Week of July 2 - 8, 2012

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Mark contacted me and he is a part of a hockey team which is an amalgamation of three different high schools. The team is called "RBC". He was hoping that some concept artists here on HJC could put together jersey concepts for the team which he could then bring to the next team meeting in hopes of having them selected as the new sweaters. The sweater must read "RBC" across the front and the colours below must be used. You can email them to HJC and I will get them to Mark.


Western Bulldogs concept (by Matt D.)
Matt continues with his AFL series this week. I like this one as it seems that the team's unis really transfer well to hockey jerseys. I also like the other elements that Matt has added on his own. 8/10

Florida State University concepts (by Mike S.)
These have some potential, but there are a few things that I think need to be rearranged. For one, I'd get rid of those side panels on the black jersey as they are rarely ever popular. Also I think that the NOB needs more of a bolder font and not so generic. There's other things, but I'm trying to keep this brief. 6/10

London Royalty concepts (by Chuckie)
I think the name Royals would have worked better here. Good colour choices though. The shoulder patch definitely has potential, but get rid of that uncredited crown and choose a different font. 6/10

Minnesota North Stars concept (by Tristan)
Tristan has Edge-ified the 78-88 green sweater and made it white. Decently executed, but lacks some creativity. 7/10

Calgary Flames concepts (by Dmitri)
Dmitri has placed the Flames' retro sweaters on the Nike Swift jersey cut. Except on that white jersey I think it was a good choice to go without the red yokes. These are very well executed also. 7/10

Manchester United concepts (by NB14)
NB14 tells me that these are based on the club's 2011/12 kits. I wouldn't know anything about the Premiership, but these seems decently executed. 7/10

New Jersey Devils concepts (by Deferoiler)
The jerseys fit right in with the classic image that Lou and the Devils like to portray. I really appreciate the logo that Deferoiler has created, extra points for that. It just needs some refining. I think the socks and gloves could be better coloured, as well as the hem trim of the jerseys. 7/10

Fort Wayne Comets concepts (by WinnipegJets96) *Description on concept. 7/10

St. Louis Blues concepts (by John He.)
I really like the home jersey. I would definitely get on board with the Blues wearing that! On the road jersey I personally would like to see a more styled yoke that uses the darker blue. 8/10

Tampa Bay Lightning concept (by Brian B.)
This concept is quite good. It uses the lightning bolts not in a tacky way and in a way that is accepted on a hockey jersey. For an even better concept I think you could get rid of the big black sleeves and hem. Then just use a black outline on both the top and bottom of the white stripes. 8/10

Geelong Cats concept (by Matt D.)
Again, a nice transfer to a hockey jersey. To make the jersey a little less goofy, I would have used that shield logo on the left instead of the cat face. This comes from a hockey fan who knows nothing about the AFL. 8/10

Quebec Nordiques concept (by Justin)
This Nordiques 3rd jersey was also Justin's HJC Open entry in the first round. I'm only a fan of wordmarks on jerseys when they are done right (rarely) and this is done right. A simple wordmark, then the fleur de lis and the blue do the rest of the talking. My only problem is with the TV numbers and how the are shown. If you put this concept with the back pasted to the front, the TV numbers would read 199 and not 19 as intended. 8/10

St. Louis Cardinals concepts (by Darren)
The home and road concepts have a lot of different patches on them. I think to help simplify it would be a good idea to have the yokes the same colour as the jersey. I do like how he has the bird standing on a hockey stick though! The retro inspired blue jersey is really good. 7/10

St. Louis Cardinals concepts (by Chris Z.)
The home and road jerseys are really excellent. In fact, they're perfect! The alternate is really well executed, but I feel like the logo could use a little white outline. After that, it's a little too simple to go well with the other sweaters. I'm also not a fan of the two shades of red being used. This gets a COTW nom from me. 8/10
Week of July 2 - 8, 2012 Reviewed by Ryan on July 02, 2012 Rating: 5


DCamp said...

@Ryan, is RBC looking for a Home & Road?

Ryan said...

@DCamp: Just one jersey.

Tyler Gross said...

Justin for COTW! Would love to see the Nordiques come back in those...

stlsnake1985 said...

How ironic that there would be another Cards concept! Love the bird on the hockey stick Darren! Thanks for the COTW nod Ryan!

T said...

John He. For COTW

NB14 said...

Justin C. seconded for COTW!

Justin said...

Thanks for the nominations, guys! I'll give Matt D. a COTW nom. That cat logo looks awesome blended into the barber pole design!

MMcG said...

Hey guys - if you want to do RBC in home and road that would be fantastic.

Colors are Navy (or maybe even darker), sport gold, and hunter/forest green representing the three high schools of Rockville,CT, Bolton CT, and Coventry, CT



MMcG said...

Oh and I really like Justin's Nordiques entry. really sharp!

Anonymous said...

@Mark (aka MMcG): one more precision please: does the team, other than RBC, has a nickname?

Richard Mazella said...

The Doggies concept is perfect for the modern club look, but I would prefer to see the one from the 1990-1994 Era in Footscray just after the failed merger with the (then) Fitzroy Lions. another 9/10
The The boys at Kardinia Park have a great jumper currently, but this transfer misses the mark a bit. The only reason bing that there needs to be less stripes. At the same time you cant take all of them away. I would have this at a seven, but I thought it over this one deserves an eight just because they are the reigning major premiers.
Keep it up!

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