Friday: Hawks, Hawks, Hawks, Hawks, Hawks, Hawks (everybody)

Happy friday everyone! You've made it yet again to the end of another week. Congrats!

There is plenty of stuff going on here at HJC today, so lets get to it!


COTW Mar 25-31 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)
UNTOUCHABLES COMP: CHICAGO (entries due Friday @ 11:59 EST) 
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Here are today's Blackhawks competition entries:

Tyler G.

Adam H.

Justin N.

On to today's concepts!
 Bridgeport Sound Tigers (Andrew G.)

The sound tigers really do look good in the Navy blue rather than the royal blue they currently use. I am not a fan of the scratch marks (I was going to criticize them by saying that they look really minor league, but this IS a minor league team, so that criticism is invalid...). Still not a huge fan of them. These jerseys are clean though, and I really like the return to navy blue. 7/10.

Ottawa Senators (Torin K.)

I would be all for the Sens returning to a mainly black jersey instead of a mainly red sweater, like they had for their original jerseys.Not a big fan of the big bold stripes here, because they allude to the awesome O jerseys, but don't really follow up on that hint. Good sweater set though, I really like the reverse sleeves on the white sweater. 7/10.

DEL Winter Classic: Hannover Scorpions (Martin L.)

Just a presentation note, having vintage white on vintage white makes the sweater a bit hard to appreciate. These jerseys are pretty good, I like the logos and striping pattern, but am not a fan of the gray boxes around numbers etc. 6/10.

Nashville Predators (Dylan W.)

I was a big fan of the checkerboard look in Nashville, it was awesome and UNIQUE (something the Preds do well). I like these sweaters, but the yellow one looks especially sharp. If and when Nashville introduces an alternate jersey it NEEDS to feature the checkerboard pattern. 7/10.

Los Angeles Kings (Mason H.)

As much as I would love to see a quasi-vintage third to go with the current kings unis, I don't see that happening soon. Now that the Kings have gone mono-chrome, they will likely go for a modernistic third jersey if and when they introduce one. Let's hope history doesn't repeat with them making a whopper of a mistake (can anyone say Burger King?). I like this sweater, and am a big fan of how it works both as a throwback, and with the current Kings unis, very cool. 8/10.

DEL Winter Classic: ERC Ingolstadt (Martin L.)

These sweaters would be really cool for a Winter Classic. The Lettering over top of the logo is really old-school and works well with the striping. I am not 100% sure that a shoulder yoke is necessary, but whatever, it looks good. 7/10.

Chicago Blackhawks (Torin K.)

The mono-chrome look works really well here for the Hawks. The modernization of the black and white look is really cool, and as an alternate, the red seater with vintage white is a good call. I also like how the "vintage" jersey is technically more moder than the alternate jersey with vintage white... mind-bending (or maybe I'm just tired). Really good job though. 8/10.

Vancouver Canucks (Austin E.)

Take my money now. I would 100% buy this sweater. No real complaints here. The gloves are really cool, I love the negative space V, and the modern stick in the rink logo really pops on a green background. great job. 8/10.

Chicago Blackhawks (Tristan M.)

This is a good evolution of the Hawks' Winter Classic jersey (which I gather many Hawks fans are getting a bit tired of). My only complaint is the hem striping, it seems like a bit of an afterthought, other than that everything is awesome. Great job. 8/10.
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Kyle C. said...

Dylan's Preds for COTW

Montana Wright said...

Tristan M for COTW

Ryan said...

Tristan's Hawks for COTW seconded!

Tristan M said...

Thank you Montana and Ryan for the COTW noms

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