Wednesday: Trade Deadline Day!

Well everyone, the trade deadline has come and passed as of a little bit ago. Huge moves made today, surprise moves too. "Lumbus" goin out and getting Gaborik surprised me the most. Pominville heads to Minny, and Luongo remains a Canuck despite getting called off of ice early during practice.

BIG week in COTW voting, LOTS of concepts nominated.

COTW Mar 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)

Anyways! Here's today's Blackhawks Entires -

Eric W.

Alan H.

Steven G.

Austin E

And on to our regular daily concepts

St Louis Blues Retro Jersey Concept - (Alex H.)
  • Alex created a new jersey for the Blues that draws inspiration from the club's late 90's jerseys
  • Personally, I'm not a huge fan of this jersey. I do however like the inclusion of the horn logo. 
  • I don't much care for red coming back into the color scheme or using yellow as a base color for the jersey. I can deal with the striping but it seems there's a difference in the spacing of the white lines on the hem and arms.
  • The "Reebok" tag isn't visible, it should probably be white. I would swap blue and yellow on the jersey. The whole thing is very busy to me so personally I'd calm it down but this is a fauxback to a busy jersey so it's all good.
Rating: 6/10

Minnesota Wild Concept - (Austin E.)
  • Austin brings us a new Wild jersey that utilizes the chest stripe.
  • I love the chest stripe look when done right. I feel that it's done pretty well here. I like the thinner red stripes. There is something that bugs me about it though, but I'll get to that.  
  • I don't care for the number font, too modern on a classic hockey jersey. I also don't like that the number isn't centered on the stripe. 
  • Maybe play with the stripe positioning and find a way to center the number on the stripe. And also get a new font for the number.
Rating: 7.5/10

Hamilton Tigers Concept - (Adam H.)
  • Wow. Adam H. gives us a very "out there" concept for the Hamilton Tigers. 
  • I like the idea of using a tiger stripes pattern.
  • Way too busy. Too much detail where there doesn't need to be any. I don't like the logo either. It looks more like a wolverine or something. The addition of the color blue is a bad move too. I also don't like that there's two stripes on the socks and only one on the jersey's arms and hem.
  • Simplify this set... a lot... if you REALLY wanted that much tiger pattern, think about sublimating it, so it's subtle. And maybe keep it out of the yoke. And find a new logo, hopefully one that's actually a tiger.
Rating: 5/10

Florida Panthers Concept - (Adam H.)

  • Adam also brings us this Florida Panthers Concept.
  • Again, this is a very out there concept and I applaud Adam's attempt here but there's not a lot I like about this one either. 
  • First thing I noticed was the logo... I know it does sort of look like a panther... and is a better match for this team than the logo Adam used for his Tigers concept but... this logo is a Tiger. Aside from that, I don't like the slash marks used as jersey striping. It's just a move that seems either very "90's" or very "minor league".  It doesn't look good on the pants either, and what is up with that alternate helmet?
  • I know people think the Panthers should be a red team, but theres too much red, add more blue to that home. Same with the away, more blue. And find a new number font. It doesn't fit the intense look of the jersey and logo. And swap the arm logos and shoulder numbers.
  • I just want everyone, especially Adam, to know that I'm not trying to be super critical because I'm trying to mean. I'm just offering an honest opinion so Adam, and other designers, can get better. Adam, I would love for you to take what I've said and give the Panthers and the Tigers another try. I would very much love to see them. 
Rating: 6/10

Winnipeg Jets Third Jersey - (Charles W)
  • Charles gives us what he thinks the Jets should use as an alternate jersey. And it's on an Under Armour template, which we don't seem to see a lot of.
  • I like the simple logo but maybe I'd like it more on the shoulders. I also like the classic striping as it resembles the original Jets' jerseys. 
  • The red base color for the jersey is ok, Rather see blue though.
  • Looks like the name and number on the back could be moved up a bit and the spacing between the letters in the name are too far apart, that probably isn't a technical thing, could be done like that I guess, but it doesn't look right. 
Rating: 7/10

