Monday: Mellow Yellow For the Sabres Fellow

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I'm very excited to have made it to the 2nd round of the HJC open for the first time, and look forward to face Andrew G.. I want to thank everyone who voted for me and to my fellow writers Ricky and Dylan A. for being great competition. If you did make it to the 2nd round, congratulations and remember to send in your entries for Wednesday evening.

As Ricky briefly mentioned on Friday, the Sabres are showing off their new alternate a la Carolina Hurricanes, and will be unveiling it soon. So far, we've seen that the yoke will be slightly squared, a new collar design, and small script under the collar, an awesome feature. The world of hockey needs another yellow jersey, as just like purple and gray, it is underused.

On to the Concepts:

Charlottetown Islanders Concept (By: Danny R.)

The Islanders have a decent logo and the fact is that many minor league teams could have an altered Islanders logo as their own, and Danny has the right idea as a tribute to the storied NY Islanders franchise. The oversized numbers and altered logo are a nice touch, as a good vintage touch, reminds me of the 80's Islanders. Overall it is just an Islanders copy but would be a good tribute or specialty jersey. (8/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concept (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan has made quite a few black and white Blackhawks jerseys, and this one is just as great as the last few. I'm not a huge fan on chest striping, but not making it a solid stripe, as well as adding a hem stripe make the jerseys seem more unique and not just a copy of Detroit's 2008 winter classic jersey. The arms, while bare, doo look good, but I think something should be added to it, maybe making the striping doubled like on the chest. (8.5/10)

Dornbirner EC Concepts (By: Jake88)

Navy and Silver is a beautiful colour combination, and should be used more in the NHL, but this Euro concept is a good start too. The striping reminds me of a mix of Boston, Toronto and Pittsburgh's winter classic jersey. The blue jersey is better imo because the white jersey looks bland, especially with the lack of blue. Adding cuffs may eliminate that issue. (7.5/10)

EC Red Bull Salzburg Concepts (By: Jake88)

Red Bull owns quite a few sports teams, and have a good sports logo. The Austrian team wears cool jerseys right now, but using the Minnesota away jersey template is a good way to show off the white blue and red on the jerseys. I think the striping is good, and the colours are balanced well. The helmets, I'm not a fan of, however, I think something along that line could work. To make the helmets work, I'd add silver to the jersey. (7/10)

Abbotsford Heat Concepts (By: Justin S.)

The Heat, while staying in Abbotsford for the time being, should have new jerseys, and whether that means Atlanta Flames copies, or a new look all together, Justin gives the Heat a much needed update. I like the 90's flames idea, but the yellow should be silver as per the Heat's colour scheme. The arm band should not have a yoke interrupting it, and should go all the way to the collar. The alternate is cool, but the numbers should have a middle red stripe on them to make it look better. (6/10)

Regina Pats Concepts (By: Scott D.)

The Pats, whose name remains a mystery as to it's exact origin, and should wear classic jerseys. Scott takes the Jets striping and uses a classic template on the home and road jerseys. I like the Jets striping pattern and a red jersey looks great. The blue jersey are based on older jerseys, and perhaps adding a white yoke would be a great idea, but at the same time I can understand the lack of yoke to make it a unique concept. (9/10)

Quebec Nordiques Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

The Nordiques, when they do eventually return with a new arena, they need updated jerseys, and Stephen offers a good replacement. I like the actual striping pattern and should have the fleur de lis as a shoulder patch. The white logo is a nice touch , as are the clash oriented arm bands, which are a good move. The numbers however should be moved into the shoulder ends, and the patch moved onto the yoke itself. (8/10)

Colorado Avalanche Saturday Night Classic Concept (By: Jets96)

The next two concepts are mine so I won't comment on them.
Phoenix Coyotes Concept (By: Jets96)

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DBro Alexander said...

About that new Sabres jersey, I'm really excited to see it. It looks as if the yoke will actually go down further on the back/arms and even go down under the front of the collar, like a cape. Also, their new wordmark logo looks sharp

Anonymous said...

I believe the Pats got their namesake from the Princess Patricia's regiment.

Tyler Gross said...

Scott D. for COTW

Phil B. said...

I like the helmet on Jake88's Red Bull concept because it takes the design straight from the energy drink's can. Sure it'd be nice to have more silver, but I think its fine as is.

Tederifico said...

First regarding the Pats
They began operations in 1917. They were originally named the Patricias, after Princess Patricia of Connaught, the granddaughter of Queen Victoria and daughter of the Governor General (the Duke of Connaught). The team name was also associated with Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, to the point that Pats sweaters still bear the regimental crest as a shoulder patch. In 1923, the team's name was shortened to the Pats.

Second I gotta say that I really like the Red Bulls jersey....and that is one of the few Avalanche jerseys that actual appeal to me!

winnipegjets96 said...

Thanks for the info Ted, I always thought the dog logo may have something to do with William Lyon Mackenzie King's multiple dogs named Pat (for those who don't know Mackenzie King was the longest serving Prime Minister in Canada, appears on the $50 bill, and had a very strong interest in the supernatural and his dog, yes I am a history buff). I'm glad you like the Avalanche jersey, I think the Nordiques WHA jerseys in their early days work for the Avs

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