Tuesday: Blackhawks and More

Hello all.  The live chat looked like it was a ton of fun again, I sure hope I can make the next one.  I couldn't make this one because I was busy at the Canucks/Millionaires game, which was also a lot of fun.  The Millionaires jerseys looked great in person, even the cream colour pants looked good.  Enough about that though, let's get to today's post.


Don't forget to vote for the COTW.  With seven concepts nominated, we'll need a good amount of votes.

COTW Mar 11-17 vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Here are the Macon Whoopee Redesign contest entries that have come in during the last 24 hours...

(by Alan H.)

(by Stephane S.)


New Jersey Devils (by Patrick G.) 
I think this would make a nice fashion jersey, much better than the NHL's actual fashion jerseys.  To be used as a third jersey I think it would need a couple of changes.  I think the red would have to be more prominent in the striping, because from a distance the striping just looks black and white.  I also think actual logo should be used, as teams normally don't recolour logos unless they have to.  7/10

Edmonton Oilers (by SnowMonster)
SnowMonster makes some changes to the Oilers current jersey, making them less bright.  I'm so-so on that move, but there are a some changes I do like.  The white numbers on the blue jersey look great, and the standard Reebok collar looks better than what the Oilers currently wear.  I just wish the ends of the sleeves were still orange on the blue jersey, especially now since the white jersey has coloured sleeve ends.  7/10

Kamloops Blazers (by Ted N.)
These are meant to be alternates to Ted's Blazers concept from yesterday.  I'm a big fan of the striping pattern used, it looks great on both jerseys.  I think I like the orange jersey better, the light blue one is kind of weird since there is no light blue anywhere except the jerseys base colour.  It reminds me of the light blue fashion jerseys the NHL made in the 90's.  I don't like how the logo is recoloured on the orange jersey (unnecessary logo recolours are a big pet-peeve of mine).  I also don't think the orange letters work on the blue jersey, navy blue or white would work better in my opinion.  7/10

Minnesota Fighting Saints (by WinnipegJets96)
WinnipegJets96 brings back the Saints jerseys with a few minor changes.  They look good, just like they did in the 70's.  My biggest issue here is that the hem, sleeve, and sock stripes are all slightly different.  Also the horizontal jersey stitching near the hem stripe should be right up against the hem.  I also don't phantom shoulder yoke, it's too modern of an element to be used on such a retro concept.  I do using the "S" logo as a shoulder patch though.  7/10

Nashville Predators (by Brady S.)
Whoa, that checker-pattern sure stands out.  I'm a fan of Nashville using a checker-pattern, but I think using a sublimated pattern would look better.  Setting that side, the rest of the striping pattern looks good.  Using yellow as the base colour for the light jersey is a cool choice, I know a lot of people would be a big fan of that.  8/10

Uconn Huskies (by David K.)
I don't think there is anything I don't like about this jersey.  The striping, number font, and logos all look great.  The whole look is very solid.  I really don't have much more to say about this, but Ryan labelled it as "part 1", so stay tuned for part 2.  8/10

Chicago Blackhawks (by Dylan A.)
We finish off today's post with two Chicago Blackhawks concepts from Dylan.  These are two alternate jersey options.  The top one is a black version of their current home jersey, and the second one is closer to their road jersey.  They both look really good.  My only issue is that two different shades of black were used (it's most noticeable on the top jersey's sleeve stripes).  8/10

Chicago Blackhawks (by Dylan A.)
Dylan also made these two throwback concepts.  I love the vintage looking striping pattern, which has the feel of the Blackhawks original jerseys, but is slightly different.  I also like that it doesn't have a name on the back, it adds to the retro look.  Again my only issue is that two shades of black were used.  Still I'll give this a COTW nomination.  9/10
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Ryan said...

I LOVE Stephane's sponsor on his Whoopee jerseys!

winnipegjets96 said...

I agree, I hope we get more jokes in this contest. Brady S. for COTW

DBro Alexander said...

I find it funny that Stephane's MW shoulder patch s interlocking. I hope that was intentional

Anonymous said...

Dylan A.'s vintage Hawks for COTW!

Anonymous said...

@DBro: it was! So happy someone saw it! Did you notice the placement of the team's name?

winnipegjets96 said...

@Stephane, very subtle!

Justin said...

Stephane's sponsorship patch had me dying! Hahaha great work! Dylan's (black and white) Hawks for COTW.

NB14 said...

That has to be the funniest concept ever Stephane!

DBro Alexander said...

@Stephane, I did notice that! Classic!!!

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