South Carolina Stingrays (ECHL) Concept - (Dylan W.)
  • Dylan creates what I presume to be an alternate jersey concept for the Stingrays. 
  • I like the idea of making the colors of the stripes and such different on each side of the jersey to mimic the logo.
  • I don't care for the colored cuffs or the trim of the hem.
  • The only thing I'd change is swap the colors of the striping so it's blue on the left side and white on the right side. That way there isn't all that white on the same side of the jersey and logo... color balance!
Rating: 8/10

New Orleans Pelicans Hockey Concept - (Mike S.)
  • Mike makes a set of jerseys for the NBA's newest team, set to start play next season.
  • Since the team doesn't have jerseys yet Mike can do whatever he wants and not compare this to a basketball jersey and he's done a nice job. I like the striping pattern used.
  • One thing I don't like, however, is the use of 3 main stripes on the arms but only 2 on the hem. Not a huge fan of the number font either.
  • The name could be moved up a bit and same with the numbers, which could also be bigger.
Rating: 6/10

DEL Winter Classic Concept - (Martin L.)
Martin has come up with a whole presentation including two jerseys for a DEL Winter Classic. He describes the jerseys in the images so I'll leave that for you to read. I will comment on the jerseys though.

Die Adler Mannheim
  • Simple, classic design which works. I do wish the patch under the numbers was on the shoulders.
Rating: 8/10

Augsburger Panther
  • I like the overall design of the jersey but it would look better without the black on the sleeves. I also don't care for the sublimated panther on the back, it's not centered or subtle enough for my tastes,
Rating: 7/10
Wednesday: Trade Deadline Day! Reviewed by DBro Alexander on April 03, 2013 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Wow. Some of the least inspiring concepts I've seen in a long time.

Ryan said...

Way to leave an anonymous comment and be constructive!

winnipegjets96 said...

Wow, Blue Jackets just went all in today, I'm happy to see them do this, because I like to see them do well. Also, I love Eric Blackhawks concept..too bad I can't nominate it for COTW, oh well

DBro Alexander said...

I agree with Ryan, Anon, leave some more feedback besides you're personal opinion, what could make them better? And why hide your name?

and Jets, Eric's is entry COTY material

Tederifico said...

That is one of the most original Black Hawks concepts I have seen in a while. Way to go Eric! And original in a good way. Often when going out on a limb with a new logo and pattern, things get screwy. I for one just don't have the vision to go much beyond what the team already has, with the occasional minor tweak. So I applaud you Eric!

Tederifico said...

And let me be the second to agree with Ryan's comment.

winnipegjets96 said...

Also, I will say that Charlie's Jets concept is on the right track, I love how it is a military tribute jersey, but it's not a light blue throwback. Alex's Blues concept, I think theres potential, but it should have smaller numbers and a little more blue and less red

Anonymous said...

@Eric I'm pretty sure the Blackhawks are named after Chief Blackhawk, who was an Indian chief in the Chicago area during the time of early America.
-Tristan P.

DBro Alexander said...

@tristan p. No, Eric's right about the team being named after a battalion in WW1

DBro Alexander said...

The infantry was named after Chief Blackhawk though so...meh

Ryan said...

I think Austin's Wild concept is nicely executed and there's nothing really wrong about it. However, I feel like that striping pattern could be applied to almost any team. It feels like and easy choice.

I feel like Martin's Mannheim jersey just "fills in the blanks" on the template. For the Augsberger jersey I'd also get rid of the black on the sleeves and use true white. I know it's a Winter Classic series, but I think true white would work better.

Anonymous said...

@DBro Alexander oh ok, thanks for clearing that up... I always wondered why the logo was an Indian head until I heard of the chief, and that is what made me think what I commented before
-Tristan P.

DBro Alexander said...

@Ryan - you have a totally valid point about that Wild jersey striping. But as we've seen with some teams using color swaps of the same template, it's a completely realistic concept.

Unknown said...

@ Ryan the Mannheim jersey is based on old 1930's jerseys. they where that simple. look at mannheims jerseyhistory databse ;)

Josh said...

Wow, talk about being harsh in these posts... you really came down hard on Adam, lol.

I love the Florida concept to be honest. I thought the claw stripes were genius. Nothing has ever really worked for Florida, so it's worth a try to go for an "out there" look.

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