Friday: Trades, Free Agency, and the Rumor Mull

Howdy all you HJC readers, hope our American friends enjoyed their Independence Day celebrations. Today is the real start of the offseason for me as it directly impacts the following season. So what about this Peverley/Seguin (et al) for Eriksson (et al) trade or about Alfredsson testing the FA market? Interesting(, eh?) for yesterday and earlier today among other things. This is a very favorable scenario for my home town club in Buffalo to perhaps provide slightly easier competition and my beloved Ducks benefit because the realignment now takes the Stars out of our division. However, I sit here still wishing the Ducks had Bobby Ryan. No matter it's only just begun, just as this post which needs to now be moving along.


There is only one reminder from me this week, and you can find that below.

COTW June 24-30 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern)


Stadium Series (Dylan W.)

     One bit of inside info for this one. There was a group of people from the Twin Cities area at a Buffalo Bisons game a few years ago that were big on the North Stars. They all made me aware that they and the city wants nothing to do with and don't speak of that franchise (North Stars) anymore and that's why they embrace the Wild in the manner that they do. For that, I don't think they'd like to see this jersey even though there is a team in Minnesota again.
     While I don't like the jersey anyway because all I see is a modified Wild logo on a North Stars jersey, I never liked that the North Stars used gold, green, then black rather than green, gold, then black. The Blackhawks jersey is fine and have no issues with it. Just one question - why is the retro template being used when the Winter Classic Alumni jerseys use a modern template? I thought I remember seeing that in the games. A 7.5 out of 10.

Everett Silvertips (Dylan W.)

This one I like much more of the tow submissions from Dylan today. Switching to this alternate logo as primary is the main focus as it appears to be the cause for the mountainous hem. However it is also very reminiscent of Mount St. Mary's of (NCAA Division I) and the NBA's Denver Nuggets in some fashion. Regardless, this is the best color scheme it goes with between those teams and the Silvertips, nice work. A 9 out of 10 overall.

Regina Pats (Caleb)

I've realized that it is this particular shade of blue that is visually deceiving me as it pertains to the Regina Pats. The most interesting about this one to me is the cut-off of the yoke outline and thus isn't a full outline. If not for the striping, it probably wouldn't fit many other uniforms. The number on the colored uniform is slightly too large with good TV numbers but the home white has a good primary number with too small TV numbers. But hey, at least they're there. Overall an 8 out of 10.

Lethbridge Hurricanes (Coby)

Okay, Coby has seen some improvements with this concept. But there will still be some things that he can pick up that can really bring out his style of sport graphic design. The logo is well over-sized, but I like where it is going. You can see that it was taken from the current Carolina alternate as visible by the pixelated outline to the lower left. He also uses it as a basis for their hem stripe pattern. I'm curious as to the significance of that random red bar. The number and NOB are good too, but just as the logo are over-sized.  I'd like to see the stitch marks where applicable, particularly in regards to the collar which is partially covered. Also the next tutorial I would give a look at would be TV numbers, but Coby is taking it one step at a time and makes me look forward to his progress. A storm warning shows a 5 out of 10, but it is strengthening.

PSG Zlin (Jake88)

Since last we met, Jake88 was working on the Finnish SM-liiga, but has finished that and moved onto the Czech Extraliga. I know why it was done but I don't think I agree on the sock and pant stripe choice, I would try to give a five stripe pattern to match the striping closest to but not including the collar. Else-wise, stellar job - an 8.5 out of 10.

HC Verva Litvinov (Jake88)

There is one team in particular this reminds me of Borussia Dortmund of soccer's German Bundesliga. The only difference other than sport and country is that Verva's logo has much more color balance. That significantly helps the concept. The only thing I'd like to see change is to transport the striping from the pants to everything else, even the shoulders (despite being curved) as opposed to the single stripe on everything. A 9 out of 10 for this one.

Portland Rosebuds (Bobby P.)

For-though this team would play at the Rose Garden (presumably), I'm not so sure about the baby blue. That color has significance to the city, but I would try green as both colors come from the city's flag. Christmas colors aren't very typical and wound up in disfavor among the Devils organization who trashed that scheme in the 90s. The biggest thing is not that, however, the "P" to me looks like an asymmetrical letter "T" instead. Every rose has it's thorn, a 7.5 out of 10.

