Wednesday: Concept Overload!

Happy Wednesday everyone. So something I'm going to expect, and hope, to start seeing around here is a lot of new Lethbridge Hurricanes concepts! While going through my Twitter feed over the weekend I came across a post discussing the unveiling of a new Hurricane's logo due to the Washington Capitals told the team to switch their logo because of the likeness between the two. 

Courtesy: Lethbridge Hurricanes' Website
The team will be wearing the new logo on the same jersey template, which just so happens to be a Capitals' jersey, which is rather disappointing. But as for the logo, it looks pretty crisp. The swoop looks like a fox tail to me. At first look I thought this would make a good shoulder patch but I actually think it's an ok crest. 8/10

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Speaking of which......

Adam H.

Joey A.

Tristan P.

Tom V.

And to the concepts!!!

Sudbury Wolves (OHL) Concept - (GKennedy)
I don't really care for this template. Seems very bland to me. By the cartoony seems to make up for that just a little bit. I also notice this is a recolored version of the original logo, I like that. But if anything, I personally would have gone with their newer alternate logo.

Rating: 7/10

Ottawa Senators (Saturday Night Series) - (Jets96)

I like seeing that logo on the front of a jersey, unfortunately I don't care for the full barberpole jersey. I understand the idea behind using it, but I'd rather see that logo on an updated version of the Senators early 90's jerseys.

Rating: 7/10 

Toronto Maple Leafs Concept - (Alan H.)
Alan touches the untouchables.......hmm.....um..... well the jerseys are different. Unlike anything I've ever seen before. I just feel like everything's way too busy for such a classic team. I do, however, love the logo choice... The jersey itself could be simplified to be a bit better. Either ditch the arm and shoulder piping and have just the three arm stripes. Or ditch the arm stripes and have just the arm piping.

Rating: 7/10

Columbus Blue Jackets Concept - (Brandon C.)
Brandon improves upon the current Blue Jackets jerseys. I like how the current arm length yoke's pattern is kept in the regular yoke here and applied to more traditional arm stripes. I like blue pants better than the red ones they currently wear but I don't like the striping. It doesn't fit in, I'd either add something similar to the rest of the striping or leave them blank.

Rating: 8/10

Colorado Avalanche - (Gerard M.)
I'm not sure if I've ever seen this done for an Av's concept, but this is very close to the team's original jerseys, but I actually like this better. The mountain pattern lives in the pointed side panels, great idea, and these jerseys keep the current arm length yoke the team wears. I don't really like the alternate though, If there wasn't any black in the striping I'd like it a lot probably, I like the foot on the front of a jersey. If you wanna keep the black though, maybe add a black outline to the logo. I think that's why the black looks out of place to me, there's no black in the logo.

Rating: 8.5/10

London Knights (OHL) - (Gerard M.)
Gerard also supplies us with an OHL concept today featuring the Knights of London. This set of jerseys is heavily based on the team's jerseys from the late 80's-early 90's. It's a decent look and very reminiscent of the North Stars. I personally like their current look better, which is actually improved with the alternate jersey here. If you make a home and away set with that alternate and a light version, and kept the green jersey you made here, you got a great concept, not that this one is bad.

Rating: 8/10

Lehigh Valley Phantoms
For the 2014-15 season the Phantoms will move back to Pennsylvania and be known as the Legigh Valley Phantoms so he adjusted the team's jerseys to look like old Flyers' jerseys. When the team moves they will replace purple with "electric blue", so I'm curious to see what that will look like. I really don't have anything to say for any of these jerseys. I like them all, the alt might be a bit dark but I know that is intended.

Rating: 8/10

Dallas Stars Fix - (Michael L.)
Michael fixes the new Stars uniforms, which if you remember... I loved, and he's made them less similar to some other uniforms that already exist. I think on the green jersey I'd like to see the gray and black in the striping switched to match the order of the colors in the white jerseys striping. Still a sharp looking set, that new Star's "Victory Green" is just a great jersey color.

Rating: 8/10

North Dakota "Fighting Sioux Fight Back" - (James C.)
Mr. Gym Jackets wants to see North Dakota bring back their Native American head and name. And I don't blame him. That's a sharp looking logo and carries a lot of history with the school. I think people tend to be too sensitive, maybe if they got rid of the "Fighting" in the name the logo would be fine. But onto the jerseys. I really like this set a lot. I don't mind piping here and there unlike some people, plus tt's really easy to win me over with a green jersey. I like the modern home/away and I like the slightly more traditional alternate. I wouldn't mind seeing just the crest without the wordmark.

Rating: 9/10 and a COTW nom from me, bring back the Sioux!!!

Elmira Jackels (ECHL) - (Mike S.)
Mike gives the Jackals a pretty radical jersey that fits in with the logo's jagged-ness. The team currently wears recolored Buffaslug jerseys so this is definitely unique. I'm ok with the jagged arm stripes but something about the wavy side piping is off-putting to me.  I wish the team had secondary logos, I'm not sure if they do, I can't find any, but that grey area looks like it wants a shoulder patch and I agree with it...

Rating: 7/10

Florida Everblades Concept -
Mike gives the Everblades a pretty traditional and simple jersey, at least from afar, I like the use of a sublimated pattern similar to what is featured on the team's current jerseys. The only thing I don't like is how the logo get's lost in all that green since the logo is pretty dark itself. It needs a thicker outline.

Rating: 7.5/10

Los Angeles Kings Concept -  (Rosy Jerseys)
Rosy Jerseys wants to see the Kings back in yellow and purple. I don't think it's a bad idea, but the jerseys I'm having a tough time agreeing with. First thing I notice is the home and away are slightly different as the home is missing the hem stripe, much like their current jerseys, and the use of a wordmark. And what makes that worse is that it isn't even theres, it looks like a Sacramento Kings wordmark. The vintage white doesn't look very good on a yellow jersey as well. Plus the pants lack yellow and the so does the sock. There's no TV numbers and the back number on the alternate is way too small. I'm sorry Rosy, but you might want to fix some of the things I've pointed out.

Rating: 6/10

Florida Panthers (Saturday Night Series) - (Jets96)
Jets gives the Cats their own Saturday night jersey, reminiscent of the team's original jerseys. Only thing missing is the angled yokes. Something about the striping bugs me. I don't care fot that thin blue line between the white and yellow. It makes the thicker blue stripe look too big. And the sock's yellow looks too thick. Overall not a bad jersey, the striping just needs a bit more attention.

Rating: 7.5/10

Nashville Predators Concept - (Timmy Q.)
Timmy gives the Pred's a new set of jerseys that are more traditional. I don't like the "NP" on the front of the jersey, it belongs on the shoulders. The striping I'm ok with, it seems to fit in with the pattern in the numbers. I would like to see some hem stripes and tv numbers as well. The numbers on the back should be bigger.

Rating: 7/10

Belleville Bulls (OHL) - (Scott D.)
Very Flames look for the Bulls. It's actually really sharp. The only thing I really don't care for is the red pants and pants striping for the alternate. I wouldn't mind a white outline or something around the logo on the black jersey, something just seems off without one.

Rating: 8.5/10
Wednesday: Concept Overload! Reviewed by DBro Alexander on June 19, 2013 Rating: 5


Alan John Herbert said...

Gerard M's London Knights for COTW.

Ryan said...

I am really loving the entries coming in for the logo competition. Keep it up guys!

Tyler Gross said...

Brandon for COTW

Breakfastgaming said...

I totally agree. All these logos are great. Very clean by everyone too! Great job!

Kyle C. said...

Phantoms for COTW, that alternate is great!

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