Wednesday: Let The Offseason Begin!

Happy Happy Happy Wednesday everybody! I'm sure you all heard, but the Blackhawks are champions once again! I'll try not to gush about it since I know like 4 of our writers are Hawks' fans and will probably write about it too. But I would like to agree with what was said yesterday about the locker room championship apparel, I think they both look very good! The shirt especially! I'll be sure to have my championship gear for the parade on Friday!!! Will any of you readers be there to cheer on the team as well?

And since we're on the topic I'd like to share something with you guys, the graphic I'm using for my Facebook Timeline! Originally It was going to be just the stripe pattern and the Champs logo, but Handzus' picture is just too good not to throw in there.


We got some votes this week, as always, so don't forget to vote!
COTW June 17-23 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)
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"Madmen" entries due (Saturday @ 11:59pm Eastern time)

And speaking of Madmen entries, we only have one today...

Anthony C.

And then, of course, there's the regular daily concepts...

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - (Bobby P.)
Bobby leaves a note on the concept so I'll let you read that, but I love this color scheme. If the penguins had originally gone this direction all those years ago, it'd be great, but I don't know if you can change it now. The baby blue jersey is especially fantastic. I would really like to see a navy blue third jersey. Nothing to nitpick either which is awesome.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW NOM!

St. Louis Blues Concept - (Bobby P.)
Bobby scores again with this Blues concept which gives the Blues jerseys that are reminiscent of their 70's jerseys. I like the move to go back to only one shade of blue. I do have once nitpick on this concept though, and that's the name on the back of the blue jersey. I would make it yellow, but that's just me.

Rating: 8.5/10

Washington Capitals Concept - (Bobby P.)
Bobby's last concept of the day gives the Caps more traditional looking jerseys. The first thing I notice is that the arm stripes are very Winnipeg Jets-y, but that's not bad, I really like the double stripes look. Plus he has the double stripes on the hem, unlike the Jets. I wonder if I'll be alone on this one, but I kinda like the white yoke on the red jersey.

Rating: 8/10

Spokane Chiefs Concept - (Caleb F.)
The Chiefs have one of the best logos in the CHL in my opinion, so why not have better jerseys instead of some Montreal Canadiens clones? That's what Caleb sets out to give them, and I think he achieves that goal. The striping is angled just as the lines in the headdress of the logo. I'm not a big fan of the number font for this particular jersey. Either way, this is miles better than what they use right now.

Rating: 8.5/10

Adirondack Phantoms Concept - (Dylan W.)
Dylan sets out to give the Phantoms something all their own, and looks to keep them in Adirondack. This might be the first of Mr. Wonka's concepts I don't really care for. The design is way too out there for me, and could maybe work as a third jersey paired with a more traditional set but not on it's own. I like how he tried to work elements of the logo into the striping. I'd try maybe only using one or two of the spike-things instead of three. Maybe it'd make things less busy.

Rating: 6/10

Albany Devils Concept - (Dylan W.)
Dylan gives the Baby-Devils something that doesn't directly copy their parent club's jerseys but it is based off of past New Jersey jerseys. The striping is based off of the Devils original jerseys from the 80's and early 90's. I like it. I would like to see more black in the red jersey. Otherwise this is a pretty solid concept in my eyes.

Rating: 8/10

Pittsburgh Penguins Concept - (Gerard M.)
Gerard bases this set off of the Pens' 80's and 90's jerseys. Not super creative with the home and away but I feel like his intention was to take the Penguins back to a design that worked and introduce a new alternate jersey. The alternate jersey, in my opinion, is the crown jewel of this concept. It's a fauxback but doesn't have all the blue, something the Penguins haven't seen in a while... I would really like to see that alternate in use.

Rating: 8.5/10

Team Russia Concept - (Gerard M.)
Gerard gives Team Russia a makeover. I have to say, these jerseys are very "Click-and-Fill" to me. They don't necessarily look "bad" but they could be better. The socks on the other hand should never see the light of day. I think vertical stripes on socks should be a big no-no.

Rating: 7/10

San Jose Sharks Concept - (Gerard M.)
Gerard keeps the Sharks simple striping but ditches orange, which I'm sure I've pointed out time to time on this stie, is a bad move. I love the orange and don't understand the problem some people have with it. Granted, the jerseys don't look bad without it, they just don't look as good as they could. But I do like the alternate however, I really like that Sharks logo.

Rating: 8/10

Jokerit (SM Liiga) Concept - (Jake88)
Jake88 gives the Jokerit team a very Jesterish jersey. I actually like the checkerboard pattern in this case because it fits the identity so well. I don't really care for the red pants however. I'm curious to see the blue jersey with yellow numbers and name on the back.

Rating: 8/10

Porin Assat (SM Liiga) Concept - (Jake88)
I really like the template used here, another thing a lot of people seem to have a problem with that I dont get. I like the striping pattern used with the arm length yokes. Very simple, just like the logo. The only problem I have with this set is the hem striping, I'd swap the colors around, but I also feel like this is maybe the first time I've ever said this, but this might be an instance where blank hems could work, due to the simplicity of the set as a whole. Just a thought.

Rating: 8/10

Kansas City Scouts - (Jeff C.)
Pretty straight forward concept here. Vintage team, classic jersey design. Nothing groundbreaking here. The crest could be moved up a little bit. Name on the back would be nice to see too. The original Scouts had more red than yellow and that's where this concept keeps its distance from the original Scouts jerseys.

Rating: 7/10

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - (Mike S.)
Mike sends in his Leafs Untouchables entry for today. His proposal is for the Leafs to introduce silver into their home and away set and also use a different logo. The squared yoke is nice too. I'm ok with the striping but it just seems unnecessarily busy. I dislike the slight difference between the two sets of pants. Also, the Reebok is on the butt of the jersey...that is all...

Rating: 7.5/10
Wednesday: Let The Offseason Begin! Reviewed by DBro Alexander on June 26, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

I really like Gerard's Pittsburgh Pens third and agree that it would look awesome on the ice!


David Kerr said...

Bobby's St. Louis Blues for COTW

winnipegjets96 said...

I'll 2nd Bobby for COTW. That Away is amazing

Unknown said...

Caleb F. Spokane Chiefs for COTW. I agree with DBro here--the Chiefs could have one of the best identities in the WHL but their jerseys are Canadiens clones.


Ryan said...

I wish I could include Bobby's concept in the COTW vote, but Jets96 hasn't been clear enough as to which of Bobby's concepts he has seconded. Sorry.

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