Monday: Canada Day Concepts

Hey guys, happy Canada day for those who live in Canada. Canada is now 146 years old, and as for the American and International readers, hope your national days will be good.

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Yesterday was the NHL Entry Draft, I missed most of the draft but what I did find many interesting events that took place at the draft in Jersey.

First off, if anyone is from Brooklyn or New Jersey, why do the fans boo everything and everyone, I don't like Bettman myself, but I wouldn't boo the guy. Not only did the fans in Newark boo Bettman, but Brooklyn fans booed David Stern at the NBA Entry Draft.

Vancouver fans were surprised to find their supposed starter, Cory Schneider was traded to New Jersey for the 9th overall pick. I think New Jersey got a decent goalie for when Brodeur finally retires, and Vancouver got a much needed prospect to play in Utica next year, the Commmmmeeeeetttttttttssssssssssssss. In a touching moment, Martin Brodeur drafted his own son, Anthony to the Devils.

The Avs took Nathan Mckinnon, and should be great with the Avs front line, which will be amazing. Seth Jones went 4th to Nashville, and strengthened the already intense Nashville defence. I know I will be impressed with this year's draft class, and at least one of the rookies will become a star this year and in the years to come.

Winnipeg Jets Concepts (By: Bobby P.)

The Jets have great jerseys, but a classic set wouldn't be a bad idea and Bobby is on the right track. The logo actually looks good in the classic colours , and works to make the jersey look like that from the early 90's. This striping pattern, while unique is also a little weird on the white jersey. I'm not a fan of the cuffs and especially the yoke, but I could deal with just the cuffs, The font on the back is military style  and I think numbers that followed would be equally awesome as the font. (8/10)

Saipa SM Liiga Concepts (By: Jake 88)

Jake88 continues with the SM Liiga concepts, and gives us a modern jersey with classic elements. The Blues template works on a Euro team, because I can see the yoke and horns working in the logo. The Boston Bruins type striping on the hem works to make the jerseys unique, but should cut off the stitching.  The classic font also helps to aid the classic idea, but the font doesn't match the font of the logo, a more curved font would be an excellent idea. (8/10)

Pittsburgh Penguins Concepts (By: Andy C.)

The Pens should go back to the winning colour scheme, and the 90's alternate should make a comeback, but the swift template makes the jerseys look better imo. The Lemieux era jerseys look great, and while the white jerseys are not balanced, they are classic and go with the era Andy is trying to portray. The alternate looks amazing and while the Robo-Pen would normally grace the front of the jersey, the skating Pen looks good. (9/10)

Red Deer Rebels Concepts (By: Dylan W.)

The Rebels, former home of Ryan N.H., have decent jerseys now, but new Tuesday writer Dylan W. gives us a great alternative, and the yoke is the biggest change. The horns are gone quite well, and doesn't use the Blues template to get the horn effect. The vintage elements look great, and the striping looks good on the black jersey. The white jersey should have the white spots in the striping on the black jersey that is black. (8.5/10)

Florida Panthers Concept (By: Coby S.)

 I won't give too much of a critique on the execution errors, as the Tutorials will help with that, but I will cover some things that would help dramatically and make Coby's concepts great. The logo is much too big and should be shrunk majorly. The idea of having hem script is cool, but the script should stay in the jersey and not go outside of the stitching lines. The striping should stop at the edge stitches and should carry over to the back side aswell, I'd also learn how to do NOB (numbers on the back) so the back doesn't look as bear. Still, I can see what was being attempted, and with some practice, this could be a really good idea. (4/10)

Stadium Series Concepts (By: Derek H.)

The California Classic is sure to be a great game, and Derek gives us two 90's inspired concepts for the event. The Ducks jersey has the few and good elements of the Wild Wing jersey, but also adds more from the regular Mighty Ducks look. The Burger King logo looks good on the 70's jersey and I'm all for an all coloured game. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.

Kalamazoo Wings Concept (By: Mike S.)

Kalamazoo has had the K-Wings for over 30 years now, and the logo has remained relatively the same for 20. This Thrashers inspired alternate looks great, the uniqueness compliments the classic colour scheme and hem striping well. The Vintage shoulder patch is a nice touch, and everything flows well. I would add a pants stripe like on the hem to the pants, however. (9/10)

Here are two concepts from my Saturday Night Classics series

New Jersey Devils Concept (By: Jets96)

 Toronto Maple Leafs Concept (By: Jets96)

TPS Turku Concept (By: Jake88)

The Monochromatic team from Finland sure does look good, for not having a third colour, but Jake88 gives them a different look. The Capitals template looks good, and even the piping works for SM Liiga. The same problem with the numbers on Jake88's previous concept, and the white jersey looks a little bare to me, cuffs may help fight against that. (7/10)

Vancouver Canucks Concepts (By: Bobby P.)

Bobby combines the stick in rink and Jonny Canuck looks to make a great set. The striping is one of the best in Vancouver's history and shows off the history Vancouver's hockey market has. The Johnny Canuck logo is good, but I think the numbers should match the outline on the V. I'd also get rid of the cuffs on the white jersey to add a bit for consistency to the jersey. (7.5/10)
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Unknown said...

I like your Devils concept, Jets. Just wish the hem stripes didn't cause the crest to have to be shrunken so much... I'm not a big fan of chest stripes (outside of the Habs) but I wonder what that would have looked like instead.

Happy Canada Day!


Unknown said...


Coby S. said...

I'm just a kid but I can create some good stuff. That was a trial run.

winnipegjets96 said...

That's good Coby, I hope you continue making concepts, it is a wonderful hobby and has a great community behind it. Read the tutorials and keep getting better, we can all get better. Here was my first concept. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-nzT6pNiLtDM/TeFTrMCDcdI/AAAAAAAADPY/-5PD3AIwG1Q/s1600/WinnipegJets96-Toronto%2BTecumsehs.png

Ryan said...

Mike S Kalamazoo concept for COTW

Dylan W. said...

Jets, tha'ts awesome that you have your first concept. I had my original ten years before I found HJC on facebook, then I deleted them once I realized how great a lot of people are at making them. Huge mistake. Those are memories.

Unknown said...

Jets and Dylan, I'm really impressed with your work in particular. I wanna see some of your earlier works and see how I can make mine better! And how do you do the collar?

Rosy Jerseys said...

Hey Coby, it's great to have more young ones on the site. I also am a kid and my first jersey was only a year ago.*

*my first jersey drawn by hand was when I was 2. It stunk.

Rosy Jerseys

Ryan said...

Hi Coby,

I think it could really help if you took a look at the tutorials. There is a link at the top of the page for the Paint.net tutorial. Even if you don't use that program it can give you a bit of an idea. Program can be learned rather easily.

Also check out the TUTORIALS link on the side of the page.

Finally, check out everything on the TEMPLATES page, including all of the links at the bottom.

Tom V. said...

I've been in and out of HJC for a few years now.... The comments in this post are beauty. One of the reasons I keep coming back. A great bunch of Lads.

Cody said...

Hey guys. I'm coming back with some new stuff soon. And keep it up Coby.

Breakfastgaming said...

Just realized I worded that crazy wrong! I meant my 10 first concepts were on facebook before I found HJC HAHA.

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