Thursday: HJC Open Sneak Peak

Hey everyone. Ryan here, subbing in for Tyler today.

Happy Independence Day to those of you south of the boarder. Make sure to set off lots of fireworks and eat burgers and hot dogs. Just be sure to be safe around your fireworks. You know your local news station already has 2 minutes set aside for the news story about the guy who blows off a part of himself with fireworks. Don't be the star of that story.

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Here's a sneak peak at the brackets for the HJC Open, which begins next week. Those that have been ranked are winners in 2013 of a COTW, COTY, or Competition.

Just for fun, here's a look back at past HJC Open logos.


Montreal Maroons (by Bobby P.)
In Bobby's ideal NHL, the Dallas Stars are relocated to Montreal. A classic stitching pattern, which is my all-time favourite stitching pattern. For this concept the colour looks more like a brown than a maroon. Which would make their team name rather useless. As we expect from Bobby the execution is very good.

HC Pardubice Czech Extraliga (by Jake88)
Normally I would say, "take a look at their jerseys here." However, it's hard to see them around all of those ads. Jake then has done a good job quieting those jerseys down. After only looking at one picture though, I miss the blue.

Florida Panthers (by Josh L.)
I really like the striping and the square yokes, but to better accommodate the shoulder patches I would make the yokes longer. In my opinion these two logos don't really fit together. They aren't the same style, so I would have used something else. Finally, that shade of yellow needs to change. It looks too much like dijon mustard and nothing like a "Miami yellow".

Vancouver Canucks (by Stephen T.)
Stephen applies the Canucks' jerseys to the Nike Swift template. Minor changes are made to the hem stripes and the number font is more traditional now. I like the font change, but the font used currently kind of works and is unique to the Canucks. I would like this font for an alternate though. A couple of execution notes; the Nike logo should be blue on the road jersey and the shoulder patch on the left arm front view and right arm back view is upside down.

Las Vegas Wranglers (by Mike S.)
As an alternate jersey in a minor league, this is a great idea. My favourite part is the dice used as TV numbers on the sleeves. The old Capitals' style numbers I wouldn't choose, but I can understand that others would like them. Execution wise, if you want to show two gloves then take the time to properly display the brand on them. You've paid attention to detail on the jersey, but then get lazy on the gloves, in my opinion.

Stadium Series New York (by Derek H.)
Great Rangers jersey, but I would make the numbers bolder. For the Islanders, their creative team is always a wild card, so this orange reversal of their typical jersey could happen. Execution wise everything is nice and clean. Yet, on the Islanders jersey the stripes on the back view are under the stitching when they should be shown over top of the stitching.

Lethbridge Hurricanes (by Ryan of HJC)
I'll let you guys tell me what you think of my Lethbridge concept. I was trying to do something different from their cut-and-paste Capitals sweater. I decided that what is more different than All-Star Game templates? I also created a new shoulder patch for them. Discuss...

Lethbridge Hurricanes (by Shaun)
In sticking with Lethbridge "tradition", Shaun has used the jerseys of an NHL team...with the same name. Actually, these would have been great for the WHL Hurricanes if the NHL version had not done it first. The execution and details are very nice.

HC Plzen Czech Extraliga (by Jake88)
HC Plzen seems like it understands that most of their jersey will be taken up with ads, so they leave a lot of empty space. Here, Jake adds some simple and traditional stripes, which I think could work. I really like the yoke design on the blue sweater and I think if you swapped the colours it would have worked better on the white jersey.

Milwaukee Admirals (by Bobby P.)
Another relocation in Bobby's ideal NHL. This time he moves the Preds out of Nashville and into Milwaukee. The hat flying solo as the primary logo doesn't work for me. It's just not strong enough. I personally love the jerseys. What do you guys think, can a jersey with this many fauxback elements be accepted as a full time sweater?

That's a wrap for today. Regular writer Ricky should be good to go for tomorrow.

What did you guys think about today's concepts? What was your favourite and what was your least favourite? It's most important to let the person know why the jersey was your least favourite.
Thursday: HJC Open Sneak Peak Reviewed by Ryan on July 04, 2013 Rating: 5


David Kerr said...

Bobby's Montréal concept was for the Wanderers not the Maroons.

GKennedy said...

Love the logos on the Lethbridge concept Ryan, especially the combination of the plane an storm but I think they would be much more effective on a different jerseys! just my thoughts

Anonymous said...

On Mike's Wranglers concept, the tv numbers would not work for any number over 66

Anonymous said...

Ryan, your logo sucks, your jersey sucks and Lethbridge primary logo sucks.

Ryan said...

Thanks anonymous. You don't have any testicles because you won't place your name on your comments. Cowboy.

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