Weekend Update (May 26)

It seems the time has come to do a bit of HJC house keeping. We have a lot of new readers which is obviously great. I strongly recommend that both old and new readers take a couple of minutes to read the entire ABOUT/CONTACT HJC page. I am updating it at least once a month and there is a lot of helpful info there. Rules, guidelines, and procedures are also there.


The winner of the COTW vote for May 13-19 is Kyle C.
Full Results
Kyle C. - 3
Dylan W. - 2
Tristan M. - 2
Brady - 1


The new COTW nominees have been listed on the side of the page. You can see the actual concepts by clicking on that banner or you can just go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Guess when votes are due by? Friday!

Perhaps some of you have forgotten, but you ARE allowed to vote for yourself in the COTW and COTY votes. Technically everyone should get at least one vote.


The "Untouchables" Bruins entries are all in. Click the banner at the top of the page to see the entries. You can also find all of the voting rules there. Voting ends on Friday.


What's the deal with that clock on the side of the page?


The HJC Store is now open!!! You can get there by clicking the very obvious banner at the top of the page. The store is still taking baby steps, but hopefully I can get some shirts on there that you guys will want to purchase. I'm also always looking for ideas, so send those in too! Any profits made from sales will be put right back into the blog. Perhaps at some point I can start including small prizes with the competition winners. Finally, I don't set the prices in the HJC Store. It's run by Zazzle and they have their own prices.


On Wednesday I was able to purchase 2014 Winter Classic tickets!
I'll be in section 31, row 8 (drop by if you'll be there). Tickets were $89 a piece. Tickets won't be delivered until early December (according to MapleLeafs.com/WinterClassic). Hopefully those tickets will have a nice design on them and not just a standard Ticketmaster ticket. Something I could frame would be awesome. I totally understand that they aren't very good seats as the higher you are the better your view of the game. This is just more about being at the event live.

Judging from the seating chart below I would say that they are not going to be selling seats in the first few rows. That may make me first row? It will just be amazing to be inside the Big House and to be at the Winter Classic.

When purchasing Winter Classic tickets you were also required to purchase tickets for either the AHL Outdoor Classic or the OHL games. I chose the AHL game, but it's on December 30th and I won't be able to make it. I was hoping to give them away here on HJC as part of a competition. That is just tentative and nothing on that matter is definite. Those tickets are in section 214 at Comerica Park, the view is below.

A couple of days prior to purchasing the tickets I purchased the Winter Classic patch for my Leafs Winter Classic jersey.
I got the patch for $11 and free shipping from Sportsk.com. That's awesome considering the patch is going for $20 most other places. The dumb part this year is that the jerseys weren't sold with the patch on them. You had to purchase the patch separately and then have it applied. This of course benefits the NHL and the vendors financially and as always it will come out of your pocket. I have a hockey store near me that will apply the patch for free. First though I must remove the thick plastic backing from the patch with a hairdryer and a cheese knife.
The backing is placed on there because these patches are intended as collectibles.

Seriously guys, check out Sportsk.com they are awesome and their prices are a touch lower than most other places. I have purchased four jerseys from them and two patches. Everything has arrived in perfect condition and the shipping was fast. I don't work for them or anything like that, I just want to direct you guys to a nicely priced option.


I really like the way Carolina is building up to their new sweater set unveil. The teaser images are really great and give us something to look forward to for the next few days.
Take a look at the photo with the NOB. It appears that the name is within the yoke or arm stripes. If that holds true that would be a first for Reebok in the NHL. That's usually seen on Nike Swift jerseys. I'm also not sold that the stripes in the pic on the left are hem stripes. What do you guys think?


So, Dallas leaked their own logos. I guess that's what happens when the guy who makes your phone app isn't a hockey fan (I assume).
They look uninspired in my opinion. I took 24 hours and looked at them again and liked them even less. Of course I was going into this whole re-branding thinking that whatever they come up with isn't going to be better than their current primary logo, and I was right. I originally gave the logos a 7/10, but I'm bumping that down to a 6/10. The jerseys will have to be very good to get the overall score up to an 8. However, I don't think they will do much better than a 7. Your thoughts?


COTW May 20-26 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
"Untouchables" Bruins Top 5 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
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Anonymous said...

@ Ryan: don't agree with you on the stars logo. Think it's refreshing to see teams starting to go in a new direction, to modernize, a bit like the Bolts had the guts to do. The college look Dallas sported was not NHL-looking, even the Star-within-the-word-stars was kind of boring. A name by itself only works well with the Rangers, because there is history behind it. And I'm really glad that they did not go with the old North Stars nostalgia thing! All in all, only one complaint and a wish: why is the D-star in the circle logo (shoulder patch?) not sporting the black outline as the D-star (main logo?)?; and please-please-please-please put those on a mainly green jersey, not black! Oh, yes, great color scheme too!

DBro Alexander said...

I feel the same way as Stephane. I like the new Stars logo. I was very skeptical about it at first seeing as how, despite coming out on the team's app, the wallpapers they were on featured the team's old jerseys.

But if it's the real logo I actually like it. The Star's logo had actually started to look dated to me since it'd been around forever.

Richard Mazella said...

As much as I do like the new logo, I kinda miss gold being included . . .

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ryan 100% and more that both logos are terrible, shame on Stars , if they'll go with them for some time in a future. Secondary logo reminds me an old telephone dial ring back in the 70's. Overall color scheme clearly shows " Starbucks "- perhaps, Dallas " Starbucks " would fit with these logo superbly? Lack of gold is a must to be reconcile. Well, another bad logo joining Winnipeg " Jets ". Yes, whoever was working on these logos was lazy and had no hockey sense - enough said.

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