Thursday: Concepts, Concepts, Concepts!

Hello everybody. I hope your Thursday's been good. We are still waiting to see the Sabres' new alternate sweater. The new Heritage Classic logo was "leaked", and it didn't change much from the last Heritage Classic logo, but I think it still looks great. Anyway, let's get going.


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Vancouver Canucks concept (By: Jack H.)

Our first of two Canucks concepts today, Jack has something the Canucks should do. The stick-in-rink logo, Johnny Canuck logo on the shoulders, and no more whales! *canucks fans rejoice*! Anyway, I love the striping with the "V" in it. And I even think the Oilers pants look pretty cool. Great job here.

Rating: 8/10

Schwenninger Wild Wings (DEL) concept (By: Jake88)

Our first of two DEL concepts today, Jake88 brings us the Schwenninger Wild Wings. I fell I'm one of the few that really likes the Capitals template and it looks great here. I'm not too sure about the vertical piping but it doesn't look terrible. Also, I'm not completely sure what that logo is, I think it's some sort of duck but I'm not sure. Good concept here.

Rating: 7.5/10

Boston Bruins concept (By: Frank)

A new third jersey is something the Bruins need, and Frank has a good one here. I like that he kept the current striping and a different yoke, a more square one. I like the collar and the old logo. I'm not sure about the no-name though.

Rating: 7.5/10

Ottawa Senators concept (By: Jack H.)

Jack has a fix for the Senators, who really need one. I like the hem striping, but I wish the arms had the same striping as it. That's my only complaint, I really don't like the arm striping, just use the hem/sock stripes there. Great concept other then that.

Rating: 7.5/10

Chicago Blackhawks concept (By: Tyler G. [Myself])

For this Hawks concept, I darkened the Red and used vintage white. The striping is sort of just the regular home stripes, but doubled. I used the tomahawk logo as the front crest and a recolored version of the Indian-head logo on the shoulders. Also, for some reason I'm really in love with the Oilers collar. Tell me what you think.

Krefeld Pinguine (DEL) concept (By: _)

Our second DEL concept of the day, Jake88 brings us the Krefeld Pinguine. I'm not sure about the yellow helmets, other then that, the rest of the jersey is cool. The diamond-shapes on the arms are good. No complaints from me other then the yellow helmet.

Rating: 7/10

Madison Riots (WIHL) concept (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan W. has started this project called the WIHL (not sure what it stands for) and judging this concept, it should be cool. I'm not sure about the name "Riots". I like the logos, especially the Primary logo, it's sad that I don't see that anywhere on the uniform. Getting back to the jerseys, I like the simple three-yellow stripes. The font looks great. Overall, no complaints from me other then the team name and the lack of that Primary logo. Great execution and I can't wait to see the rest of these concepts.

Rating: 8/10

Vancouver Canucks concept (By: Austin E.)

A similar concept to Jack's earlier, Austin ends us today with some cool Canucks sweaters. In my opinion, this is exactly what the Canucks should do. The two thick stripes with the "V" in it. Just like Jack earlier, the stick-in-rink logo, and Johnny Canuck on the shoulders. No more whales. A phenomenal concept here, I love it all.

Rating: 9/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
Thursday: Concepts, Concepts, Concepts! Reviewed by Tyler Gross on July 25, 2013 Rating: 5


dave said...

every day there's a new vancouver concept, and they always look the same. same logos, same v in the stripes (or other area where they can cram it). i think everyone should just stop making vancouver concepts now. you got it! you nailed it! stop please!

Brian said...

Tyler G for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

I kind of agree with Dave. There's a lot of very similar Canucks concepts... I want to start seeing different ones...

Eric W said...

I can agree with Dylan and Dave. Find something new, puhleeze. The same old V's and ideas are getting stale.

Dylan W. said...

I chose the Riots because Madisons city nickname is called Madtown. I thought that Riots would be a good similarity when it came to 'madtown' but on CCSL a person replied who is from Madison and said that there have been multiple Riots on Halloween in the city. I never knew that, but after that I guess the name fitted even more than I had desired. Just to inform you.

And to reply to the whole primary not being on the jersey. This steams storyline is that it's basically one of the teams original teams, with that untouchable jersey. And their logo has changed a couple of times, but not a lot, and the 'R' is like a symbol that needs to be left alone on the jersey front!

And WIHL is Wonka's Imagination Hockey League, I started it couple of months ago, but I didn't like the direction it was headed in, so I rebooted it and this is the first team in it!

Tederifico said...

Tyler, thank you for this Chicago concept. The past ones have been good but yours adds and element that is more creative than the others I have seen here. I will second the COTW nomination from Brian.

Caz said...

I'm so relieved to see that others are tired of Canucks concepts. It's not that they are bad, (Austin's is very good) it's just all been done at this point.

I like Wonka's execution and presentation of his Madison concept, I'm excited to see more WIHL stuff.
COTW nom from me.

Tyler Gross said...

@Dylan -- Thanks for the info. Sounds like it will be a great series.

And thanks to those to gave me COTW noms.

Kevin W. said...

I'd dislike the constant use of the V-sleeve design for the Canucks if it wasn't such a good-looking design feature.

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