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It's funny because when you're not a parent you hear all of these "crazy" statements about what parenting life is like. Then you actually become a parent and start to live out these "crazy" statements. After putting my son down to sleep last night I had plans of doing the HJC Podcast. Then I looked at the clock which read 9:15pm and all of a sudden I felt like it was very late and I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Anyways, every week I plan on doing a Podcast, but every week I don't get to it. From now on I would say don't expect a Podcast, if you weren't already, and if one does show up then that's a bonus!


Here are the winners of the NHL Expansion competition...

Quebec Voyageurs (Stephane)

Seattle Totems (Austin E.)

Here are the results...

I also stupidly forgot to include Adam H's entry into the voting gallery. Hopefully Adam can forgive me and accept my peace offering. I have included his Seattle entry into the COTW voting instead. Good luck!

We now move on to a new competition. Seeing as the last one seemed to drag on too long (sorry) and people seemed to lose interest, this one is very simple. Design a 3rd jersey for the Winnipeg Jets! All of the rules (and there are very few of them) can be found on the JETS 3RD COMP tab. Or you can click the banner at the top of the screen.


The Saskatoon Blades (WHL) are holding a fan designed jersey vote. Two HJC regular contributors are among the 5 finalists! I have promised my votes to Scott M. (Entry #2), but also in the vote is Eric W. (Entry #5). You can see the finalists on THIS page and you can vote on the main page HERE.


The winner of the COTW vote for November 26 to December 2 is Keens!

Full Results
Keens - 2
Justin C. - 1
Darren - 1
Alan - 1
Scott D. - 1


Keens' concept now moves on with the rest of the winners from November into the COTY-November vote. Entrants are listed on the side of the page (white banner) and Committee Members voting ends on Friday. To see those concepts click on the banner or go to the COTY 2012 tab.

Also listed are the COTW nominees for the week of December 3 to 9 (black banner). To see those concepts click on the banner or go to the CONCEPT OF THE WEEK tab. Voting ends on Thursday.

To recap here are the current votes...
COTW Dec 3-9 vote (ends Thursday @ 11:59pm EST)
COTY-November vote (ends Friday @ 11:59pm EST)


Caz has been touching up a few templates that can be found on the TEMPLATES page.

He has also given the same treatment to the NHLshop template.

These can now be found on the TEMPLATES page.

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