Thursday: Game 1 and anything but NHL concepts!

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(Sorry for the slight lateness of this post, some things came up.)

Howdy fellow HJCers! Last night was Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Bruins and Blackhawks, the first Original Six matchup in the Final since 1979, which pitted the Canadiens against the Rangers. The Blackhawks took Game 1, 4-3 in 3OT with a double deflection goal by Andrew Shaw. Now to what this blog is really about, the concepts! Today we have 12 concepts, only 3 of which are NHL concepts, if I did my math right, that's only 1/4! So let's get going!


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Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL) concept (By: Matt M.)

Matt starts us off today with a team you'll see multiple times today, the new Charlottetown Islanders. These jerseys seem very boring and uncreative. It just seems like a Penguins jersey with a couple things filled in. I recommend just going back to the drawing board here and come up with something with more flavor and originality. 4/10

Southern NCAA concept (By: Dylan W.)

I'm not sure if Southern has a hockey team, but these jerseys would be pretty cool. I like the sublimated jaguar print and the simple striping. Awesome concept here. 8/10

Team Sweden 2014 Olympics concept (By: Bobby P.)

The olympics are right around the corner (sort of) and Bobby has two olympic concepts for us today. I like the three crowns logo with the circle around it. The yoke logo looks good and so does the simple three stripes. All around good concept here and something I would expect Sweden to wear. 7.5/10

Ottawa Redblacks CFL concept (By: Gerard M.)

Gerard has been working on some CFL hockey jerseys for us later and continues with three CFL jerseys today. The Ottawa Redblacks are the newest team in the league and I'm not sure if I've seen any jerseys. But these look very simple and classic. Nice job. 7/10

Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL) concept (By: Jets96)

Another new team, the Charlottetown Islanders are the newest team in the QMJHL and we have two concepts for this team today. Jets96 brings us the first and it seems briefly penguins inspired. I like the colored in arms with the slanted stripes. These look great, as always, from Jets96. 7.5/10

NYR-NYI Winter Classic concept (By: Adam H.)

Adam has the Rangers playing the Islanders in the Winter Classic, something I would see happening in the future. I know the lighter blue is what the Rangers used to wear way back, but I don't like it. The Islanders with the symbolic 4-stripes is cool, though. Great job here. 7/10

Montreal Alouettes CFL concept (By: Gerard M.)

Gerard continues his CFL hockey jersey series with the Alouettes of Montreal. These jerseys use the buffa-slug template, something I actually like. This is a really cool use of the buffa-slug template here. Awesome job. 7.5/10

Rockville Majors RHL concept (By: ArtfulJB)

ArtfulJB has a really cool project going on called the Redline Hockey League, and the uniforms are awesome! I love the logos here. Awesome job and I can't wait to see more! Check out the full set of the Majors concepts here. 9/10 and a COTW nom

Team Canada 2014 Olympics concept (By: Bobby P.)

Here is Bobby's second Olympic concept of the day, and it's no one else but gold-medal winning Canada. I love the striping pattern and the simple Maple Leaf logo. I'm not sure what the yellow and black jersey symbolizes, but I like it, gives the team a real classic feel. Awesome job here, and can't wait to see the other teams you have for this Olympic series. 8.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (By: Jets96)

Jets96 has our second out of three NHL concepts today, and it's the Jackets. I really like this. The horizontal striping is cool, and the white with the blue star in it looks cool. One thing I don't like is the stars on the pants. Just leave the pants red with a blue stripe at the bottom. I also like the hat logo as a crest. Awesome execution and great job here. 7.5/10

Winnipeg Blue Bombers CFL concept (By: Gerard M.)

Gerard has his third and final CFL jersey of the day, and it's the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. I really like the Blackhawks-esque striping. The "W" logo looks nice as well. The monochrome font looks good as well. Great execution here and nice job with all of these CFL jerseys! 8/10

Toronto Maple Leafs concept (By: Stephen T.)

Last, but not least, is Stephen with a cool Leafs concept. I love the thin three stripes pattern, and the striping below the yokes looks great too. Execution is well and awesome concept here to close us off! 8/10  

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone, and Go Hawks!
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Unknown said...

I'll nominate Bobby P's Canada jerseys for COTW, because it's like what the Hurricanes tried to do, only done right!


Brian said...

Wow, that Alouettes concept is incredible! COTW nom from me.

Anonymous said...

On stephens Toronto Jersey the left away striping is different. Just pointing out a mistake if you want to fix it Stephen

Mark said...

Stephen's Toronto jersey looks a lot like David Kerr's from a couple weeks ago. Both are cool designs though.

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