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Hi there, everyone. In case you're wondering, the high from the Hawks winning the Cup still hasn't entirely faded. I think I may need help.

I'm looking for someone who is good at converting raster images to vector versions for a project I'm currently working on. I need some images vectorized because I'm a perfectionist and working in SVG is the only way for me to be 100% sure that the colors are what they should be, and Wikipedia lacks some of the logos I need in SVG form. If you're interested in helping out, please send Ryan an email and tell him to pass your address on to me so we can get in touch. Thanks.

As a reminder, the HJC Open Round 1 voting runs until 6PM Eastern time tomorrow. Get your votes in!


Chicago Blackhawks (by Dylan W)

Dylan has two more black-and-white Blackhawks concepts today. The first is an original design while the second is a modern update of the uniforms worn in the 1926-27 and 1927-28 seasons. I definitely like both of these. While I'm obviously a fan of the Hawks' current designs, I like the original jerseys. With a logo update to a black-and-white version of the modern Indian Head logo, any of these would work well as an alternate for the Blackhawks. Overall, I'll give each of them an 8.5/10.

EC Villacher SV (by Jake88)

Must. Contain. Dislike. For. Bad. Reebok. Template! Argh! I hate it so much! I wish there was a way to just ban this template from being used by anyone for any reason. I like the overall design, though. Blue and yellow, regardless of the shade, is a color combination that looks good in almost any way and this is no exception. If you got rid of the vertical piping and gave this one normal sleeve stripes, it'd be fantastic. Overall, I'll give it a 7/10.

HDD Olimpija Ljubljana (by Jake88)

Unfortunately, this one suffers from a similar problem. There's a reason why this template only saw use with one team and the team didn't take it with them when they changed cities. I love the color scheme though. The green is bright enough not to get lost in the black which is always a positive. I'd make the hem stripe thicker to match the pants and sock stripes. Overall, I'll give it a 7/10.

2014 Heritage Classic (by Justin)

Yes. Yes. One thousand times yes. This is so what the Heritage Classic needs to look like. I know teeth would be gnashed over Ottawa wearing an all-vintage white jersey but I wouldn't care. This game would look so good. I'll even put aside my preference for white at home since that would simply change this game to two already-worn jerseys (Ottawa's current third and the 40th anniversary jerseys the Canucks wore) so it'd violate the spirit of the concept. Overall, I'll give it a 9/10 and a COTW nomination.

Nashville Predators (by Scott)

Damn, this one is fantastic. Take some notes, Nashville. Scott has taken the best parts of Nashville's current jerseys and combined them with details from past jerseys to make a great combination. The checkerboard design, which has such a significant association with the state of Tennessee thanks to the University of Tennessee, is something that Nashville should have kept when they changed uniforms. I have no complaints about this one. Overall, I'll give it an 8/10.

Edmonton Oilers (by Stephen)

Hmm. Interesting. While seeing someone else use a template I made never fails to make me a little giddy, this concept I'm not sure about. I guess I've grown to like the Oilers' current color scheme and I think the changes are unnecessary. I don't think a return to navy blue is a good move for the Oilers. The standardization of the designs is good, though. Overall, I'll give it a 7/10.

Chicago Blackhawks (by Steven)

There's a really good reason why you shouldn't mess with the Blackhawks' jerseys and this demonstrates it. I'm just not feeling this one because it's too out there. A rainbow stripe design? Keep those colors restricted to the logo. Hardly any black in the away stripes? No thanks. I'm sorry for being critical like this but this really just doesn't work for the Blackhawks. While it is technically a traditional design, it just strays too much from something that shouldn't be changed. Overall, I'll give it a 6.5/10.
Saturday: HawkeyJerseyConcepts Reviewed by Kevin W. on July 13, 2013 Rating: 5


Yeti 5280 said...

Why the #$&* does Justin's Heratige Classic get a COTW nomination?! I really like the design standpoint of it, but it is pretty badly executed. The red stripes on the arm of the Ottawa sweater, are a different color of red than the stripe on the front, and the red on the inside of the ''O'' is a different shade than that of the rest of the stripe. The back of the right sleeve on the Canucks jersey is very crooked, and the inside of the jersey isn't colored. Also, the Vancouver jersey does not have numbers on the arm, while the Senators jersey does. Oh, and the green border around the 'Nucks logo is a different shade of green than what is used in the rest of the uniform.
Now like I said, I like the overall idea behind this concept, but it does NOT deserve to be nominated for COTW because of the bad execution. It's pretty obvious Justin didn't double check his concept before he submitted it.

Ryan said...

Justin got a nom because it was the writer's OPINION. Just as the above comments are your OPINIONS.

Unknown said...

I can't pass up an awesome predators concept. Scott for CotW!

Unknown said...

hey everyone, Just checking in. I still read this blog daily, and miss being really active on here. Hopefully that will change sooner rather than later.

I will throw out a COTW nom for Steven's Blackhawks set. I LOVE that rainbow stripe. It works for me in a Denver Nuggets type way... but better.

Breakfastgaming said...

I'll second the Predators concept. That alternate is awesome. The striping connecting like that makes it looks like teeth.

Kevin W. said...

You want to know why I nominated the concept for COTW despite the execution issues? It's because I like the idea behind it. Execution isn't everything and I can excuse minor issues like what you mentioned if I think the over-arching idea behind the concept deserves greater consideration. It's all a matter of opinion and I think that Justin's concept was awesome.

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