2014 Stadium Series (Derek)

I thought of turning this particular Canucks logo into the same color scheme a long time ago, but i have never actually put it onto a jersey. But to match the logo, I'd like to see two green stripes. Next, an Ottawa logo - in vintage white? Sounds crazy, but it actually appears to be a rustic gold to me. The logo can sneak away with it but not the name and NOB. Perhaps we could use the sock arrangement as vertical striping for the pants then copy it to replace the sock as is now. An 8.5 out of 10.

Lethbridge Hurricanes (William B.)

Whenever this style hem stripe is applied, I can't resist my head shake of disapproval. If this kind of striping is used, I prefer the rest of the hem remain the same color as the jersey. However, there is also the matter of mismatching striping, which is also a peeve of mine. Also if you are going to have a yoke outline, i'd prefer it not to blend in like this one and go white instead of navy.  This storm warning indicates a 7 out of 10.

Brampton Beast (Ryan-HJC)

El Capitan rounds up our daily concepts ant this one I'm undecided on. That is primarily because of the sleeves. Maybe I would turn the yoke to red, as I'd like to see more of it in both sweaters. |Everything else is where it needs to be for my liking. Even with the red, it wouldn't change very much. An 8 out of 10, plain and simple (sort of).


Now the only thing I have to do left is continue to prepare my opening round concept for the HJC Open. Enjoy the weekend and happy FA Frenzy!

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Dylan W. said...

How do you like the Ryan move Ricky? Being a Duck fan. Would like to know how actual fans of other teams think of these types of moves.

Kyle C. said...

As a Kings fan I love that trade, Ryan was a King killer.

Richard Mazella said...

I'm okay with it, Silfverber is a younger Ryan; it's just that we didn't get enough for him - I would've liked a player and not a draft pick. But also, he has to be in the same division as the Sabres (a team he generally plays well against)

Dylan W. said...

As a Sabre fan seeing all these moves happen to teams in our division is really awesome. It's like punching the organization in the face. I can smell the 0 divisonal wins by Buffalo this year. I wish my favorite team had a management that would make moves like that. Sabres are overvaluing their players. We will be lucky to even get a 2nd rounder for Miller, yet Regier is still asking St,Louis for Oshie and a 2nd rounder. In his dreams.

Gérard said...

As a Sens fan, it's the best thing to happen all day, but that's not really saying much. I can live with the trade, but would have rathered it be Zibanejad instead of Silfverberg.

NB14 said...

Being a die hard Sens fan, I really like the move for the Sens but I think it can also benefit the Ducks. Jakob Silfverberg is a high end prospect who has a lethal quick release and he and Stefan Noesen could both be top six forwards in the near future. I know lots of Sens fans who are angry with this deal and even think the Sens gave up too much for Ryan. However, I still think the entire city of Ottawa is in a state of shock and I feel sick picturing our Captain in a Red Wings jersey. Also, everyone seemed to forget that we signed Clark MacArthur.

Josh said...

How does the Seguin deal give the Sabres easier competition? You know Eriksson is a great player, right? Much better than Seguin is right now.

Dylan W. said...

Apparently you didn't understand what I was saying.. it's awesome because I hate our management, I hope they realize what they're doing. Like how I went onto say I smell 0 divisional wins by the Sabres this year...

Tyler Gross said...

Dylan W. for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

Hey guys we're all forgetting that the Bulin Wall is back in Chicago...even though he'll barely see any ice time behind Corey Crawford... bleh

Richard Mazella said...

Yes but two players do not make one, Eriksson is still only one player and I guarantee more Bruins will be out the door. I;'m in Bruins territory 9 months of the year for yet another year, they had absolutely everything going for them with all that young talent. I was ready to give their management the title of best front office in the league. We knew Ferrence would leave but that's it.

Gérard said...

@Ryan and and other Leafs fans reading:

I just wanted to apologize for everything I said when Sundin went to Vancouver. Losing Alfie to a division rival hurts more than losing in the Finals in '07.

Coby S said...

For anyone who knows, how do you do collars? Please do tell me!

Ryan said...

Coby, email me. I can help you but I have some questions.

Rosy Jerseys said...

@HJC When can we send in Open concepts?

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