Thursday: Back to the Madhouse for Game 5

Hello! Tyler here on this beautiful Thursday and we have some awesome concepts for you guys! Well, Game 4 of the Finals was last night and the Hawks won a high-scoring, overtime affair, 6-5. The series has gone to three overtimes for the first time since 1993. Anyway, I hope the Hawks can keep the offense going in Game 5 and pick up a series lead at home. Anyway, let's get rollin'!


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Dylan W.

Brady S.


William B.


Buffalo Sabres concept (By: Steve M.)

Steve starts us off with some simple, and classic Sabres concepts. I love the simple striping, but I feel the jersey is empty and uncreative. I think shoulder patches are needed, and some type of outline on the name/numbers would look better. Good idea, needs some work though. 6.5/10

Columbus Blue Jackets concept (By: Jets96)

Jets96 continues the simplicity trend and simplifies the Blue Jackets to a look inspired by the navy alternate. I really like the removal of the vintage white. People seem to really be getting tired of the roundel logos, but I like it here.The stars look great on the yokes for some character and gives it more of a "civil-war" look. Awesome job here. 8/10

Hartford Wolf Pack AHL concept (By: Alex J.)

Alex gives us our first non-NHL concept of the day, and it's one of the newest teams in the AHL, the Hartford Wolf Pack. I really like the striping. The NYR/star shoulder patches look good and so does the "3D" font. One thing I don't like is the pant striping. I think the pants should just be plain red. 7/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (By: Kyle)

Kyle goes full-on here with the Gretzky-era Kings jerseys, and I like it. The chest stripe looks cool with the "KINGS" wordmark there. The current logo on the shoulders looks good too. Great execution here. 7.5/10

Lethbridge Hurricanes WHL concept (By: Gerard M.)

Our first CHL concept of the day, Gerard brings us the Hurricanes of Lethbridge, who, by the way, got a new logo recently. These seem to be inspired by the recent alternates the Hurricanes released last year (I believe). I really like the home and away, but that lighter-blue alternate is awesome! Really like the use of the vintage white there. One thing I don't like is the seemingly-pointless red striping on the navy pants. Just make the pants plain navy blue. 7.5/10

Kingston Frontenacs OHL concept (By: Scott D.)

We have three straight OHL concepts coming up, so get ready! Anyway, Scott has some AWESOME Frontenacs jerseys here. I love the sleeve piping and how the hem striping fits right in with it. The logos used are perfect. That gold alternate is a beauty, too! Great execution and awesome work as always from you, Scott. 9/10 and a COTW nom from me!

Peterborough Petes OHL concept (By: Alan)

Our second of three straight OHL concepts, Alan brings us the classicly-named Peterborough Petes. They currently have Reebok cookie-cutter templates similar to the Avalanche. Just like we saw above, I love the sleeve piping and how the hem striping works with it in harmony. The logos are pretty cool too. Read the description on the image for more. Great work here, Alan. 8/10

North Bay Battalion OHL concept (By: Gerard M.)

Our 3rd and final OHL concept of the day, Gerard brings us the Battalion, who recently moved from Brampton to North Bay. In my opinion, the Battalion's color scheme is one of the worst in all of sports. Bright yellow, camo green, black, and white. There is almost nothing worse. Their jerseys were nothing more, although it's hard to make good uniforms with colors like that. Gerard comes up with some jerseys that I really don't think look much better then what they wore in Brampton. It seems all that was added was some half-way sleeves and I really don't like them. I honestly think the Battalion should go back to the drawing board and come up with a new color scheme and new uniforms. The black alternate is definitely better, in fact I'm really feeling it. The colored namebar even looks pretty good here. One thing I really like is the number font, though. Good try, but I just think the colors are just not good enough. 6/10

Carolina Hurricanes concept (By: Tristan P.)

Tristan brings back more of the ":hurricane flag" pattern, probably a route the Hurricanes should take. I really like the red and white jerseys, but I'm not a big fan of the grey jersey. I really think the alternate should remain black for the Canes, but that's just me. The new font looks good as well. Good job here. 7.5/10

Dallas Stars concept (By: Tyler G./Myself)

I really wanted to create a black alternate for the Stars, inspired by their pant striping which I think could have a lot of potential if the Stars ever want to go down that route. I added a green yoke with a white outline to match the striping, and the pants' Texas logo as the primary crest. Tell me what you think.

Charlottetown Islanders QMJHL concept (By: Scott D.)

The Islanders are the newest team in the QMJHL, and they have a pretty cool logo. I really like what Scott has done here with the Ducks alternate template. The gold looks really good. Awesome execution and awesome job, still, as always from Scott. 8.5/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (By: Dylan W.)

Dylan has some uh.. unique Bolts concepts here. I actually really like the lightning-edged sleeve striping, But I think the edges seem a bit too rounded, I think they need to be more pointy, if that makes sense. The font looks good and so do the logos. Once again, I love how the hem stripes go perfectly with the sleeve striping. Awesome job, and an idea that has a lot of potential. 8/10

Dallas Stars concept (By: Alex H.)

Alex offers up his corrections to the Stars new uniforms, with a black alternate similar to mine above. I don't really like the changed that were made. The striping here just doesn't look as good to me. One change I do like actually, is the Oilers pant striping with the Texas logo inside it. Looks cool. 7/10

Washington Capitals concept (By: Jets96)

Our 14th concept of the day, Jets96 brings us some simplified Capitals concepts. I really like the new striping here, I also like the subtle fact that the blue is on top on the hem, and on the bottom on the arms. The current font looks great too. The stars on the arms are once again, a nice touch. Maybe a blue alternate with the same type of striping (based on the pant striping) could look good. Nice job here. 8.5/10

Los Angeles Kings concept (By: Gerard M.)

Last, but definitely not last, Gerard has some simplified Kings concepts for us. The Kings current jerseys have really grown on me with the sleeve piping, but it would still look great without the sleeve piping, as Gerard shows us here. The classic purple and yellow alt looks great too. Awesome execution and great job here. 8/10

Thanks for reading, have a good Friday everyone!
Thursday: Back to the Madhouse for Game 5 Reviewed by Tyler Gross on June 20, 2013 Rating: 5


Josh said...

I'll give Dylan's Lightning a COTW nom.

Alan John Herbert said...

Tyler G's Dallas Stars concept for COTW.

winnipegjets96 said...

I"ll 2nd Tyler G's Stars 3rd for COTW! But I have to disagree about the Battalion concept. I think the half way sleeves work well, as do the colour scheme balanced on the jersey. I could see the problem with the green jersey, but the white is perfect. I do agree the Black looks better though, and adding some military cues would make it better

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