Monday: Islanders Overload

Hey guys, happy Monday as usual!

In awesome news, remember when I said I was designing the hockey jerseys for my school's hockey team, the jerseys have arrived and they look great. Thanks to the Hockey coaches at Loyola for letting me do this, and to my friend Trevor for helping me touch up the logo, you guys all rock. I will post pics of the jerseys next Monday!

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Here are some of the logo entries that have come in so far:

Matt M.)

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Michael A.)

We have a down right Massive post today, with 15 concepts on board.

Boston Bruins Concepts (By: Snow Monster)

I agree the Bruins look great in Brown, not full time, but as a second set, this would really work. the Brown jersey looks great, that shade is a good hockey colour (doesn't look gaudy or awkward) and the striping is good. The white is a a little boring for me, but a shoulder patch would fix that. The jerseys could also use T.V numbers and the pants striping looks awkward since it isn't balanced, but that's nitpicky, still a good concept. (7.5/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Gerard gives his take on what the Canes should wear, keeping things modern and current. I like the amount of black son the cuffs, and the black makes sense when put next to the flag stripes as they have a lot of black. The flag isn't a great logo, but neither is the Canes current logo so it is a lateral move but one that looks better with more black. The alternate looks better with more red, but I would scrap the gray and use only black. (8/10)

Calgary Flames Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

Calgary could really use a new look, and it seems they are going back to full on classic, but Gerard thinks they should muse more black. I love that move, the away jersey is perfect, the colours, the striping and the cuffs look great, this is my ideal Flames away. The home is good too, but I am not a fan of the white C, but it still looks great. The alternate is good too, combining the two other Calgary Pro teams, but I think adding white and black would be better. The Horse Head should also come back, because who didn't like that head (NHL 03 was spiffy with that logo on the front of it). (8.5/10)

Carolina Hurricanes Concepts (By Brian B.)

On June 3rd, Brian's original concept was posted, this is his edit to it, and his ideas to make Carolina's new jerseys better. The elements he's kept on the jerseys are the ones post people like, like better sleeves, the non matching striping and collar, and the yoke. The logo is thankfully brought down to normal level, and the yokes now both go on to the name bar. I like the flag stripes making a comeback, but I think they should match in style. (8/10)
Charlottetown Islanders Concepts (By: Gerard M.)

ummmmmmmmm....well, this would be a different approach to the Jr. Islanders, and, to be brutally honest, I like it a lot. I think the alternate would be an amazing approach to the take, but the home and road look great as well. The problems with the original Fishermen jerseys are gone, like the arms and hem, and the curved numbers, while the Ducks template looks great as waves (which is what they really do look like). The alternate as I said is amazing, and really could be used by ANY team called Islanders, New York or Prince Edward, this would be a better version of the Islanders currently awesome (don't shoot) alternate. I would suggest however using a more original logo on the home and away, as right now it looks to New Yorky. (9/10)

Charlottetown Islanders Concepts (By: Josh L.)

This is a more logical approach to the Jr. Islanders jerseys (hopefully they don't copy the Pens jerseys). I like the arms stripes, any double stripe is good by me, and putting the numbers between the striping is a unique idea. The hem stripes should match the arm stripes. The home jersey should have black numbers to help balance the numbers. The alternate is good too, but the striping could be bigger, and red numbers with a black outline may just work. (7/10)

Chicago Blackhawks Concepts (By: Timmy Q)

Timmy's execution is getting better for sure with this concept, and while this concept still needs work, I'm really glad to see Timmy improving, kudos to you. I like the striping pattern, but think it could go on the hem too. The white jersey looks better because it has all 3 colours while the red jersey should have white inbetween the striping. I'm grlad to see however, that the shoulder patches, numbers and logos all look good. Keep working Timmy, Things are getting much better. (6/10)

Colorado Eagles Concept (By: Mike S.)

