Tuesday: You Provide the Comments

Sorry guys, a lack of a Tuesday writer prevents this from being a "beefy" post. We do have a Tuesday writer in place, but he can't start for another couple of weeks. So, your trusty admin (Ryan) will be filling in this week. Unfortunately life will prevent me from getting in depth with these concepts.

This is where I need you guys. Please leave as many comments as possible. Perhaps even rank each concept. I will number them so that you can leave your rating with the corresponding number.

Logo comp entries will be posted tomorrow. If you're uncertain of your logo making skills, I would strongly suggest giving it a try. There is a BEGINNER division and an ADVANCED division. There will also likely be an INTERMEDIATE division added, if enough entries come in.

COTW June 10-16 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
Logo Concept Comp entries (due Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Here we go...

1. Carolina Hurricanes fix by Bastian

2. Carolina Hurricanes fix by Brady

3. Carolina Hurricanes fix by Brian B.

4. Seattle Dandy Lions 3rd jersey by CPM

5. Carolina Hurricanes fix by Dylan W.
*COTW nom from me!

6. Cleveland Barons by Gerard

7. Halifax Mooseheads by Gerard

8. Phoenix Coyotes by Gerard

9. Carolina Hurricanes fix by Matt M.

10. Toronto Maple Leafs by Michael G.

11. Evansville Icemen 3rd by Mike S.

12. Pittsburgh Penguins Nike Swift by Stephen T.

13. Buffalo Sabres de-Edgify by Steven G.

14. Buffalo Sabres Saturday Night Classic Series by WinnipegJets96

15. Columbus Blue Jackets Saturday Night Classic Series by WinnipegJets96

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Unknown said...

Love the Hurricanes fixes. Brady and Wonka have similar solutions. Very nice-- uniformity between the home and away, similar striping to what they've done on the white jersey, but including the hurricane flags. Dylan's execution spot on as usual.

Tederifico said...

Dandy Lions COTW!

Michael said...

WinnepegJets96 left us a cool concept i like the buffalo all alone it is different i like it. However i dont like that blue jackets logo but that is just me.

Could someone review my Toronto concept I was really hoping for some feedback

Michael G said...

I like WinnipegJets96 no circle logo.
I also like Gerald's alternate for the Barons, I love the colors.

Could some review my Toronto Concept?

winnipegjets96 said...

@ Michael: I like your leafs concept, and I think it has some serious potential. I like the logo you used, never seen it on a concept before. I like the chest striping and the blue. The only problem I have with the concept is the shoulder patches, they are not the same colour, and I think the concept would be good without them. I'd also get rid of the bottom hem strip

Rosy Jerseys said...

Leafs jerseys would look better with some gray.
DandyLions third jerseys are dandy.
Sabers jerseys are awesome. I would love to see a series like this.

~Rosy Jerseys

winnipegjets96 said...

@Rosy Jerseys, glad you like te Sabres concept, I've seen this idea done before, but I thought I would give my shot at it. I am doing an entire series where I make throwbacks for every team where they jersey either throwsback to the most successful era in the clubs history, OR to an era that has never been thrown back to, sometimes though, I combine eras, like in some upcoming concepts.

Unknown said...

I love that Mooseheads alternate. Really classic, but unique shoulder stripes. The only changes I'd suggest would be to remove the main logo from the arm, it looks a bit squished under the stripes. Maybe putting it as a shoulder logo above the stripes.
Also, I think only one set of stripes on the socks might look a bit cleaner.

Michael G said...

Thanks everyone for the comments

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