Friday: a weekend get-away to Quebec sounds nice doesn't it?

Wow guys, it seems like I have been really busy for the past few weeks, and I guess with the holiday season now upon us, it is no different this week. So please forgive my short post today.

Here is what is still going on here on HJC

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Today's concepts:

Quebec Voyageurs (by Andrew G.)

These sweaters are fairly simple, and perhaps come across as a bit too simple or empty. However, I really like how the half arm stripes are put on the outside of the sleeve... I can't believe Reebok thought it was better to put them on the inside of the arms (eg. old oilers unis, current panthers unis). 7/10.

Quebec Nordiques (by Bastian S.)

Although a Phoenix re-location seems out of the question, these sweaters have nice nods to both teams. the quebec stuff is obvious, and fairly standard for what we have come to see on nordiques concepts... although I would suggest putting the fleur de lys on the hem stripes, or getting rid of the hem stripes, it seems a bit crowded to me. the Phoenix reference is subtle, but check out the shoulder patch. does this ring a bell? 7/10, and a COTW nom from me, simply because of that clever shoulder patch.

Quebec Voyageurs (by Caz W.)

I like these sweaters (i particularly like the fleur de lys in the hem stripe... that is a really cool look). my one gripe is that the colour hierarchy in the logos does not match the colour hierarchy in the sweaters... I would have featured more of the medium blue. 7/10.

Detroit Red Wings (by Stephen T.)

not a bad looking concept. For me I would get rid of the yoke and add a chest stripe or a hem stripe, without some customization (as is) this concept is a fill bucket job, which I don't like to see. granted this template is a bit tricky to figure out (in terms of rotating stripes and numbers correctly, but that shouldn't be a reason to not try to customize the sweater a bit. 4/10.

HC Sibir Novosibirisk (by E. Awad)

I have really been enjoying this KHL series. HC Sibir has an awesome logo which to me is a cartoony Russian Knock-off of the Habs logo. The jerseys are simple and clean, but I would add a yoke to the white jersey because it currently seems a bit empty. 7/10.

Metallurg Novokuznetsk (by E. Awad)

These jerseys are really cool and angular (matching the logo well). The striping on the socks would only show the bottom black stripe with the white above it, if you wanted the full stripe to be visible, make the stripes thinner. 7/10.

Barrie Colts (by Ryan (HJC))

I really like the arm striping on this sweater. it is both  traditional and fresh at the same time. The motif of the thin horizontal stripes is really strong throughout these sweater. I like that horizontals show up on the arms, then the hem, then at the bottom of the pant legs, then in the sock. My one change I can think to make to this is to have the sock striping match the arm stripes. overall a great look. 8/10.

enjoy your weekend everyone!
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Caz said...

I'll second Bastian for COTW.

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