued, and today when I got home from work, and opened up the site and realized....I knew the whole post already. Haha, it's weird but It was actually a lot of fun to just sit back and know that a lot of concept artists are reading my critique. Can't wait til next Tuesday!

Unknown said...

And to Jake88- Hope that your European concepts aren't critiqued by me anymore. Haha, I have no knowledge with flags, or anything like that, but I guess I'll learn a lot just by simply looking at jersey designs!

Tom V. said...

That's great to hear Dylan, Great job. I can only imagine how that would feel, A few butterflies I'm sure! Great insight on the concepts as well. I'm sure everyone will value your opinions, seeing as your work is always up there with the best.

Rosy Jesrseys said...

@Dylan W. I loved the old jerseys that looked so real! I tried using the template. Fail. I haven't voted for COTW yet, but when I do, the blades jersey will have at least one 1st vote!

Rosy Jerseys

Alan John Herbert said...

2nd COTW nom on Jets96's Hurricanes concept.

Unknown said...

Tom V.'s Ducks alt for COTW. Not sure I like the gold letters; might be hard to see from a distance. But great execution all around.


Richard Mazella said...

Welcome, Dylan; glad to have you aboard!

Richard Mazella said...

Which one are we nominating/2nding? I am seconding the one with the warning flag striping (red & white unis)

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