Monday: Jets Miss, Go Isles and Leafs!

Happy Monday everyone...well, it's happy for those of you who's teams made the playoffs, but I won't be bitter, and I hope Blue Jackets fans aren't either, I feel for you guys, the Wild played terrible for the last week and a half and your team played with passion and fire, but Bobrovsky will hopefully get the Hart and/0r Vezina.

Because of the Jets being eliminated from the playoffs, thank you Montreal, I'll have to go to my 2nd favourite team in the NHL, the New York Islanders, and since I'm in the GTA, I have to root for the Leafs, I'll give my Playoff Predictions.

1.Pittsburgh Vs. New York Isle: Pittsburgh in 6
2.Montreal Vs.Ottawa : Ottawa in 7
3.Washington Vs. New York R: Washington in 6
4. Boston Vs. Toronto: Toronto in 6.

1. Chicago Vs. Minnesota: Chicago in 5
2. Anaheim Vs. Detroit: Anaheim in 6
3. Vancouver Vs. San Jose: Sharks in 7
4. St. Louis Vs. Los Angeles: St. Louis in 7

This may be the most entertaining post season in a few years, so hopefully you have your picks ready, as I'm sure this will be a hot button issue over the next few days.

COTW has again reset for the week, check out the new concepts in the COTW tab and remember if you have an e-mail, you can vote.

The HJC Playoff Hockey Poll is in full swing, so remember to send in your picks before the puck drops tomorrow.


2012 All Star Game Concepts (By: Brian B.)

The last All-Star Game in Ottawa was the first All Star Game I was actually interested in, and the only disappointing thing about it were the repeat jerseys, Brian fixes that. I like how the colour scheme matches the colours of Ottawa, which would be a neat idea, as they did it in 2004 in Minnesota, and with the new division system, the East and West coloured jerseys could be retired. The striping is great, and the stars on the arms is awesome. The only thing I don't like are the numbers, I've already stated I don't like San Jose's old font, and this looks very similar to it, Ottawa's font would be better, even their 3rd jersey font. (8.5/10)

Adirondack Phantoms Concepts (By: Andrew G.)

Our AHL specialist Andrew gives us a very purple concept for the Phantoms that will be moving to Leigh Valley next season. This would be a great look for the team, as gone are the Flyers copy jerseys, and purple is a primary colour. I think this is a step in the right direction, as every team in the AHL should have their own unique look, or at least have some original elements. The home and away are very well done, I'm not sure about the piping, however, it's not that bad. The alternate isn't that great, but it's decent, as I think a black alternate would be a great idea, just a little bit cookie cutter. (8/10)

 Nashville Predators Concept (By: Bren R.)

On first appearance, the jersey looks like a very plain, boring jersey, with sleeves dipped in yellow paint. However, I think this jersey is meant to be a less is more look, and the logo gave that away. I can see what was trying to be done, however, this type of look is hard to get right. I would suggest an actual striping pattern and I'd move the name up closer to the yoke. (5/10)

Saginaw Spirit Concepts (By: Derek H.)

WOW, this reminds me of the old Rochester Americans jerseys from the 1950's and this would be perfect! The Spirit lack. Spirit, and I would love to see these on the ice. The elimination of the eagle logo is not preferred, but I think the white jersey could use a lot more blue on it, and the eagle logo could work on the front of the jersey. None the less, the idea would be neat, as patriotism in sports is a great idea. (7/10)

San Jose Sharks Concepts (By: Stephen T.)

Stephen has take the current Sharks jerseys, and made some changes. These include orange piping, spaced striping and less black. I love the idea of piping, as I think it looks good, surprisingly, and same with the spaced striping. The only suggestions I have with the concepts to add some spice, Shoulder patched and helmet logos would be great, the same thing goes for the pants, a logo or striping would spice it up. Execution note, the NOB is crooked. (7/10)

Minnesota Wild Concepts (By: Tyler G.)

With Minnesota getting a new road jersey this summer, Tyler gives them a solid re-design to help them look more uniform. The home jersey is just simply their current home with the full bear head logo, which looks amazing. The road looks decent, however, the arms need work. I can't see the TV numbers, they should be red, and a little more red wouldn't hurt the jersey. Also, I'd make a red version of the white socks and use them. (7.5/10)

Columbus Blue Jackets Concepts (By: Scott D.)

The Blue Jackets have turned things around, and that deserves a better look, the Jackets look way better in double blue, I know this, and Scott knows this. The home and road look great, Scott has a great ability, as do some other artists on making Cookie Cutter jerseys look better by adding unique elements to it. The shoulder patches are great, and are perfect for them as Ohio has a great shoulder patch shape (a lot of states do). I'm not huge on the alternate, however, I could see why other people would like it. (8.5/10)

Washington Capitals Concepts (By: Mason II)

WOW, I that because once again, this proves Washington can look way better than they do now, and that unused logo was really a missed opportunity. The logo looks great, the striping looks excellent, especially the lack of piping, and the weagle is used greatly to keep the modern look intact. The colours are well balance, and the white jersey has enough red and the red jersey has enough blue to keep the colours intact. No real problems, or imaginary ones, great all around concept. (9/10) COTW Nom. from me.
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Kyle C. said...

Blues in 7? Pffffft. Kings in 5!

Brian said...

Go Habs!! :P

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