The Eagles have a logo that LITERALLY has a striping pattern in it that Mike takes advantage of! The striping matches the eagle's fly by striping, using the 3 primary colours. The victory stripes look good, since they are found in the logo and Tampa doesn't use them right now. The black pants however should be blue, and the eagle striping would look good on the pants too. I used this idea in my ECHL Re-design, but Mike has done it better imo, so good job to you, sir Mike! (8/10)

Dallas Stars Concepts (By: Tristan M.)

I think many of us were semi-pleased with the Dallas Stars new jerseys, but Tristan, like me, is not completely satisfied. The striping matches the logo more, and I like the addition of the black on the hem and arms, but the green and black should be swapped to match the numbers on the white jersey. I would have also used the Texas logo instead of the boring roundel logo, and move the roundel to the helmet, where logos like that belong. I would also shrink the numbers a little bit, but it was obviously done to match the current jerseys. (8/10)

Dallas Stars Concept (By: Mason H.)

The Stars new look sure does look good in the original Stars jerseys, and I realize now how good the Stars original jerseys looked. Mason does a good job making the jersey come to life, the cut off arms look good, and the font is good. I think the roundel logo, while boring, still looks good, and the Texas logo wouldn't work on the front of a jersey, but maybe putting the current primary on the front, the Texas logo on the shoulders and the roundel on the helmet and or pants. (8,5/10)

Florida Panthers Concepts (By: Timmy Q.)

As I've always said with the Panthers, BRIGHTEN UP! I think this concept, again, shows how Timmy is getting better, and this one has a hem stripe. The execution is getting better, but there are some little things to watch out for. The logo doesn't have any double blue, but the jersey doesn't have any navy, so I'd put navy on the jersey too, and add some light blue to the logo. Better to see the tv numbers up on the arm, rather than in the striping, but the way Timmy does it isn't too uncommon or poorly executed. The logo should also be smaller. I do like the colour scheme and idea however, and this does have a ton of potential. (6.5/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Michael L.)

Michael combines the North Stars and the Wild to make an interesting alternate. The striping looks decent, but I would swap the yellow and beige and add it to the hem. The logo could use some work, moving the trees to the hem may work if it were sublimated, and the yellow circle would look better if it were around the logo and not cutting in to it. (6/10)

Minnesota Wild Concept (By: Brian B.)

Brian's 2nd concept of the day is a red alternate for the soon to be not mismatched Wild. I like how the arm and hem stripes don't match, that's something not a lot of jerseys use today, and should be brought back in classic jerseys like this one (Detroit's Winter Classic jersey does this well).  I like the yoke and the colours are balanced well, but it really could be a bit more exciting. Minnesota is a modern team, founded only in 2000, and should have some modern elements in their jerseys, the bear head or state of hockey logos would be great on the shoulders and helmet, and the vector on the back should be the script. (7.5/10)

Seattle Metropolitan Concepts (By: William B.)

The Mets may be making a return ( Seattle will be getting a team soon, but the name may not return). The Mets logo without the SEATTLE written in it looks better, and the white jersey looks great, as all the colours are balanced well. The red jersey could used some more beige on the arms. The alternate looks good, but the script would look better arched because, to me at least, rounded font looks so much better arched rather than diagonal. (7/10)

Toronto Maple Leafs Concepts (By: Ted N.)

Our final concept of the day comes from Ted, who makes the Maple Leafs a double blue team, with out looking forced. I could really see Teddy Kennedy wearing this, holding the longer Stanley Cup. I like the coloured arms on white jerseys, and the white cuffs. The TML logo would look good on the shoulders too, but the helmet logo with the blank leaf looks even better. I can see why Ted put Sittler on the back of this jersey, this has a very 70's feel, almost like the logo was being lit up with neon. (9/10)

Have a Great week and Go Jets Go!
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Alan John Herbert said...

Gerard M's Carolina Hurricanes Concepts gets a COTW nom from me!

Josh said...

I tried it with the double stripes on the hem at first, but it looked way too busy. I guess a single band would have worked though.

Ryan said...

Mike's Colorado Eagles for COTW. Hits the nail right on the head.

Tyler Gross said...

Mike's Eagles concept for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

It's already been seconded, so I'll third Mike's Eagles concept.

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