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While we wait for the Sabres new 3rd jersey, the Blues, Sharks, Wild and the many throwbacks for this season, speculation is increasingly becoming common. Today, we have 3 Sabres yellow jerseys, as well as a Winter Classic edit.

Lets' dive in.


Detroit Red Wings Winter Classic Concept (By: Andrew B.)

While some people, like me, LOVE the Winter Classic jerseys, new ideas are always a good idea, and Andrew's idea is an interesting one. I like the inclusion of beige and white together, and works as the jersey is white. The arm band is an interesting idea, but I think the underarm striping doesn't need to be there, The font is good, as is the red nameplate. (7/10)

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept (By: Austin E.)

Austin takes all the evidence that the Sabres gave in their unveiling video, and came up with this idea. I have to say, it does look rather close, and based on the evidence, this looks to be a very modern jersey. I'm not thrilled with the arms, the white band is a good idea, but the half blue half yellow cuff isn't may favourite idea. It doesn't seem like a logical idea for any team to do such a thing. I think we should expect blue and gray cuffs all the way around. Other than that, this is an accurate theory as to what we may expect in the Sabres this fall. (8.5/10)

Buffalo Sabres Alternate Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Another solid theory, Dylan gives us a new arm idea, and a larger blue hem. The arm idea, is a great idea, with the arm leading to the large white arm bands, and blue on the back. Numbers within the white arm band is a great idea, I'm not huge on the hem, white needs more gray, like the Austin's concept. I think Dylan has a good grasp on what to expect, but gray needs to be included. (9/10)

Colorado Avalanche Concept (By: Felix T.)

The Avalanche, while only being 18 years old, sure do need new jerseys, and I think the Avs could pull off a classic jersey, and this concept continues to prove that idea. The arm band is a good idea, and the underarm striping does work, as does the striping pattern. The random white triangle doesn't work, I think it's supposed to be a mountain, but it doesn't work, and distracts from the good jersey. (7/10)

Phoenix Coyotes Concept (By: Kyle N.)

Originally, I though Phoenix had a decent alternate, but I can't stand it now, and the team could use a black alternate, that is better. Kyle takes a 2002 USA Olympic-esque approach, with a curved arm band and classic hem stripe. I don't think Philly should have the monopoly on this style of arm band, as most if not all teams could pull it off. The jersey looks good, but I think a little more black on the arm band and shoulders could help with balancing the colours. (8/10)

Ottawa Senators Concepts (By: Michael G.)

Michael G. sees the pre-edge Sens alternate should be used as home and road jerseys, and have a classic alternate. The alternate looks great, and could be used as a winter classic jersey (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). The home and road isn't grabbing me. The lack of white on the black is a little distracting and the white jersey could be much better in the colour balancing department.(6.5/10)

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Phil B.)

Dallas is getting the gold treatment from Phil, who swaps the silver for gold in this concept, and makes a matching striping pattern. I like the idea, but at the same time, I don't think the striping works on the white jersey. The green and gold should be switched on the striping, and maybe having a 3 outline number set. I'd like to see a yellow attempted, and a darker green used. (7/10)

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

This idea for the Panthers is a good idea, but the execution errors are easy to fix and should be fixed. The white jersey should have blue numbers to balance the colours, and logos are way too big, and the numbers are crooked. The striping however is good, as is the yoke, but the execution errors should be fixed and this concept would be better. (6/10)

Buffalo Sabres Concept (By: William B.)

 William has a different idea with the Sabres alternate off of the Buffalo Bison of the AHL. The traditional striping pattern and logo are all good, as is the font choice. The idea of an NHL team offering a throwback to an AHL team is not a bad idea, especially since many cities had AHL teams first before an NHL team. (9/10) COTW nom from me.

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1 comment:

Dylan W. said...

First I would just like to say the gold should be brighter. It looks a little pukey. And I don't think the gold works with the new logo. With the beveled look, the silver makes it as the whites shadow. So adding gold takes away the beveling look, but it just seems odd then. I think if you're going to go gold, you need a brighter gold for the white, and a slightly darker gold for the silver to make the beveling still there. Then I would say drop black entirely and make the black white so the colors don't get lost. Just my opinion though on that.

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